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The Biggest Shoping Malls in America

posted in: Guides  |  posted by: Jennifer Gregory on December 24, 2008  |  2 Comments

Some of us were simply born to shop! Little corner stores and even department stores just won’t cut it. Instead, we seek out large shopping malls – huge shopping malls – shopping malls that would take days to thoroughly explore.

Here’s our list of the biggest and best shopping malls in America. Make sure your walking shoes are in good condition before you leave the house. You’re going to need them to get through some of these marvelous shopping hot spots!

10. Palisades Center – West Nayack, New York

Palisades Center

Palisades Center, also referred to as Palisades Mall is the 10th largest in the country. Featuring over 400 stores, the mall includes a number of large anchor stores like Macy’s Barnes & Nobles, BJ’s, and Target, amongst others. The mall has its own ice rink at the east end as well as both a 21 screen movie theater and an IMAX theater. The mall has it’s own police substation, ensuring patrons feel safe during their visits.

9. Woodfield Mall – Schaumburg, Illinois

Woodfield Mall

When Woodfield Mall originally opened in 1971 it housed a mere 59 stores. Over the next two years it grew to 189 stores and for a while held the title of the largest mall in the United States, but no longer. Now, with over 285 incredible stores and restaurants, the mall has a unique reputation. Because of its location the mall is an excellent test market for designers. Often times its space is filled with concept stores for prototypes of new brands of clothing, makeup, electronics, and other fun gadgets!

8. Roosevelt Field Mall – Garden City, New York

Roosevelt Field Mall

The 270-store Roosevelt Field Mall is not only well known for its size but for its incredible history. The land used to be used as an airport and was the take-off location for several famous flights, including those of Amelia Earhart, Wiley Post, and Charles Lindbergh. Make sure you stop by Dylan’s Candy Bar for a sweet treat while you’re there! Be careful when visiting during the holiday season. The mall becomes a popular destination and is often overcrowded in both the building and the parking lot.

7. The Galleria – Houston, Texas

Galleria Mall

The Galleria itself is not only the seventh largest mall in the United States but it is also the largest mall in the state of Texas. With over 2.4 million square feet of leasable space, the mall features not one but TWO complete Macy’s stores along with its other anchors and stores that form the 375 shop collection. The shopping center features two Westin hotels, three professional office towers, and a laundry list of high end stores. Hold onto your wallet.

6. Sawgrass Mills – Sunrise, Florida

Sawgrass Mills

The shopping mall at Sawgrass Mills has a distinct design – it looks like an alligator. The mall has three main sections encompassing over 300 distinct retail stores and outlets. There is also a fourth outdoor section that features not only a handful of stores but a movie theater as well. The mall is also surrounded by a number of outparcel (disconnected) stores, making the area even larger!

5. Aventura Mall – Aventura, Florida

Aventura Mall

The three-floor mall in Aventura, Florida is not for the weak of heart. With over 250 shops, the high-end mall is the largest in Florida and the fifth largest in the United States. Believe it or not, the name Aventura was given to the mall by the developer long before the land was actually developed. The mall became so popular that when it was time to incorporate the area into a city it was named after the mall!

4. Millcreek Mall – Erie, Pennsylvania

Millcreek Mall has a distinct location near the borders of Ohio, New York, and Canada. The mall often draws crowds from all of these nearby places, mainly because Pennsylvania does not tax clothing. The mall property houses a number of popular stores like Old Navy and Dick’s Sporting Goods, as well as a number of local eateries. You’ll also find three hotels, a technical school, a movie theater, and even a flea market!

3. South Coast Plaza – Costa Mesa, California

South Coast Plaza

Not only is the South Coast Plaza one of the largest malls in America, but one of the most successful in California. Over 24 million people visit the 280 stores within the mall each year, spending well over 1.5 billion dollars. South Coast Plaza is the home of the Orange Lounge, which is a branch of the Orange County Museum of Art. The museum in the mall focuses on digital media style art. Several luxury brands call the South Coast Plaza home – including the esteemed Chloe, Tiffany’s, Chanel, Gucci, and more!

2. King of Prussia Mall – King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

King of Prussia Mall

Here’s where things get a bit hairy. The King of Prussia Mall in Pennsylvania is actually the largest mall in the country when it comes to retail space in square feet, but it pales in comparison when it comes to the number of stores in the largest mall. With 400 stores, the King of Prussia mall is part of an incredible shopping complex, drawing traffic from not only King of Prussia but Philadelphia and Upper Merion Township as well. As of 2008 the mall also serves as the home for the Philadelphia Freedoms tennis team!

1. Mall of America – Bloomington, Minnesota

Mall of America

With well over 500 stores, the Mall of America has long held the reputation for being the largest mall in America. Within the mall you’ll find the Nickelodeon Universe theme park, a 14-screen movie theater, a miniature golf course, the LEGO Imagination Center, an alternative high school, a wedding chapel, and a complete aquarium. You’ll also find hotels, several anchor stores, and restaurants. Something’s wrong if you can’t find something to do in the Mall of America.

Now that you know where the biggest malls are located, all you have to do is decide where to start. Ready – set – shop!

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