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Four Ways to Vacation Like a Millionaire

posted in: Holidays  |  posted by: Admin on January 8, 2008  |  4 Comments

Necker IslandOdds of you ever being able to afford a week at Sir Richard Branson?s Necker Island are slim to none, but should you happen to win a lottery or find yourself earning millions, you may want to know exactly what the wealthy do when they are on vacation spending their millions. Where do the elite head for their breaks from the daily grind?

Millionaire Vacation First Stop – Necker Island
Sir Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Airlines and Virgin Records, has an exclusive island in the Caribbean where the rich and famous love to spend their free time. The 74-acre island is not for the average Joe. Rooms at Necker Island?s private beach house start at $47,000 per night. The house is large enough to accommodate 28 people, making it about $2,000 per night per person. Your room rate does include all food and beverages, lavish guest rooms, a private chef, a staff of fifty, laundry, wireless internet, phone service, fishing equipment including boats, entertainment rooms, a snooker table, pools, tennis courts, and Jacuzzis. If your not a millionaire, forget about this vacation.

Al Maha Desert Resort For Millionaires
Head to Dubai?s Al Maha Desert Resort for gorgeous accommodations that come with a hefty price tag of $8,000 per night. At Al Maha Desert Resort, you stay in a large presidential suite that offers spacious millionaire-type rooms and top-notch amenities including a private pool, extra-large king beds, his and her vanities, a private staff, large courtyard, fully equipped kitchen, two minibars, and more. You can spend your free time riding a camel through the desert or enjoying falconry or archery. There is a pool for those who can?t stand the desert heat.

$90 Million Alysia Yacht for Rental

Andreas Liveras, an entrepreneur from Greece, owns the $90 million charter yacht known as the Alysia. For $146,400 per day, you can rent this yacht and tour the Mediterranean Sea. The Alysia holds up to 36 guests and includes a champagne reception, all food and beverages, laundry services, and access to the saunas, Jacuzzis, massage rooms, and other spa services. The cost of fuel and tips is not included in the daily charge.

Millionaire’s Space Aventure
Finally, you can set aside some money and go where few tourists ever go. Book a Space Adventure for the jaw-dropping price of $100 million per person and travel to the moon. Your package price includes preparation for the flight and then transportation via the Soyuz spacecraft to a second rocket that travels to the moon. If this is too costly, you can take the Sub Orbital Spaceflight for the lower cost of $102,000 per person and travel into space about 60 miles above earth and then come back down to earth.

If you?re thinking that you have too much money, this will be the way to go to blow your millions on. There?s no vacation like a millionaire?s vacation. One other hotel room worth mentioning is Hugh Hefner’s hotel suite in Las Vegas. Another location to blow your money away.

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4 Responses to “Four Ways to Vacation Like a Millionaire”

  1. TerirrinueGax says on

    I am, John
    great posts on here

  2. Thai Hotel Expert says on

    yeah right except that i can’t afford any of them .. maybe i should start buying lotto first :-)

  3. Marcin - Table Tennis says on

    Everything sounds great but it would be also nice if I could afford that ;)

  4. Nilse says on

    Maybe I could afford it by providing a private event!! ;)


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