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Ten Famous Landmarks in the USA

posted in: North America  |  posted by: Jennifer Gregory on October 24, 2008  |  30 Comments

No matter where you turn in the United States you’ll come across some sort of famous landmark. Some are famous locally, while others are well-known across the entire country. We’ve compiled a list of 10 of our favorite landmarks across the United States in the hopes that someday you’ll be able to enjoy them as much as we have.

10. Centennial Park – Atlanta, Georgia

Centennial Park, Atlanta

The Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, Georgia sits in a neighborhood that was once less than desirable. This is, until the United States won the bid for the 1996 Olympic Games and decided to host them in Atlanta. The land was developed into a 21-acre park, which now hosts a number of events year-round. Stop by for fun in the fountains, summer concerts, 4th of July festivities, and holiday light celebrations. There’s even an ice skating rink in the winter months. This neighborhood will never revert back to what it once was.

9. Buckingham Fountain – Chicago, Illinois

Buckingham Fountain, Chicago

Buckingham Fountain can be found in Chicago’s park district and is one of the city’s most popular attractions. It was opened to the public in May of 1927 and was dedicated to the city by Kate Buckingham. The fountain was designed to look like Lake Michigan, with a number of other specifically designed attributes. The pink marble fountain runs daily from April to October, featuring an hourly water and light show.

8. Greenfield Village – Detroit, Michigan

Cotswald Cottage at Greenfield Village

Greenfield Village in Detroit was designed to remind people always of the way life was during the pre-Civil War era. Visitors will enjoy learning about trains at Railroad Junction, visiting working farms, and even visiting the home in which Henry Ford was born. There are dozens of shops, artisans, and historic homes to explore, too.

7. American Police Hall of Fame – Miama, Florida

Police Hall of Fame

The American Police Hall of Fame and Museum in Miami Florida, founded in 1960, was the first ever memorial built to honor police officers that had been killed in the line of duty. While there are other memorials in existence around the country, this one was the first. The names of each of our fallen heroes is inscribed at the memorial, which also features a small chapel for visitors wishing to spend a few moments in silence in honor of their loved ones.

6. Battery Park – New York

Battery Park World Trade Center Statue

Battery Park is a 25 acre park at the southern tip of Manhattan in New York City. The park was named after the artillery battery stationed there throughout history in order to protect the harbor. The park features a number of waterfront attractions, including ferries to visit both Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. There are also several popular restaurants, walking paths, and playgrounds throughout the park.

5. Independence Hall – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Independence Hall

Independence Hall in Philadelphia is recognized as one of the most important landmarks in the country. The Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution were created here. The hall sits in the middle of Old City Philadelphia, surrounded by a number of other incredible historic attractions. Free tours of the hall are offered daily.

4. Liberty Bell – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Liberty Bell

Also in Philadelphia is the ever popular Liberty Bell. Once housed in Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell now has its own home in a safe building right across the street on the lawn at Independence Mall. Entrance to the hall is free, but all visitors must go through security before entering. The Liberty Bell is open every day except Christmas.

3. Statue of Liberty – New York City

Statue of Liberty

Right on the border between New Jersey and New York, ferries regularly stop at both Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, which sits on Liberty Island. The famous statue was often the first American landmark seen by immigrants passing through the Harbour on their way to Ellis Island. We highly recommend stopping at both historic sites and paying homage to the millions who passed through, bringing with them the diverse cultures that shaped our country into the place it is today.

2. Jefferson Memorial – Washington, DC

Jefferson Memorial

South of the White House, in Washington, DC, you’ll find Jefferson Memorial. Thomas Jefferson, the third President of our country, had a significant impact on the formation of our country. He was a philosopher, diplomat, inventor, and so much more. As father of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson will forever have a place in the history books, and in the hearts of all true patriots.

1. Lincoln Memorial – Washington, DC

Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial proudly preserves the memory of the great Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was the sixteenth president of the United States, leading the country through the Civil War. He fought for freedom, and the hope he shared with his country will inspire generations for decades to come.

Throughout the United States you will find historic and cultural landmarks in all sorts of forms. Some will be more popular with certain groups of people than others, but they are all equally important when it comes to the development of our country as it stands today.

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30 Responses to “Ten Famous Landmarks in the USA”

  1. Peter Answers says on

    Well I have seen 5 of them anyway, that is better than nothing but I should have seen more of them by now. Never been to Washington DC (well outside the airport anyway), which really sets me back.

  2. kate says on

    cool landmarks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wish i could go to the U.S.A.!!

  3. patty598 says on

    I love these landmarks!I used this site for my project.

  4. a says on

    Buckingham Fountain is located in Grant Park. The Chicago Park District is the municipal body responsible for the maintenance and programs in all of Chicago’s parks.

  5. AZNpockerz!!! says on

    OMG!!! Thankie so much I needed the info for a project! I totally love the giant battery!

  6. Cappas says on

    Great site! I use it to teach my English class. It’s very educational.

  7. sext striper says on

    WOW! thxs i needed this soo much…i might have a littler surpris 4 u :D

  8. JUDE ALVAREZ says on


  9. LandmRK ;) says on

    Omg Thanks, I needed to use is for social studies :D

  10. stalkers on read this you are a stalker says on

    thanks so much for the information,it helped ALOT!

  11. kate says on

    great site!!used it in my french class.very useful!thanxx

  12. ??????? says on

    thnkszz eva so much i really appriciate all the ides you have give me for ma project i luv da one were there is a loads of kids in itt it shows tht ther wrld is having fun and it is even helppinn english teachers tht is amazing it helped me alot wid ma project n every one is right it is a well sikk wsebsite to go on if u needc help lol ohh ye ttht sex stripper u are fuckin angin saying dat u scruff

  13. YOYOYOYO says on


  14. baby says on

    please let me go there

  15. switkizer says on

    ^_^ depressing..

  16. Parmeshwar Gangawat says on

    Thanks alot for such useful information about famous landmarks. It will help me in my project to which i needed it.

  17. carmen maldonado says on

    this website is dumb as hell and the comments these dumb ass ppl who left these other comments are lame as hell u ppl need to get a fuckin life i mean for real doh

  18. carmen maldonado says on

    I FUCKIN HATE ALL U DUMB ASS PPL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Forest says on

    OMG this web page is tots awsome this totally helped me out OMG!!!

  20. babygirl says on

    this place are so cool i wish i can go there when i go up. but i leave in texas but the people that i live with only go to coloardo because her kid live up there that place is so great, but up in the mountins it so cold, but it is a really pearty up. if u never been there u should go. to colorado spring

  21. babygirl says on

    omg i need this in my classes now i know what she is talking about. now i wish i wrnt with my class when they wnat to this plaece. :)

  22. dreamsture says on

    Thanks guy, i never go to american. I have chance to go to,
    i must visit them of one. ha ha

  23. Claire says on

    Thanks a million to whoever published this, it was so helpful for social studies!!!

  24. says on

    Great post , i am share to facebook, thanks you verymuch

  25. says on

    i like this post, it is very useful , it helps me to know about the history of US, Everybody think ?

  26. jessica kennedy says on

    wow great info i needed this for my project DOES ANYONE GO ON CLUB PENGUIN ?? im baabaaboo2!!

  27. Gman200108 says on

    Great site! Used this for my project in school. I have visited four of these places. Very cool.

  28. Ang3l SAd GiRL says on

    well im only 13 im in the 8th grade and i really dnt like anything relaited to history but i have a project so i read all of thiz and found them very interasting i hope that in some point in my life i kan visit thiz places=)

  29. Zack Trump says on

    I have been to all of these sites and they are all very, very cool and I recommend them to whatever you are doing from going on vacation to writing a report and I know because I did both.
    Zack Trump

  30. jake says on

    haha thnks now i got some cool stuff for my project


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