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Top 10 High Roller Suites in Las Vegas

posted in: North America  |  posted by: Jennifer Gregory on July 11, 2008  |  1 Comment

I thought the casinos in Las Vegas treated their high rollers well; that is, until I got to Las Vegas and found out exactly how far the casinos there will go to keep their frequent flyers happy.

The Travel Channel recently released a list of the 10 hottest hotel suites in the city of Las Vegas for high rollers. A quick glance at the amenities they afford their fattest whales will leave you wishing you had a spare $100,000 (per bet) to drop on a blackjack table, too.

1. Penthouse Suite, MGM Grand

MGM Grand Penthouse Suite

The Penthouse Suite in the MGM Grand includes butler service, a personal chef, and a private spa. I’m not sure what guests are supposed to do with 19 telephones throughout the suite, but it must be convenient to be able to make a call without having to search for the handset. The Penthouse usually rents for $3,000 – a small price for a casino to waive after taking thousands more in gambling profit!

2. Ambassador Suite, Sahara

Hotel Sahara

The Ambassador Suite in the Sahara sports a retro atmosphere rich with history and scandal. Rumor has it that greats such as The Beatles and Elvis have stayed here. The hotel resisted the urge to modernize while all of the others around them moved into contemporary design. The hottest feature in the Ambassador suite is the Jacuzzi found smack in the center of the room.

3. Elvis and Priscilla Suite, Viva Las Vegas

Elvis Suite

Far from the most expensive suite in Las Vegas, the Elvis and Priscilla suite features a bed shaped like a pink Cadillac and walls designed to resemble the gardens at Graceland. The bathroom will leave you feeling as if you’ve just stepped into Elvis’s own recording studio. The hot tub comes complete with a mirror, making this suite the ultimate destination for any high roller who wants to relax after a night on the gaming floor.

4. 180 Degree Suite, Four Seasons Hotel

180 Degree Suite at the Four Seasons

The 180 Degree Suite in the Four Seasons Hotel provides just that – a 180 degree view of the city from its incredible floor-to-ceiling windows. The bed itself is worth over $10,000. After a good night’s sleep, start the day by the pool where you’ll be spritzed with Evian spring water while munching on iced grapes.

5. Presidential Suite, Venetian

Venetian Presidential Suite

The staff at the Venetian love to show their appreciation by giving their high rollers an opportunity to stay in the Presidential suite. The room will remind guests of their last stay in Venice. While they wait for their $85 risotto or other menu choice, guests can relax in the game room, which has been completely stocked with today’s hottest and most entertaining pieces of equipment.

6. Adrienne Suite, The Palms Casino Resort

The Palms Casino Resort may be one of the newest in Vegas, but it’s quickly becoming one of the trendiest. The Adrienne Suite is decorated with chic simplicity, perfect for a guest who wishes to relax in style after sharing the wealth at the gaming table. Guests of the suite have access to the spa, where regular spa services are available alongside more flamboyant choices such as botox injections.

7. Top Suites, Turnberry Place

Turnberry Suites

Turnberry Place isn’t a hotel or casino, but a series of four private, 40-story buildings being built to hold a number of exclusive condos. The most desired of these are, of course, the “Top Suites” in each building. Owners will have elevator access to their private entrances, guaranteeing safety and privacy at the same time.

8. Napoleon Suite, Paris Hotel Las Vegas

Napoleon Suite in Paris Las Vegas

The Napoleon Suite sits on the 31st floor of the Paris Hotel and spans a wicked 4,300 square feet. Hardwood floors, a grand piano, and private massage services are only a few of the amenities provided to the recipient of this lavish suite. This room is exclusively held by the hotel for high rollers and is never made available to the public.

9. Verona Suite, Las Vegas Hilton

The Verona Suite in the Las Vegas Hilton is available to the public for an incredible rate of $17,500 per night. I wonder if it’s a joke or a price-tag designed to deter the public from taking up space in a room otherwise reserved. After you figure out what to do in 15,000 square feet of space, you might begin to wonder how many shows you can watch at one time on the suite’s 25 televisions. If that’s not incredible enough, there are dozens of his-and-her amenities, including televisions and showers. The master bedroom comes complete with a private pool, koi pond, and garden!

10. Villa One, Bellagio Las Vegas

Bellagio Villas

Villa One in the Bellagio is one of the most lavish suites in the city. The room usually rents for $6,000 per night and can only be accessed by private tunnel. Guests have access to a private gym, sauna, salon, and Italian garden with private chefs. Though slightly creepy, it’s admirable to hear that the staff will take pictures of your bathroom counter in order to get an idea of what products you like so that they can stock your cabinet before your next trip. Wow!

We may never get to sleep inside one of these lavish suites, but it never hurts to dream. The next time you have $100,000 (per bet) to waste, head on over to Las Vegas and see if you can sneak a peek into one of these amazing accommodations!

Photo Credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

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  1. Las Vegas says on

    Wow, all of these suites are just amazing. I have to admit, staying in the Elvis and Priscilla suite sounds like a great vacation.


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