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The 10 Best RV Parks in North America

posted in: North America  |  posted by: Jennifer Gregory on July 21, 2008  |  9 Comments

So many American families dream of hitting the road for a family vacation. One of the best ways to optimize your vacation budget and time is to travel via RV. An RV gives families the flexibility to go where they want, when they want, with little regard to budget and without a need for strict planning. Some of the most beautiful places in North America can be reached by RV travelers and the destinations are well worth the drive!

10. Madison Arm Resort, Montana

Yellowstone Park

Located in West Yellowstone, Montana, Madison Arm Resort is a mere 8 miles outside of Yellowstone National Park, making it easily accessible for visitors who don’t wish to camp or stay within the park’s sometimes crowded borders. Be sure to stroll by Lake Hegben for fishing, swimming, and site seeing in between trips to the national park itself!

9. Squaw Flat Campground, Utah

Squaw Flat Campgrounds

Tucked in the Needles section of Canyonlands National Park in Moab, Utah you’ll find the incredible Squaw Flat Campground. The park is known for its beautiful stone pillars, rock formations, and Indian rock paintings. RV travelers will enjoy the scenic landscape as they drive along US 191 on their way into the park, while hikers will find the three-mile hike to Chesler Park an incredible experience.

8. Boyd’s Key West Campground, Florida

Boyd\'s Key West Campground

A trip to Florida does not automatically translate to a stuffy hotel stay. Key West gives visitors access to dozens of major attractions while Boyd’s Key West Campground provides saltwater fishing, a boat dock, and a fun Tiki Hut experience for every RVer staying in one of its waterfront campsites. Don’t forget to visit Duval Street for the sunset celebration in Mallory Square each evening!

7. Mt. Desert Narrows Camping Resort, Maine

Mount Desert Island Maine

Mt. Desert Narrows Camping Resort, found in Bar Harbor, Maine, is known as the only national park in New England. The Mt. Desert Narrows or Narrows Too sections provide excellent sites for those seeking an ocean view, while the Patten Pond area of the park gives visitors access to the 740-acre lake. Canoeing, hiking, biking, and whale watching are only a few of the activities available to visitors in Bar Harbor!

6. Horsethief Lake Campground, South Dakota

HorseThief Canyon

At the base of Mt. Rushmore you’ll find Black Hills National Forrest and the Horsethief Lake Campground. Fishing and horseback riding are popular daytime activities, while you may choose to start the evening with a view of the mountain from the lighting ceremony. Be sure to head on over to the Crazy Horse Memorial. Believe it or not, the memorial is larger than all four heads of the Mt. Rushmore carvings combined!

5. Rivers Edge RV Park, Alaska

Traveling to Alaska via a well-stocked RV might prove to be one of the most cost-effective ways to visit the lonely state. Rivers Edge RV Park is located in Fairbanks, Alaska and is full of historic sites such as gold mining towns and Indian Villages. It’s the perfect stop for visitors who find themselves on their way to the famous Alaska Highway!

4. Orchard (Huerta Saucedo) Vacation Village, Mexico

Sunset in Mulege, Mexico

You don’t need to stay in an all-inclusive resort to experience the beauty and culture in Mexico. Mulege, Mexico is the home of the Orchard Vacation Village (also known as Huerta Saucedo). If you’re looking for something different you might try your hand at clamming, while those interested in history will enjoy cave tours or trips into Mulege to see the old penitentiary. If all else fails, you won’t regret time spent in the sun on the white sandy beaches!

3. Tunnel Mountain Campground, Canada

Tunnel Mountain RV Park

RV trips need not be limited to the summer months. Located in Banff National Park in Canada you’ll find Tunnel Mountain Campground. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Canadian Rockies in between ski or snowmobile trips. Those who prefer a little more control will enjoy hiking, biking, or visits to the nearest hot spring!

2. Yosemite Pines RV Park, California

Yosemite Pines RV Park

In Groveland, California lies Yosemite Pines RV Park. Open year round, the park offers a variety of truly unique experiences. Hike, pan for gold, or take a chartered plain tour over the scenic park for a bird’s eye view of Gold Country! This campground is an excellent option for travelers who don’t want to stay within Yosemite Park itself.

1. Rocky Knob Campground, Virginia

Mabry Mill

Along the Blue Ridge Parkway, near mile marker 167, you’ll find Rocky Knob Campground. View some of the most incredible mountain ridges on the eastern coast of the United States while enjoying dozens of historic attractions. The mills, the craftsmen, and the music are only the beginning. Bring your dancing shoes for the Friday evening hoe-down and don’t forget to stop by Mabry Mill – one of the most popular attractions along the parkway itself!

RVs make long road trips more comfortable and attainable than every before. Any of these amazing destinations will leave your family screaming for more!

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9 Responses to “The 10 Best RV Parks in North America”

  1. batman@myrtle beach real estate says on

    That is a cool list you have. What do you think about Lakewood campground?

  2. Daniel says on

    Thanks for sharing all these beautiful campgrounds. My wife and I had been on Tunnel Mountain Campground last year and its really been one of the best RV Campgrounds we are fortunate to visit.

    Warm regards,

  3. JA McCartney says on

    Fantastic List, I would have included a park from BC Canada, maybe from Vancouver or Whistler RV Park



  4. kim says on

    what’s the point in listing the top 10 and not putting a link to their website? This is not too helpful.

  5. Cheap Flights From To says on

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  6. Babinnes says on

    Hi there, Will you be publishing a follow up write-up? My husband and me have used some time looking over your site and surprisingly enough you highlighted one thing i was talking about only the other day with our neighbour. We quite often notice ourselves quarrelling about the smallest of things, isn’t it foolish?

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