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The 10 Tastiest Candy Stores In New York City

posted in: Fun  |  posted by: Jennifer Gregory on October 2, 2008  |  12 Comments

Who doesn’t have at least a tiny sweet tooth? Candy and chocolate lovers will find more than historic attractions and theatres in New York City. Tucked within its various neighborhoods are candy stores and chocolatiers waiting for an opportunity to reel you in. Here are some of the hottest candy stores in the city – visit them all, if you dare!

10. Dylan’s Candy Bar

Dylan\'s Candy Store

Believe it or not, Dylan’s Candy Bar is owned by the daughter of legendary designer Ralph Lauren. Dylan Lauren has opened branches of her store in various locations throughout New York State, Florida, and Texas. She has designed her own candy brand, which is the main draw for Dylan’s Candy Bar, but she stocks tons of other brands and varieties as well. You name it, and she’s selling it – from sour gummies to chocolate. They even sell nostalgic goodies, popcorn, and sugar free varieties.

9. The Hershey’s Store

Hershey\'s Store

Smack in the middle of Time Square is a store that demands the attention of chocolate lovers flocking to New York City from around the world. If your favorite candy bar is made my Hershey, you will surely find it in this incredible store. You’ll find no only candy, but Hershey clothing, gift items, and toys as well. They’ll even help you to wrap up your favorite candies as edible wedding favors. Yum!

8. The M&M’s Store

M & M Store

The M&M Store is, you guessed it, full of M&M’s. They claim to have a wall of M&M’s as big as NY itself and, at first glance, we’d almost believe it. No matter what variety of M&M’s candies you like, you’ll find it here. Mix and match your own colors to match your personality, tastes, mood, favorite sports team, or even special event theme.

7. The Sweet Life

Sweet Life

The Sweet Life has been a candy store favorite in the city of New York for over 25 years. Specializing in gourmet chocolates, gummies, and dried fruits, the only problem you’ll have when visiting The Sweet Life is in deciding what to try next. Special features include European candies, and crowded shelves full of vintage candies you forgot even existed. The store motto? “Anything can be dipped in chocolate.”

6. Economy Candy

Economy Candy

Economy Candy sells exactly what the name implies. The store is jam packed with hundreds of candy varieties from the mundane to the exotic. If the candy exists, you stand a pretty decent chance of finding it within these four walls. Chocolates, dried fruits, halvah, and old fashioned candies adorn these walls. Buy individual packages or shovel stuff into your bulk bag until it’s full. We guarantee you’ll walk out of this store with a sugar high.

5. MarieBelle Fine Treats

MarieBelle Chocolate

For true chocolate lovers, a trip to MarieBelle Fine Treats is considered a true luxury. Open since 2000, the store specializes in the creation of artisan chocolates that are designed to make you feel as though you’ve uncovered an antique treasure instead of a simple bar of chocolate. The chocolates are hand made with high concentration cocoa beans and there are almost 30 different flavor varieties, with more added regularly. The store also sells an incredible hot chocolate and a variety of tea blends you won’t want to miss.

4. Jacques Torres Chocolate

Jacques Torres Chocolate

The folks at Jacques Torres Chocolate take the art of chocolate making to an entirely new level. The owner, Jacques Torres, grew up in France where he learned to bake before landing his first job as a chef and traveling the world to refine his culinary skills. The chocolates in his store range from the conversational to the exotic, including political campaign lollipops, chocolate bars, truffles, and a variety of mixes and gifts.

3. Kee’s Chocolates

Kee\'s Chocolate

Kee’s Chocolates was created by Kee Ling Tong. She dreamt of opening a chocolate and flower shop, but her reputation for fine chocolates became so great that she eventually put the flower business aside completely to focus on life as a chocolatier. Kee personally makes the chocolates that appear in her store daily, and flavors and varieties change regularly based on the availability of ingredients and the season of the year. Macaroons and chocolates can be purchased in her SoHo store only – no online or mail orders!

2. Vosges Chocolate


Vosges Chocolate specializes in gourmet chocolate and comfort foods from around the world. Katrina Markoff’s collection of exotic truffles only begins to scratch the surface. Chocolate bars are always a safe bet, even when shaped like flying pigs. The real delicacies, however, are for the strong willed and adventurous. Try a chocolate covered bacon bar or a Black Pearl candy bar complete with wasabi and ginger!

1. Michel Cluizel Chocolat

Michel Cluizel Chocolate

A favorite amongst chocolate lovers, the chocolates created by Michel Cluizel of Paris are a force to be reckoned with. Michel Cluizel has been creating fine chocolates since the late 1940′s, bringing you a variety of truffles and chocolates like no other. For those who absolutely can’t resist these fine treats, the Chocolate of the Month club promises a delivery straight to your door!

Some of the best candy stores in the country are waiting for you in New York City, with enough appetizing treats to keep you busy for days. What are you waiting for?

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Responses to this Article

12 Responses to “The 10 Tastiest Candy Stores In New York City”

  1. Anonymous says on

    Why are half of the best “candy” stores actually chocolate stores? This list fails for not sticking to its own criteria.

  2. Henk says on

    have a bit of a sweet tooth myself. awesome variety. dont have the likes in south africa though :-( l8r

  3. Clark says on

    where are all these stores? addresses? this is quite unhelpful.

  4. angelique says on

    I enjoy sweets they a are a naughty little treat. they can turn a frown into a smile.

  5. Jennifer Gregory says on

    Here are the addresses and phone numbers for those in the area:

    Dylan’s – 1011 Third Ave (646) 735-0078
    Hershey’s – 1593 Broadway (212) 581-9100
    M & M – 1600 Broadway (212) 295-3850
    Sweet life – 63 Hester St (212) 598-0092
    Economy Candy – 108 Rivington St (212) 254-1531
    MarieBelle – 484 Broome St (212) 925-6999
    Jacques Torres – 350 Hudson at King Street (212) 414-2462
    Kee’s Chocolate – 80 Thompson St (212) 334-3284
    Vosges – 1100 Madison Ave (212) 717-2929
    Michel Cluizel – 888 Broadway (212) 477-7335


  6. Pete@Game Economy says on

    Slightly ironic that the daughter of Ralph Lauren is selling products that promote weight gain. ;)

  7. Jennifer says on

    This makes me have the munchies. I love candy.

  8. says on

    I love the different colored m&ms – and that you can print cute phrases on them! We just did a feature on halloween candy (tis the season) and I was reminded of all my old favorites (neccos, kit kats, dum dums)

  9. John@New York AC repair says on

    i have go to get my ass back to new york!! great post! a google map would be awesome.

  10. Sweet Freak says on

    Great list! To balance out the chocolate, here are a couple others that are definitely worth checking out:

    Papabubble, 380 Broome Street: Another Willy Wonka-like factory experience where the making of hard candies looks like an art akin to glass-blowing.

    And, while not a candy store, Sunrise Mart (4 Stuyvesant St., 2nd fl) has a fantastic assortment of Japanese gummies.

  11. luirisa says on

    You guys are so fetch! Like totally… :)

  12. Yelibear says on



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