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The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

posted in: Guides  |  posted by: Jennifer Gregory on April 10, 2009  |  4 Comments

Believe it or not, the chocolate chip cookie was actually created by accident. Back in the 1930′s a baker at the Toll House Inn in Massachusetts by the name of Ruth Wakefield attempted to bake a special treat for some of her guests.

Chocolate Chip Cookie
Image credit: scubadive67

What she wanted to make was a chocolate butter cookie. Unbeknownst to her, the bits of chocolate she broke up to include in the batter would not melt but would instead remain intact. This first version of the chocolate chip cookie was a huge hit and would, over time, evolve into the incredibly baked treat we know and love today.

Chocolate Chip Cookie
Image credit: Phil Romans

Statistics reveal that in America we eat more than 7 billion chocolate chip cookies every year and that over 50% of those cookies are home made. They’re warm and gooey, sweet, chocolaty, and chewy – and they’re an American favorite. So if you’re not making them at home where can you find the best?

10. Levain Bakery – New York City

Levain Bakery
Image credit: angela n.

The chocolate chip cookies sold at Levain Bakery are a Manhattan specialty. Each cookie weighs a full six ounces and they are all baked fresh every single day. Customers with time to spare tend to try to make it to the store early in the day so that they can watch Connie McDonald and Pamela Weekes in action – and so they can buy the cookies as they come out of the oven, of course!

9. Tate’s Bake Shop – Southampton, NY

Tate's Bake Shop
Image credit: The Cupcakery Blog

Tate’s Bake Shop is not popular for selling a soft and chewy cookie, but for creating a buttery and crispy rendition rivaled by no other. As a matter of fact, these cookies are so incredible they’ve won several awards. Rachel Ray Magazine rated them #1 out of 50 contenders. They also won a silver medal from the National Association for the Specialty Food trade show in NYC. Taste one for yourself and you’ll understand.

8. Marnee’s Cookies – Bath, Maine

Marnee's Cookies
Image credit: Marnee’s Cookies

I’ve known several people from Maine and most claim there isn’t much up there aside from snow in the winter. I sincerely doubt this is true and also doubt any of those individuals ever visited Marnee’s Cookies. Marnee specializes in a chocolate chip cookie laced with toffee bits. The “Nirvana,” as it is so aptly named, is a chewy cookie with crunchy pieces inside. A true cookie lover could ask for nothing more!

7. Pearl Bakery – Portland, Oregon

Pearl Bakery
Image credit: Pearl Bakery

The chocolate chip cookies baked at the Pearl Bakery in Portland are only one of the dozens of specialties the bakery has to offer. They’re baked fresh each and every morning and sell like hotcakes, as do their breads. They’re extra special, though, because they’re made using local dairy, butter, and flour products – either from Oregon or nearby Washington. Now that’s a socially conscious cookie!

6. Sweet Adeline Bake Shop – Berkeley, California

Sweet Adeline Bake Shop
Image credit: peterme

The cookies made in this quaint bakery are made in small batches, so there’s never any question as to how fresh your sweet treats will be. A favorite amongst locals is the oatmeal chocolate chip cookie – popular because of its density. The bakery is usually crowded, so arrive early and get your favorites while they’re still hot.

5. Tom’s Mom’s Cookies – Harbor Springs, Michigan

Tom's Mom's Cookies
Image credit: Tom’s Mom’s Cookies

Toms’ Mom’s Cookies makes an incredible, warm, gooey chocolate chunk cookie. That’s right – we said chunk – not chip. The bakery actually sells 15 different cookie varieties, but the chocolate chunk cookie – with one huge piece of chocolate stuck smack in the middle – is a constant favorite.

4. Tartine Bakery – San Francisco, California

Tartine Bakery
Image credit: e.t

Just thinking about these cookies makes our mouth water. These incredible treats are made with not only chocolate chips, but with oatmeal and walnuts as well. To make things even better, the bakery uses all organic and local ingredients for a pure, sweet treat guaranteed to satisfy your cookie cravings.

3. Macrina Bakery – Seattle, Washington

Macrina Bakery
Image credit: supafly

The chocolate chip cookies found at Macrina Bakery are created by Leslie Mackie. The bakery is most well known for making stunning artisan breads, but the cookies fly off the racks pretty quickly as well. Leslie uses as many natural and organic ingredients as she can while staying true to the original cookie recipe.

2. Rosie’s Bakery – Boston, Massachusetts

Rosie's Bakery
Image credit: Dan4th

There are quite a few bakeries in the Boston area, but Rosie’s tends to be a favorite amongst chocolate chip cookie lovers. The cookies aren’t too small, but aren’t too large, which means they have an incredible crispy edge while staying soft on the inside. You won’t find any extra preservatives in these cookies, either.

1. Your Own Kitchen – Your Town, USA

Chocolate Chip Cookie
Image credit: hlkljgk

This is no joke. There’s absolutely nothing as satisfying as pulling a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies out of your own oven. No matter what your style – crunchy or chewy, traditional or topped with special ingredients – you’ll enjoy sitting down with a plate of hot cookies and a glass of cold milk more than you’ll enjoy waiting in line at any bakery – guaranteed!

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4 Responses to “The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies”

  1. Giant Fortune Cookies says on

    I am really fond of cookies and always searching for places where I can find them.I am glad to see this page. Now I
    will visit on of them.
    please update this page with more locations.


  2. cookie lover says on

    I am OBSESSED with chocolate chip cookies and thus have been on the hunt for NYC’s best choc. chip cookie for the past 5 years. I’ve ended my search after trying Cookie Couture’s “Chip Off Your Shoulder” choc. chip cookie. The company has been making these cookies for over 15 years but just recently created a website to order them online. ( They are perfectly chocolately-with walnuts and coconut floating within- and have a not-too-soft inside with just-the-right-amount of crisp outside. My description can’t do this cookie justice. If you love a good choc. chip cookie, order these. I promise you will want to try anyone’s else’s ever again.

  3. Chelsea Handler says on

    Hey, great article.

  4. Morgan Ringhouse says on

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