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Covered Wagon Tours: Travel like the Pioneers

posted in: Activities  |  posted by: Jennifer Gregory on October 18, 2008  |  No Comments

Years ago, as our country was forming, settlers moved from place to place not by car, boat, plane, or train – but by covered wagon. The wagons, pulled by mules or stock horses, played an integral part in the formation of our country’s history. You can now experience what life was like in a covered wagon for yourself. Your trip won’t be nearly as long as some of theirs were, but it will be just as authentic and even more fun. Check out some of our favorite covered wagon tours.

Covered Wagon

Covered Wagon Tours

Based out of La Quinta, California, Covered Wagon Tours offers guided tours of the Palm Springs area. Tours leave daily and provide individuals, families, and large groups with a unique way to tour the desert area. Your guide will take you along the San Andreas Fault while discussing local geology and animal life.

Covered Wagon Tour

After your tour, you’ll enjoy a barbeque buffet, traditional western entertainment, and even a campfire. Covered Wagon Tours offers daily tours, but it’s best to call in advance for reservations if you’re bringing a large group.

Wagons West Partnership

Wagons West Partnership, originating in Afton, Wyoming, offers not a daytrip but a full covered wagon vacation experience. As you trek through the Teton Wilderness you’ll have the opportunity to drive the wagon, hike the foothills, and camp in some of the region’s finest open meadows.

Wyoming Covered Wagon Tour

The company offers a number of different covered wagon trips, ranging from two days and one night all the way up to six days and five nights. Trips only run when the weather is nice, June through August, and are guided by professional packers with years of experience in the wilderness.

Elk & Buffalo Tours

In Niobrara, Nebraska you’ll find the Elk & Buffalo Tours group. Situated smack in the middle of the famed Louis and Clark trail, this outfit offers two hour guided covered wagon tours of the Niobrara River Valley. You’ll have the opportunity to see a working cattle ranch and farm as well as a variety of elk, buffalo, and other animals roaming the land in the valley.

Elk & Buffalo Tours offer short excursions on Saturdays and Sundays between May and September, excluding a handful of holidays. There are set departure times, so make sure you check the schedule and get there in plenty of time to get a seat in the wagon.

Black Diamond’s Covered Wagon Adventures

In Healy, Alaska, at the Black Diamond Resort, you’ll find the base camp for Black Diamond’s Covered Wagon Adventures. These covered wagon tour rides comfortably guide visitors through the Alaskan wilderness. You, along with both a tour guide and entertainer, will visit incredible mountain lakes, the Denali Park Boundary, and pass through old mining areas.

Alaskan Covered Wagon Tour

Your tour includes pick-up at some of the area’s local hotels or at one of the park pick-up spots. Tours also include either breakfast, lunch, or dinner, depending on your tour time. All tours with Black Diamond last approximately 2 ? to 3 hours.

Princess Tours Covered Wagon Adventure

The Princess Tour group is ready to cart you all over Alaska via bus and rail, but they do also offer a covered wagon adventure suitable for the entire family. You’ll be astounded by the landscape and scenery you are able to view on your wagon ride along the border of Denali National Park.

History, culture, and a delicious meal are guaranteed. The tour itself will last 2 ? hours, not including an extra half hour of transportation time to the site where the tour begins. Dress warm!

Fall Color Tour by Covered Wagon

In Bermidji, Minnesota you’ll come across the Buena Vista Ski area. In the summer and fall, when the weather isn’t exactly conducive for skiing, the staff instead turns to covered wagons in an attempt to take visitors to the “top of the world.” As you ride along the edge of the Continental Divide, you’ll see nine breathtaking lakes lining the paths once taken by early travelers.

Covered Wagon Tour in Minnesota

The Fall Color Tour by Covered Wagon is only offered on specific days, so you’ll need to call the ski resort for details. The trip is a brief 30-minutes long, but well worth the experience. Your day in the area won’t be wasted, either – there are plenty of walking tours and historic exhibits to explore as well!

Covered wagon tours provide amazing opportunities for families and groups from all over to gain a better understanding of exactly what it was like to travel during some of our country’s most formative years. Whether you’re looking for a day trip or a short vacation, there’s a covered wagon tour waiting for you. Your entire family is bound to have an incredible adventure!

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