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The 10 Best Doughnut Shops in America

posted in: Fun  |  posted by: Jennifer Gregory on February 19, 2009  |  20 Comments

Doughnuts, otherwise acceptably referred to as donuts, have been a part of American culture for decades. They’re a comfort food that’s managed to survive the Great Depression and the current health-food craze. They taste good and they make people happy – enough said.


Image credit: pochacco20

Believe it or not, doughnuts were tossed out of “Doughnut Mobiles” to troops during both World War I and World War II. We bring them to school functions, club gatherings, and even political events. Doughnuts are one of the longest lived snacks in the country, and for good reason. Here are the 10 best doughnut destinations in the country.

10. Bouchon Bakery (New York, Las Vegas, and California)

Bouchon Bakery

Image credit: star5112

The original Bouchon Bakery was built to supply local restaurants with bread. Today, Chef Thomas Keller creates some of the most sought after doughnut recipes on the planet from delectable French-inspired recipes. Our favorite is the gigantic Boston Cream doughnut with extra chocolate topping and cream. Mmmm!

9. Chef Mavro (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Chef Mavro

Image credit: _e.t

In Hawaii the proper name for a doughnut is the malassada. Inspired by Portugese immigrants, Chef George Mavrothalassitis fills his sweet treats with a curd made of passion-fruit before topping them with guava sauce and a side of ice cream.

8. Coffee an’ Donut Shop (Westport, Connecticut)

Coffee an' Donut

Image credit: Holly Eats

The doughnuts from Coffee an’ Donut Shop in Westport are so good President Bill Clinton used to have them shipped directly to the White House on a regular basis. The bakers here use a safely-guarded old fashioned recipe that has pleased visitors for decades. Even Paul Newman used to stop in on a regular basis.

7. The Donut Man (Glendora, California)

The Donut Man

Image credit: jslander

On the outside, The Donut Man looks like any other doughnut shop. On the inside, however, you’ll be greeted by some of the most mouth-watering treats you’ve ever seen. The owner, Jim Nakano, bakes huge clam-shell style doughnuts that are stuffed with locally grown fresh fruit. You won’t taste anything quite as fresh as this.

6. Doughnut Plant (New York, New York)

Doughnut Plant

Image credit: richard winchell

Take one step inside the famed Doughnut Plant and you’ll be in for a real treat. The owner uses incredible organic ingredients, obtained fresh from the farmers market each day, and creates fluffy doughnut flavors you won’t find anywhere else. Some include rose petals and all are made with fresh spring water. Looking for something really unique? Try the peanut butter and banana doughnut!

5. Morning Call (Metairie, Louisiana)


Image credit: hamron

At Morning Call you’ll be served what is fondly referred to as a beignet, also known as the “French Market doughnut.” They’re fluffy and chewy but have a great deal of substance. Some are served with special toppings or fillings but the traditional beignet is simply sprinkled with powdered sugar and served hot out of the oil bin.

4. Spudnuts (Charlottesville, Virginia)


Image credit: Nick Bair

The Spudnuts store in Charlottesville is the last of a chain that used to exist across the nation. Today you’ll really only find this one store unless you go out to the West Coast. These doughnuts are incredibly special because they are made with potatoes. The small, fluffy doughnuts have a unique taste you won’t find in most bakeries.

3. Top Pot (Seattle, Washington)

Top Pot

Image credit: faeryboots

Top Pot is to Seattle what Doughnut Planet is to New York City. They serve delectable doughnuts that have been created by some of the most creative chefs and bakers in the area. Their sweet treats are made from the finest ingredients and are as close to a gourmet doughnut as you’re going to get in the Seattle area.

2. Zingerman’s Bakehouse (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

Zingerman's Bakehouse

Image credit: *ejk*

Zingerman’s Bakehouse is one of the hottest bakeries in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area and their doughnuts are certainly nothing to sneeze at. The doughnuts here have two special ingredients: lemon zest and nutmeg. The trailer behind the roadhouse is home to the bakery itself and if you’re lucky you’ll get to see these chewy treats hitting the fryers.

1. Randy’s Donuts (Los Angeles, California)

Randy's Donuts

Image credit: zemistor

Randy’s Donuts has been around since the 1950′s and is as popular as a movie icon as it is for the doughnuts they serve. Despite the 22-foot doughnut that adorns the roof, the little shop has earned its reputation – especially for its glazed doughnut. Not everyone can balance the perfect ratio of doughnut to glaze, but Randy’s has the recipe down pat.

Are you hungry for a doughnut yet? If so, you certainly have quite a few places to choose from. Try to hit one of these incredible doughnut shops the next time you’re on the road. Your stomach won’t regret the experience!

Responses to this Article

20 Responses to “The 10 Best Doughnut Shops in America”

  1. uwiniwin says on

    This post is a great appetizer! I just wan to rush to the nearest of these shops right now! Awesome pictures and VERY useful info.

  2. Roger says on

    Wow – can’t believe I have been to nine of the ten! (and although I haven’t been to Morning Call I’ve had that type at Cafe Du Monde).

    You have great taste! The only comment I would make is re: your Seattle selection Top Pot: “Their sweet treats are made from the finest ingredients and are as close to a gourmet doughnut as you’re going to get in the Seattle area.”

    In fact, not far from Top Pot, Dahlia Bakery serves warm, made to order doughnuts weekday mornings with seasonal jam and mascarpone. They are tremendous – definitely in my top 10. And WARM, the best way to eat a doughnut!!

    Honorouable mention too to the warm banana doughnuts at Fix at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, and Leonards and Champions in Honolulu (if you’re going there to eat at Mavro’s may as well try them all!)

  3. RoadsideDinerLover says on

    I can’t believe you put Zingerman’s on this list. I tried their so-called “doughnuts” and they were the nastiest things I have ever tried! It was like a hard lump in my hand and I only took two bites and threw it away.They even had the nerve to charge over $3 for it. God was I a sucker! Just because this Ann Arbor company gets on the Oprah or Rachael Ray show DOES NOT make it good. yeah, I am a Ann Arbor person too.

  4. Sinclair says on

    YOu need to try Buddha Belly Donuts in Sarasota Florida.

  5. Scott Burnnham says on

    I think the best is Voodoo Doughnut in Portland, Oregon

  6. mike gann says on

    Voodoo doughnut in Portland, Oregon should have made the list above almost all of these. Long’s Doughnuts in Indianapolis, Indiana should also have been in the top ten.

  7. Tim says on

    We just came back from a Portland/Seattle/Vancouver trip and found Frost Doughnuts in Mill Creek, WA. I would certainly think they would be top ranked as well.

    I agree with Voodoo being in the top 10. Even if they lack “gourmet”, they more than make up for it in crazy combos with a little “attitude” thrown in.

  8. mary says on

    i love kistcream dongnuts in nashville Ten

  9. Jason Ricks says on

    Who ever came up with the Top 10 need to come to Rocky Mount, NC and go to Annes Donuts. Only two stores one in Rocky Mount and one in Wilson, NC. The best Donuts should be in the top 10. Gauranteed you’ll smile :)

  10. damama says on

    Voodoo Doughnuts – Portland, Oregon – hands down the best!

  11. luv the ohhhhhhh sweet o's says on

    noone added bill’s in centervill ; the one in vandallia ohio on natianol rd. THIS IS GOOD SWEET PAGE

  12. lee webb says on

    I was spending the summer of 1950 in Miami, FL with my uncle who drove a city bus there. His route was on, I believe 17th St or Ave. At the end of his line and his turnaround was a Spud Nut shop. They were the best donuts I have ever tasted and I don’t understand why they have disappeared except for the one you mendtioned.

    I might add that the Korean War began while I was there and I enlisted in the Air Force where I served for 4 years.

  13. Jim McConnell says on

    Spudnuts are made in Charlottesville, VIRGINIA!!

  14. Dr Allen Chick, says on

    How do I go about ordering your donuts, sent to me?

  15. Dr Allen Chick, says on

    What address doo I senbd a putchase order for your doughnuts?

  16. Dr Allen Chick, says on

    What address do I use to order doughnuts fromn you?????

  17. bobby robinson says on

    Frieshes doughnuts on livingston ave, columbus ohio has the best doughnuts in the land. come and try on.

    Oh, by the way I’m a customer and have in no way connected to them. Bobby Robinson, Grove City, Ohio, 43123.

    you have to taste their doughnuts to believe them. Wow.

  18. Bryan says on

    I live in Seattle. Top Pot are good but I’m not yet convinced they are all that.

    And agree with others that VooDoo in Portland belongs on here.

  19. Miley says on

    Hello! You didn’t even mention Britt’s Doughnuts in Carolina Beach! They are suppost to be ranked at least 2nd!

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