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The 7 Best Soccer Stadiums in the World

posted in: Fun  |  posted by: Jennifer Gregory on January 18, 2009  |  57 Comments

As surprising as this fact may be to some, especially those of us in the United States, soccer is actually the most popular sport on the planet. While some leagues begin their seasons in the spring, others begin in the fall and carry through the winter.


With such a wide variety of seasons, it’s easy for soccer fans to find a game no matter what time of year it is. Thousands of players around the globe strap on a pair of shin guards and hit the field to pass the ball across the court and their fans are more than willing to shell out the cash to see them play in person. Here are some of the best soccer stadiums around the world to visit if you want to get sideline seats to a serious game.

7. San Siro – Italy

San Siro Stadium

The San Siro stadium is located in Milan, Italy and has the capacity to seat over 85,000 guests. The stadium is home to both Internazionale and AC Milan, both of which are considered to be the biggest sports teams in existence today.

AC Milan Soccer Team

Watching a soccer game at San Siro is a spectacular experience, mostly because of the incredible Italian fans. They scream choreographed chants, wave humongous banners, and shoot off flares not just at the end of the game, but at the scoring of each goal. They’re some of the most enthusiastic sports fans in the world – hands down!

6. Ibrox Stadium – Scotland

IBROX Stadium

At the Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow, Scotland you’ll find the Glasgow Rangers Football Club. For the uninitiated: football, in Europe, is what we Americans call soccer. The stadium can hold up to 50,500 riled up fans at a time on game day.


The Glasgow Celtic are the biggest competitors of the Glasgow Rangers, but the fans and stadium just can’t compete. Rangers fans don’t just chant their support – they sing real songs with intelligible lyrics and music.

5. OlympiastadionGermany

Munich Olympiastadion

The Olympiastadion in Munich, Germany was originally built in 1972 in order to host the Olympic Games. It later became the site of several major soccer events and also served as the backdrop for a number of stellar concert events.

Munich Olympiastadion

Today the stadium is the home of the Hertha BSC soccer team. The DFB-Pokal and Frauen DFB Pokal are hosted there each year, although the 2010 games will be moved to a different location as part of an experiment that involves hosting these events in different cities. The UEFA Champions League Final will be held there in 2011.

4. The Maracana, Brazil

The Maracana can be found in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The stadium, with a seating capacity of up to 40,000, is well known for its historic significance regarding the game of soccer.

Vasco de Gama Soccer Club

The stadium is home home to the Rio De Janiero’s Vasco de Gama soccer club. This club is known for being the first to sign African players to their teams back in the 1920′s, bridging cultural and color barriers that were until then played a huge part in the formation of soccer teams around the world.

3. La Bombonera, Argentina

Boca Juniors

Tread carefully through the Boca neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina and you’ll stumble upon La Bombonera. Home to the soccer team known as the Boca Juniors, the stadium certainly isn’t one of the largest or most beautiful in the world, but it’s the fans that make the experience special.

La Bomberona

Forget boxes, large rolling projector screens, or any of the fabulous amenities you’d find in a standard stadium. Soccer fans in Buenos Aires are there for two things – the love of the game and to see what type of celebration Martin Palermo will throw on the field when he scores his next goal.

2. Stamford Bridge, England

The Stamford Bridge stadium is moderate, with a seating capacity of approximately 42,000, but what they lack in size compared to other stadiums is made up in spirit by the exciting Chelsea Football Club. The stadium was built in 1904 and has been likened to Fenway Park, only for soccer instead of baseball.

Stamford Bridge

Fans of the Chelsea Football Club in London, England often wonder whether or not the players are on the field to show off or to win games. The fans love the thrill of a live game, though, so the intent of the team doesn’t really seem to matter.

1. Nou Camp, Spain

Head towards Barcelona, Spain if you want to see true soccer rivals duke it out on the field. The Nou Camp stadium is located in Barcelona and is the home to FC Barcelona.

Nou Camp

FC Barcelona and their largest rival, Real Madrid, tear up the field at least once per season, and it’s a game worth attending, even if you can’t make it to any others. FC Barcelona is one of the most successful soccer teams in the world (financially) and Nou Camp is the largest stadium in Europe. With 118,000 seats available, it’s not too difficult to get tickets to a game if you plan in advance.

Nou Camp Barcelona

Next time you travel the globe consider stopping by one of these stadiums for an exciting soccer match. You’ll be surprised at the level of passion displayed by players and fans alike!

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Responses to this Article

57 Responses to “The 7 Best Soccer Stadiums in the World”

  1. Jordan@Resortwear says on

    I’ve always wanted to go visit the Bernabeu in Madrid. I’ve always been a big Real Madrid fan and I’ve heard the stadium is crazy on match day.

  2. Big T says on

    What a ridiculous list. Rangers are the holders of multiple world titles? What? There are no world titles in football on a club level apart from the club world championship which is a crap tournament that no-one cares about and that Rangers have never entered anyway. Rangers certainly aren’t one of the best teams in Europe, nevermind the world.

    Bayern Munich on the other hand are one of the best teams in the world, and have enjoyed much success historically.

    Chelsea is a horrible little ground with fans that are either overly aggressive or sit there saying nothing during a game. It has a capacity of around 40k too, not 28k. In London White Hart Lane, home to Tottenham has a much better atmosphere, and Arsenal’s Emirates stadium is by far the biggest in the capital (outside of Wembley) with a capacity of 60k, although the new Spurs ground may top that once it has been built in a few year’s time.

  3. Leeds United says on

    This list is missing some much better stadiums than some of these. Old Trafford and The Emirates should be on here from England as should The Spanish Bernabeu stadium in Madrid. The Munich Allianz arena should also be included. Ibrox and Stamford Bridge should certainly not be included. The best atmosphere I’ve ever seen is at Elland Road in Leeds, which hosts the best fans in the world!

  4. Dan. says on

    Awful list. You have to include Old Trafford in there.

  5. Eduardo says on

    Stupid list, where?s the Aztec stadium??? Old Trafford? Maracana??? Please a s%&*y stadium in Scotland is better than those two? For sure watching Nakamura or Beasley must be great, but those 3 stadiums have seen the best players in the world. By the way, go to Argentina and visit La Bombonera… that stadium is a piece of s$%t.

  6. Luis says on

    Agree with Eduardo, get some soccer education honey, watch this video, its something called aztec stadium ( now I introduce Maracana stadium (…. I?m sure Rangers Stadium is better than this two soccer monuments… Ibrox??? WTF really

  7. Forty2 says on

    What a bad bad list. No Old Traford, Anfield, Parkhead… so many missing.

  8. footiefan says on

    Stamford Bridge number 2, really?

    Its called Silent Bridge for a reason, the club actually has had to give out scarves in order for fans to use the damn things…

  9. No says on

    Terrible, terrible list. First of all, it isn’t even ‘soccer’, and secondly I think you’ve just named stadiums from around the world to prove that you know about FOOTBALL when it’s obvious you lack simple knowledge.

  10. Matt says on

    No atmosphere at Chelsea and the olympic stadium in Munich hasn’t hosted football matches for several years now.
    Not sure what world titles Glasgow Rangers are supposed to have won either!

  11. David says on

    How, how can you put Ibrox and Stamfor Bridge on and leave off Old Trafford, Wembley, Hampden Park, St.James’ Park, the Emirates, Croke Park or Anfield?

  12. Paul says on

    Wow, I read the title and I was sure I’d see the Bernabeu, Wembley, and maybe The Emirates or Old Trafford, but no we have Stamford Bridge and Ibrox.

    Seriously, if you’re going to do such a list you need to put a little bit more thought into it.

  13. BryanSmithHelgaTruffleField says on

    Chelsea = crap fans crap stadium, glory hunters.
    Rangers = worst fans in the world. Bigoted.
    Old Trafford = absent from this bizzare list. Clearly the best stadium in the world.

  14. Girish says on

    Where the hell is Old Trafford ?

    And Stamford Bridge in second place and the reasoning of it being there, sums up it all.


  15. STEVE says on

    The Camp Nou (surprisingly quiet at times – the noise builds like a wave when it gets going though), la Bombanera and the San Siro belong on the list and you can make a reasonable case for the Maracana in Rio but even Rangers and Chelsea fans would find it ridiculous to have their grounds on the list. As mentioned above, Bayern have moved to the Allianz Arena.

    Ridiculous omissions (if atmosphere is what you want); Santiago Bernabaeu (Real Madrid), Westfalenstadion (Boroussia Dortmund), Old Trafford (Manchester United), Anfield (Liverpool), Velodrome (Olympique Marseille), De Kuip (Feyenoord).

    As for ones I still need to see; the Azteca (Mexico City) and and the Centenario (Montevideo) are meant to be amazing and try telling a Newcastle, Galatasaray or Olympiakos fan that their venues aren’t super-charged.

    A well-intentioned article, but how many “soccer” stadia has the writer actually visited?

  16. Skrtel the Turtle says on

    Stamford Brigde!? Ha ha! What a joke list!

  17. Matt says on

    Horrible list. Bayern Munich does not host games at the Olympiastadion anymore. Instead, they have a much more modern one now.

  18. Dom says on

    What a rubbish list. Ibrox and Stamford bridge? What a joke. Celtic park is a bigger and better stadium with better fans, and as for Stamford Bridge? I could probably list 20 stadiums in England with a better atmoshpere and better stadiums too.

  19. In your face!! says on

    HaHa! looks like we have a few upset little fans that don’t see their stadiums on this magnificent list. Of the usual suspect stadia that aren’t here i find i have to wipe my feet when i leave.

  20. graeme says on

    historically Ibrox is one of the greatest stadiums in the world easily.
    Remember that the stadium still holds the British record attendance for a league game and one of the highest attendance records in Europe.
    As for world titles at Ibrox, I assume they’re talking about the world record number of trophies won, or maybe the record number of league titles won, but that’s just a guess because those the only world titles that a club can hold I can think of.

  21. Dave says on

    those of you who are saying celtic park is better than ibrox are talking nonsense and obv havent been to both stadiums as ibrox is the only 5 star stadium in scotland and ok parkhead holds about 10,000 more but its like lego land in the middle of a drug den. although i must admit ibrox shouldnt be on that list although for atmosphere i havent been to much better and i have been to old trafford, the emirates, san siro. Rangers are also the most successfull club in the world FACT 51 and counting.

  22. Stamford Bridge and Ibrox sum this list up really, PANTS! says on

    Stamford Bridge and Ibrox sum this list up really, PANTS!
    Ibrox is’nt even the best stadium in Glasgow! Parkhead is renowned for having one of the best atmospheres in football, and it holds about 10,000 more than Ibrox does. As for stamford Bridge although it’s small it is a nice stadium, but with the Emirates and Old Trafford having double the capacity of Stamford Bridge, surely these 2 must be on the list aswell? Or am I just completely dissilusioned?!

  23. Owl says on

    Hillsborough stadium in Sheffield is better then Silent bridge! and there are 1 a division lower

  24. The Law says on

    Ibrox is a 5 star Uefa rated stadium

    parkhead is a tin can

    sure, can hold more diddys, but thats about all

  25. Minty says on

    Celtic Park is far superior to Ibrox in every way.

    So many good stadiums missing from that list.

    Old Trafford, Wembley, Anfield, Hampden, The Millenium Stadium, Bernabau, Olympic Stadium in Rome, various stadiums in Japan. I could go on.

  26. Jennifer Gregory says on

    Hi everyone. I’ve made some corrections to the factual errors on the list and want to thank you all for pointing them out. I’m working on a new post and hopefully we’ll hit the mark this time. Watch out for it in the next week or so!

    Thanks again…

  27. Bigman says on


    You are never going to satisfy everbody’s opinions on such a topic.
    Good effort.
    For atmosphere then I suppose you could look at some stadia in Turkey but them you’d have Leeds fans moaning about that!
    Leed fan: What was the atmosphere like in Elland Rd when Rangers game and bullied you in 92? I can assure you Ibrox Stadium has a better atmosphere!

  28. tim says on

    “Rangers fans don?t just chant their support – they sing real songs with intelligible lyrics and music.”

    Not to harp on what has already said about Castle Greyskull (Ibrox) but this line just kills me. Celtic supporters have a long history of singing “real” songs at Parkhead and have a natural connection with Irish music. In fact Celtic’s connection to music rivals that of any team in the world much less Rangers. Any “real” songs they have sung in Ibrox have been banned for being sectarian and bigotted.

    With Stamford Bridge and Ibrox in this list you obviously need to start fact checking. Were you asking the opinion of your local BNP members?

  29. manfromdelmonte says on

    why are celtic fans so upset at the facts?
    the only big crowd you get at parkhead is when there’s a sale on at the forge shopping centre!

    “let the others come after us , we welcome the chase!”

    Bill Struth

  30. Delboy says on

    Anybody who says Parkhead is better than Ibrox must really not know a lot about football!
    If they did, they would know that Ibrox is a Uefa 5 star satdium where as Parkhead was built mostly on a temporary structure designed to last only 15 years, Parkhead is an absolute hellhole of a stadium and is an eyesore on Glasgow.
    In my eyes, the sooner Parkhead falls to the ground, the better!

  31. Tommy F says on

    All the Celtc fans shouting about torbett towers being better than Ibrox….Hahhahahahahahha don’t make me laugh, the place is a breeding ground for terrorist loving bigots, the Anti-British brigade spew more bile than everybody else in Scotland put together.

  32. TOTLL says on


  33. tom says on

    No.4 is actually the Maracana

  34. Leeds United says on

    Why are there so many scots on here? Anyways ibrox and parkhead are both shoyt.

  35. blop says on

    bad list. what really shows that you have no idea what you’re talking about is this sentence: “FC Bayern Munich isn?t the best soccer team in the world,…”
    this seems like they are a mediocre team with a great stadium but they are infact one of the most successful teams and a really big name for every soccer fan.

  36. Tom says on

    The Aztec Stadium!!!

  37. Bayern M?nchen Tickets says on

    Mal so nebenbei, schon gelesen, dass der FC Bayern M?nchen wahrscheinlich van Gaal als Trainer will…?

  38. Marcus McMillan says on

    You are quite correct in “Your” selection it has to be your selection and can differ from others. The guy Tam who talks about Rangers as a football team has not grasped what your blog is about it is about stadium. Sadly in Scotland their is only one 5 star stadium and only 3 actual stadiums. Ibrox is one of few 5 star stadia in the world followed by Murryfield which is a rugby stadium and Hampdan which is the national football stadium. The next largest supported team in Scotlad doesn’t have a stadium it has a park and is marked only at 3 star which is disappointing.

    Not been to many of your other selections but fair play to you, you have marked them honestly and fairly.

    Well done.

  39. usman,katsina nigeria says on

    my man this your classification is based on what criteria?it is actually a bunch of crap.

  40. GG says on

    Aztec Stadium? The category was for “best” not “biggest”

  41. MEL says on

    SHOULD BE #1
    I have seen all of Europe’s stadiums Benfica’s stadium of lights sets above all the rest in your list buddy!

  42. davie says on

    Ibrox is far superior to parkhead in everyway, ibrox ozzes class, you could buy parkhead and flatten it tommorow if you had the cash but couldnt do the same to ibrox as its a listed building, parkhead holds more but as weve sen before trys to replicate everything we do, i.e big screens , swipe card season books always following us 5-10years later, parkhead uefa 3 star grade, ibrox uefa 5star grade SIMPLES !!!!oh and the noise on saturday when the champions come onto the feild haha defening CHAMPIONS 09 get it round yees

  43. Forkov says on

    What a joke – you clearly know NOTHING about football (not soccer)

  44. Forkov says on

    “Thousands of players around the globe strap on a pair of shin guards and hit the field to pass the ball across the court”

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Staggering ignorance.

  45. james says on

    alot of your stadium facts are wrong. Chelsea stadium fits about 40,000 not 28,000 and the stadium is dead quiet for most games.

    Nou Camp capacity is 98,000 not 118,000. The stadium is nice and big but rather quiet as well. Atmosphere aint that good for most games.

    Maracana capacity is about 95,000 not 40,000. Also Flamengo and Fluminesse play at Marcana not Vaso de Grama. The stadium is usually less then half full tho, but for derby matches or other big matches when the stadium is full the atmosphere is madness.

    How is Germany stadium on the list when its not even in use anymore???

    Glasgow Rangers only won what is now Europa League in the early 70′s. When it comes to winning the Scotland League come on only 2 teams ever win, Cletic and Rnagers. There is no competition in the league.

  46. james says on

    La Bombonera insane atmosphere, building is very unique with its crazy design. However the stadium is in pretty bad shape with horrible seats, worn down terrace stands and the stadium is rather dirty looking with giant fences to keep fans off the field and to seperate away fans from home fans.

    San Siro great atmosphere, big stadium, passionate fans. However the actual building is quite ugly and shit. The seats are crappy if you are a fan who likes to sit down. Also have giant glass walls to seperate away fans from home fans as well to keep them off the field.

    Ibrox Stadium is nice, but not sure if it should be on the top 7, there are quite a few stadiums in the UK that are just as good as Ibrox.

  47. STEVIE FAE OZ says on


  48. Gustavo says on

    I do not know what criteria you followed. But there is a huge missing in your list: The Aztec Stadium (Mexico City). Unique stadium in the world to be the host of two finals of world cup.

  49. Jack says on

    Oh my god! You have missed so many amazing football stadiums! What about the Wembley Stadium? Emirates Stadium? Old Trafford? Bernabeu? You know nothing about football!

  50. LUFC says on

    this is shocking.. where is Wembley, Old Trafford (as much as it hurts me to say it), the Bernabeu or Anfield. Ibrox is a joke, and Stamford bridge is small with no atmosphere.

  51. akash says on

    try to get your stadium facts correct (Bayern Munich dont play at olympiastadion, they play at Allianz Arena). and where is old trafford? anfield? emirates? crap list.

  52. AJ says on

    Everyone one of yous need tae get a grip Rite Ibrox 5 star rated stadium by uefa ,Celtic aye it holds 10,000 more peole for a start it looks a state it a 3 star rated stadium.and any of the liverpool fans who r talkin aboot ibrox being worse than parkhead r just sayin that cause their either irish or bcause of the celtic nd liverpool link the chelsea fans on here havny been bummin up ibrox bcause rangers and chelsea have a link.nd all this aboot us havin bad supporters wat a load of shite man 150,000 rangers fans went doon tae manchester for the uefa cup final in 2008 so thats aboot 120,000 people that didny even have tickets fur the game out of that amount 50 people were arrested all people talk aboot is the fact that some (apparently)rangers fans were fighting with the police 50 oot of 150,000 doesny seem that bad tae me .Nd no many other clubs would have that many following them anyway. ;)cheers

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