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The 13 Best Football Teams in the World

posted in: Europe, Fun  |  posted by: Jennifer Gregory on March 3, 2009  |  41 Comments

A few weeks ago we wrote an article outlining what we believed to be the best football stadiums in the world. We, apparently, had a bit to learn about football and seemed to disappoint a number of die-hard fans who had hoped to see their favorite stadiums on the list.


Image credit: thebuffafamily

In order to redeem ourselves, we thought we’d shine the spotlight on what we consider to be the thirteen best football teams in the world as opposed to their home stadiums. Our passion is, after all, for the game and the teams themselves – not the stadiums – right? In NO particular order, here are our favorite football teams!

13. AjaxHolland


Image credit:

AFC Ajax was founded back in 1900, making it one of the oldest clubs in Europe. After a rocky start in the early part of the century the tables turned and the club has since earned 29 league titles. The original stadium, “De Meer,” closed in 1996 and the club moved to Amsterdam ArenA where they continue to make football history.

12. Olympique Lyon – France

Olympique Lyon

Image credit: titlap

Founded in 1950, Olympique Lyon (also known as Olympique Lyonnais or simply OL) club has both male and female football teams. The male team currently holds a French record, having won seven Ligue 1 titles in a row, and fans flock to Stade de Gerland, Lyon regularly to watch home matches.

11. Bayern Munich – Germany

Bayern Munich

Image credit: StartAgain

When the then Schwabinger Bayern first formed, spectators identified them on the field by looking for their straw hats. Today, the modern Bayern Munich is an independent football club followed by millions of fans from all over the globe.  Felix Magath, when he was president,  took control of the team in 2004 and implemented a strength, conditioning, and skills program that continues to take the team to league title games. The current president of the team is Uli Hoenb.

10. Juventus – Italy


Image credit: ::Suwaif::

Juventus, also fondly referred to by fans as Juve, is one of the most successful football teams in Italy’s history. Founded in 1887, the team has won over 51 trophies – 40 in Italy alone and 11 from European and world matches. The club boasts over 170,000,000 fans from around the globe.

9. LiverpoolUK


Image credit: Ben Sutherland

The Liverpool Football Club prides itself on excellence despite a rocky start over 100 years ago. When John Houlding took over the club in 1892 there were only three players left, but he eventually grew the team and was able to continue the tradition of football at Anfield – one that has remained ever since. They won their first title in 1901, took their first FA cup in 1965, and took their first European Cup in 1977.

8. Roma – Italy


Image credit: John Dobbo

A.S. Roma, as the team is formally called, was founded in 1927 and was one of several Italian football teams based out of Rome. The team was actually the result of the merger of several Italian teams- Alba, Fortidudo, and and Pro Roma – because the government wanted to form a strong team for members of the working class to look up to. Roma took the World Cup in 2007 after successfully defeating France.

7. ValenciaSpain


Image credit: chantrybee

Back in the early 1900′s entry to see a Valencia football match at Algiros cost a mere 25 cents. The club was new but spirits were high and the original team was chock full of aggressive players like Arturo Montesinos and Eduardo Cubells. The club has a long history of success and continues to grow in popularity!

6. Arsenal – UK


Image credit: wonker

Fans flock to Emirates Stadium in droves of thousands to watch the Arsenal Football Club play. The club was founded in 1885 but didn’t play its first match until 1893 (while known as Woolrich). They played at Highbury for 93 years before moving to Emirates in 1996.

5. Inter MilanItaly

Inter Milan

Image credit: johnthescone

Inter Milan as formed back in 1908 by a group of rebels that called themselves Football Club Internazionale Milano. Why were they rebels? They wanted, unlike the original Milan Cricket and Football Club, to welcome foreign players on their team. Inter Milan won the Italian League title for the first time in 1910 and has a history littered with successes. The club celebrated its hundredth anniversary in 2008.

4. ChelseaUK


Image credit: Sarah Quinn Armitt

The Chelsea Football Club was formed in 1905 and was honored to be able to officially play its first game in the Football League. Giving Liverpool and Manchester United a run for their money, Chelsea won back-to-back championships in 2005 and 2006 – something done by very few teams.

3. Real MadridSpain

Real Madrid

Image credit: Juancho507

Real Madrid sprang into existence back in the year 1900 and was immediately established as one of the most talented football clubs in Spain. The team has done nothing but grow, and over the past 8 years they have attracted top players (including Beckham and Ronaldo), won their ninth European Cup, third Intercontinental Cup, and first European Super Cup.

2. BarcelonaSpain


Image credit: Hector Garcia

Hans Gamper founded the Futbol Club Barcelona (aka Barca) back in November of 1899 and the club has continued to grow ever since. Just like every other team in history, Barca has experience both periods of success and failure. The club has earned 18 Spanish League titles and is also the proud owner of two European Cups, won in 1992 and 2006.

1. Manchester United (old Trafford) – UK

Manchester United

Image credit: wonker

Manchester United has been in existence since 1878 and continues to grow in both skill and popularity. In the last 8 years the club has signed a number of incredible players, including Fabien Barthez and Rio Ferdinand – both of whom played major roles in the club’s wins in the early part of this century.

So what do you think? Did your favorite team make the list? Do you have a favorite football memory including one of these teams that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear your stories!

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Responses to this Article

41 Responses to “The 13 Best Football Teams in the World”

  1. anjeeta says on

    Hmmm… what about the South American teams? Boca Juniors anyone?

  2. Strivici says on

    “…In the last 8 years the club has signed a number of incredible players, including FABIEN BARTHEZ and Rio Ferdinand.”


    LOL. I agree with Ferdinand.. but Barthez was not an incredible player for us.

    Here are a few examples of better signings in the last 8 years:

    Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Carlos Tevez, Nemanja Vidic, Edwin Van de Sar, Patrice Evra, Michael Carrick, Ruud Van Nistelrooy and Gabriel Heinze.

  3. sony says on

    This list is biased toward European Clubs. What about the South American teams? Boca Junior, River, Corinthians and Santos?! Although understandable, since this blog is hosted by an Australian company, I suspect that this list was composed by Australians. And I’m pretty sure South American Football is not very well known down under.

  4. Schneider says on

    Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Boca Juniors (Argentina) are the biggest clubs of the South America and two of the biggest clubs of the world. You can compare them only with Real Madrid, Milan, Manchester United and Barcelona.

  5. MikeyD says on

    This is an awful list! Do you understand football at all? Chelsea have only been competing for the English title since Abramovich took over and ploughed money into the club! they have hardly any success in there history.

    Not including Celtic is madness as they have such a great history, 1967 for example! First Scottish, British and none Latin team to win the European Cup with all homegrown players is something to mention! Also winning the Scottish League 9 times in a row a world record, now only matched by Rangers another team worth a mention as they are the most successful team in football history!

    As said in another comment, Fabian Barthez! are you joking he was an embarrassment to Man Utd Fans!

    Arsenal moved into the Emirates in 2006 not 1996!

    Ajax are not one of the oldest teams in Europe the majority where founded in the Mid-Late 1800′s.

    Roma are a club team and cannot participate in an international team tournament such as the world cup! that was Italy beating France in 2006 not 2007 as stated!

    You will notice i have only mentioned facts! there are a few statements i dont think are true but i will not disagree as i do not know the true facts! something i feel you should do in future!

    I must ask are you really a football fan or where you bored one day and decided to make a list of something you clearly know nothing about?

  6. Mauricio Ohashi says on

    mmmm. it seems like the guy who made the list doenst know too much about football.
    My dear it is complety wrong do not include Boca jrs(18 international cups), Independiente (15), and San Paolo.
    In another way if you want, just boca have beem won more international
    tittles than liverpool, manchester united and Arsenal all of them together!

  7. bubba says on

    where’s AC Milan? I would have them instead of either Valencia or Roma. Or Chelsea. BTW, the EPL is boring. Spain will dominate again next year.

  8. kajal says on

    barca is the biggest n the best in the earth ,bcoz of its consistency n its history

  9. gerry says on

    No AC Milan? What have Chelsea ever achieved outwith a couple of premierships?

  10. bob nws III says on

    Are you kidding me!?!?

    Valencia and Roma are fine…but no AC Milan? (and I’m and Inter fan). They are far superior to Roma!

    Besides that, there are amazing teams such as Corinthians, Sao Paolo, Boca Juniors etc in South America. I only saw European teams on your list.

    And what about Scotland? No Celtic? Rangers are another strong club…

    Chelsea are surging now…but they haven’t had the strong history of other EPL teams…

    What a disgrace…I’m American and I know more than this list!

  11. kaganovich says on

    i think its fair to say united are the best team in he world, was a litle shocked to see ac milan didn’t get in there. th south american teams are gd, bt they simply cannot be compared to united or inter or any of the other teams up there. that is why they weren’t up there, not because it was “bias”

  12. kane says on

    are u fricken crazy AC milan HAVTA be on this list and im like what liverpool should be higher in the list [and im a chelsea fan] and the best team in football is barcelona….!!!!!! =[

  13. CANE EMMINGHAM says on


  14. .............l says on

    fenerbahce is the best FULL STOP

  15. J-Dog says on

    everyone says celtic and rangers and there are a few others that are succesful but you need to look at the league they play in. I mean the scottish, dutch and french league arent very competitive especially the scottish. I mean how many times have they won a european cup, uefa cup or cup winners cup excpt for once. The best teams are the ones that win a competitive league and perform in europe. Such as Manchester United and Barcelona

  16. Jim says on

    No AC Milan? The club that has won 5 European cups in the past 25 years? Chelsea on this list? Shoot yourself.

  17. busra says on

    galatasaray is the best football club of the Turkey.?t won uefa cup seven years ago.

  18. batista says on

    all of the were wrong barcelona is the best barcelona won uefa cup last year and won 4 times

  19. batista says on

    what about spanish clubs? barcelona

  20. Andre says on

    My god!
    Ajax, Valencia, Roma?
    Where is the A.C. Milan?
    one of the clubs with more ECCC!
    where is S.L.Benfica?
    one of the clubs with more finals of ECCC, two times row champion, and totalist of your country (31 times champion in 71 (=real madrid) years and 24 cups in 69)!
    ajax? hahahahahahahaha lol!
    quast timas ajax was below the 3rd place?
    you think that Ajax is one of the best teams?

  21. Andre says on

    you put teams that never won anything in the world and europe and forget the others!
    you say manchester united is the best team!
    you know who won the champions league finals?
    you know who real madrid and barcelona lost the champions league?
    you know who was the 2nd club to win the champions league?
    and you prefer to put the ajax?

  22. Andre says on

    clubs with biggest names but not biggest clubs!

  23. Calcio says on

    Milan and Inter share the same stadium.

    If you are interested in Italian football then please see my new Calcio glossary.

  24. Chelsea The Best says on

    I just want to say that this list is totally fucked up
    There is no Ac Milan in the List Duh
    Barca should be on the first and Chelsea or Manu on the second
    Liverpool is better than Arsenal BTW

  25. ROSS says on

    3.MAN UTD

  26. Paulo BR says on

    os times brasileiros fazem frentes com todos os times da europa isso é ridiculo !! pelo menos o FLAMENGO campeão brasileiro tinha que aparecer nessa lista !! abraços

  27. Paulo BR says on

    Brazilian teams are fronts with all teams in europe this is ridiculous! at least the Brazilian champion Flamengo had to appear on this list! hugs

  28. Marcal says on

    I say Barcalona and Arsenal are the best teams in the world

    12.Manchester United
    11.Real Madrid

  29. La_Magica says on

    Your information is so flawed. Do you even watch football?

    AS Roma is a merger of Roma & SS Lazio? Dear god, you’re talking out your a**. You apparently DO have a bit to learn about the game.

  30. chelseafc says on

    where are rangers defiently should be in this top 13. Most successful team in league history and still going on to win yet another

  31. milano says on

    15 best football teams 2010
    14.Dynaomo Kiev
    13.River Plate
    11.Bayer Munich
    4.Real madrid
    2.Manchester United

  32. Jasper says on

    ajax is one of only 3 teams in europe that have won European Champions Clubs’ Cup-UEFA Champions League, UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup and UEFA Cup-Europa League. I would put them higher than for instance valencia or roma…

  33. Milano26 says on

    15 best teams today!
    15.River Plate
    14.Dynamo Kiev
    13.Cska Moscow
    8.Bayer Munich
    6.Real Madrid
    4.Real Madrid
    2.Manchester United
    some might disagree but i think this is a not bad guess

  34. Milano26 says on

    Number 6 should be Inter Milan btw

  35. Stefan says on

    Seems like a list of the richest clubs running around at the moment and although a lot of these top clubs have historic significance, a lot of better clubs have been left out, not to mention Chelsea is 4th? Clueless

  36. will says on

    10. Porto
    9. Arsenal
    8. Chelsea
    7. Bayern M
    6. Inter M
    5. A.C. Milan
    4. Real Madrid
    3. Liverpool
    1= ManUtd
    1= Barca

    im manutd fan and i think real arnt that great clearly since liverpool trashed them 0-1 + 4-0 last year. also barca played well in CL final last year and it had to be their year but manutd beat them 1-0 to reach final and at the moment barca and manutd are a whole level above any other team in the world. Also to those who say southamerican and turkish teams shud be up there: people in europe have no time for that football because its not as good. i doubt anyone in england spain or italy would be able to name 5 players in those teams. also barca madrid liverpool and manutd have over 300 million supporters each all over the globe, clearly the biggest clubs

  37. will says on

    sorry i mean manutd won 1-0 to reach 08 CL final**

  38. DoublePivot says on

    Look, there are a lot of stupid comments because the sport attracts so many people it’s bound to attract its amount of idiots. So most of these comments are pathetic.

    However, unless you wrote this in 2006 and posted it in 2009, your research isn’t deserving of a better level of supporter. It seems you attracted like with like.

    Bayern Munich at the time you wrote this had fired Felix Magath more than 2 years prior to this article. Two years! If you can’t even get something as simple as that correct, how can you fathom attempting to pick out the “best” clubs in Europe.

    And including Chelsea, a club with the pedigree of Newcastle United, and notoriously linked with the hooligan movement of the 80′s and right wing hate is bordering on retarded.

  39. ayoba says on

    No no no no people, what has Chelsea achieved????
    lets be realistic here, Chelsea is a good team without silverwares….lets See the real best teams:
    1. Barcelona(obvious, it kills the competition)
    2. Man United
    3. Real Madrid
    4. AC Milan
    5. Liverpool

  40. akash says on

    Roma beat France?? LOLOL! Learn your football before you post blog about the best clubs.
    And why is AC Milan not on the list? They are definitely far better than valencia and roma.

  41. Sanur (London UK) says on

    1) FC Barcelona
    2) Real Madrid
    3) AC Milan
    4) Boca Juniors
    5) Bayern Munich
    6) Manchester United
    7) Ajax Amsterdam
    8) Juventus
    9) Liverpool
    12)River Plate
    13)Sao Paulo
    14)FC Porto
    15)Olympique Marseille

    The likes of Chelsea or Arsenal have no History of either ever having a great team that won a European Title or dominated football in the continent at any stage and therefore do not deserve to be on the same listas the elite clubs of World Football. These clubs listed have great following domestically and around the world, have won and participated in historic finals and semi finals and overall have had great names playing for them throughout history. How many world stars played for Chelsea prior to the Abramovich era?.


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