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The 7 Best Miniature Golf Courses

posted in: Activities  |  posted by: Jennifer Gregory on November 16, 2008  |  10 Comments

Family vacations are always filled with togetherness and fun. We find, however, that a good dose of healthy competition can go a long way as well. Many families find a rousing game of miniature golf to be an incredible way to spend some time, but not just any old golf course will do. We’re happy to share our seven favorite miniature golf courses.

7. Disney’s Winter Summerland – Orlando, Florida

Disney\'s Winter Summerland

Amusement parks are wonderful, but Disney has so much more to offer than traditional rides and shows. Not far from the Blizzard Beach water park is Disney’s Winter Summerland golf course. There are actually two distinct golf courses contained within the Winter Summerland course, one with a snow theme and one with a sand theme. The themes are fun and refreshing and a game of golf is an excellent way to take a break from the crowded park environment.

6. Par-King Skill Golf – Lincolnshire, IL

Par-King Skill Golf

The Par-King miniature golf course is located in Lincolnshire, Illinois and is well know for being one of the most unusual golf courses in the country. Once referred to as the Taj Majal of miniature golf, the course started out as an adjunct to a driving range. The owner thought opening a mini golf course would give the rest of the family something to do, and he created a beautiful “golfing garden”.

Today, the miniature golf course houses several unique wooden figures and mechanical objects, including a moving clown and an incredible wooden rollercoaster. It’s a great place to host birthday parties or even a small family reunion. No one will forget a sunny day spent at Par-King.

5. Pirate Island Golf – Avalon, New Jersey

Pirate Island Golf

For 18 holes of crazy pirate adventure, head towards Pirate Island Golf in Avalon, New Jersey. The attractions scattered throughout this golf course are incredible, featuring talking pirates, cascading waterfalls, and pirate ships. Your trek across the course will be full of incredible surprises. Pirate Island Golf is an amazing place to visit, especially during the summer months down the Jersey shore. While the original location is in Avalon, you can find sister-courses in both Sea Isle City and Ocean City as well.

4. Putting Edge Fun Center – Pittsburgh, PA

Putting Edge Miniature Golf

For a truly unique experience, head on over to Putting Edge Fun Center. We have seen the location in Pittsburgh, but there are a few others scattered throughout the United States. Nowhere else will you have the opportunity to play glow in the dark miniature golf! The golf course is decorated in amazing colors that shimmer and glow under the black lights. Hint – if you wear white clothing, the course won’t be the only thing glowing!

3. Dottie’s – Salt Lake City, Utah

Dottie\'s Miniature Golf

Dottie’s miniature golf course opened in 1960 and is one of the oldest surviving courses in the state. Incredibly popular during the 60′s and 70′s, the course originally opened as the Arnold Palmer Mini Golf Course. Of course, ownership changes mean name changes, and the current name reflects that of the long time owner.

The course doesn’t have a ton of high-tech obstacles like the newer ones, but it does have a unique and special flavor – namely nostalgia. Dottie’s is an incredible place for the family to gather for a quiet game of miniature golf, away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

2. Mountasia – Houston, Texas


Moutasia is more than a miniature golf course, to say the least. The miniature golf course itself features 18 fun and exciting holes that are perfect for golfers of any age. Watch out for the crazy windmill and you might just get that coveted hole in one!

Of course, the folks at Mountasia don’t want you to leave too early. Once you’ve finished your game of golf you can head on over to the batting cages, try out the bumper boats, hit the snack bar, or try a round on the go karts. We guarantee you won’t be bored here.

1. Jolly Roger Amusement Parks – Ocean City, Maryland

Jolly Roger Miniature Golf

Ocean City is a hot destination for many vacationers, so finding an incredible miniature golf course here wasn’t too surprising. One of several Jolly Roger parks, the golf course features both the Treasure Hunt and Jungle Golf courses, each promising adventure like no other. The tropical rain forests, waterfalls, and pirates may be too much for the weak at heart to bear. Are you up for the challenge?

There are literally hundreds of miniature golf courses around the country, each claming to have the best features, greens, and opportunity for adventure. Miniature golf courses are great for all members of the family, ranging from the youngest golfer to the seasoned aficionado. These are some of our absolute favorites, but the real decision is up to you!

Image credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Responses to this Article

10 Responses to “The 7 Best Miniature Golf Courses”

  1. Anthony says on

    Hi, all these courses are really beautiful. Pirate Island Golf – Avalon, New Jersey and Jolly Roger Amusement Parks – Ocean City, Maryland are my favourite. thanks.

  2. Mary Alconero says on

    Thanks for listing Dottie’s of Salt Lake. I find this golf course one of the absolute best ever. No frills and chills just what persons go to enjoy, family values and great service. Fun in the sun with the beautiful Utah mountains in the background and the most welcoming and enjoyable environment ever!

  3. Terri Mayes says on

    Their are two mini golf courses here in Las Vegas and both are great. One guy with a great idea has opened two indoor, black light, air conditioned courses. They are challenging enough for adults and eye catching for kids.

  4. Mik says on

    They even now have a glow in the dark mini golf in the Docklands In Melbourne, Australia. Its an Australian theme with excellent state of the art lights and sound system.

  5. ArtsyViolet says on

    I love them! Why are all the really nice ones so far from New York?

  6. Deb says on

    Been to Avalon and Ocean City MD but the most challenging place we played was Putt U Miniature Golf in Center Valley PA (Allentown area). Two courses really really cool. Real sand traps and very long holes. Also like Myrtle Beach area too. Plenty of good places to play mini golf.

  7. Keith says on

    The best course for both difficulty and beauty is the Gold Course at Village Greens Miniature Golf Course. It is set in the countryside of Strasburg, PA in Lancaster County. It is a 24 hole par 72 course! The traditional 18 hole course is also very nice.

  8. Miniature Golf New Jersey says on

    I’ve being researching about Mini Golf and reading your blog, I found your post very helpful :) . I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog! As the mini golf is being popular these days here is a link of a site ralated to mini golf.

  9. Andy says on

    The Village Greens in Strasburg,Pa is a wonderful course. Where else can you find par 4′s on a miniature golf course. All built through a wooded hillside.

  10. Ralph says on

    Putt U in Center Valley PA has mostly par 4′s and even has some par 5′s on each of their two courses. Really challenging but a lot of fun too. Scorecards say total par 57 on each course.


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