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The Largest Urban Parks in the World

posted in: World  |  posted by: Jennifer Gregory on September 14, 2008  |  23 Comments

When you think of a park you probably think of grassy tree-lined venues sprinkled with sports fields, outdoor theaters, picnic areas, and swing sets for the children. You most likely visualize these parks in suburban settings, far from the hustle and bustle of any city.

Believe it or not, parks are popping up in major metropolitan cities all over the world. If we can’t go to the park, we may as well bring the parks to us. Some of the largest parks in the world can be found intertwined with urban life. Check out some of our favorites:

Fairmount Park – Philadelphia, PA

Fairmount Park

Fairmount Park in Pennsylvania is owned by the city of Philadelphia and spans an incredible 9,200 acres. Fairmount Park spans across quite a few communities and includes several smaller neighborhood parks, but the largest single section of park land covers 4,400 acres along the Schuylkill River. Believe it or not, Fairmount Park is almost 200 years older than Central Park in New York.

Chapultepec Park – Mexico

Chapultepec Park

Chapultepec Park in Mexico is a 2,000 acre park and is also known for being one of the largest urban parks in North America. The park is more than trees and grassy knolls, housing a theme park, a zoo, and two lakes. History lovers will be surprised to find over a dozen museums, restaurants, and hotels in Chapultepec Park as well!

Silesian Culture and Recreation Park – Katowice, Poland

Katowice Park

Checking in at well over 2,000 acres as well is the Silesian Culture and Recreation Park in Katowice, Poland – also known as the Viovodship Culture and Recreation Park, depending on who you ask. The park features a zoological garden, planetarium, swimming complex, sports stadium, and more. Perhaps the most impressive attraction at this park is the incredible rose garden, the largest in the country, housing more than 30,000 incredible roses from dozens of varieties.

Metropolitan Park of Santiago – Santiago, Chile

Metropolitan Park Santiago

The Metropolitan Park of Santiago in Chile is also commonly referred to as San Cristobal Hill. At just under 1,800 acres, the park is full of gardens, hiking and biking trails, and outdoor sports fields. Those not as enamored by the outdoors will enjoy exploring the zoo, dining in an international restaurant, or even relaxing in the park pool. You’re guaranteed to find something to entertain everyone when you visit San Cristobal Hill.

Phoenix Park – Dublin, Ireland

Phoenix Park Deer

Believe it or not, Phoenix Park in Dublin, Ireland is also considered one of the largest urban parks in the world. The park is completely enclosed and is known for being the location of the home of the president of Ireland. The park clocks in at just under 1,800 acres and is notably larger than the infamous Hyde Park in London.

Central Park – New York City, NY

Central Park

Central Park in New York City, New York spans over 843 acres and sits smack in the middle of Manhattan. Park attractions include the Central Park Zoo and Wildlife Center, an incredible lake, a concert arena, and two full-service restaurants. Visitors will be astounded by the unique landscaping and architectural work throughout the entire park. No trip through NYC is complete without at least a stop in Central Park.

Golden Gate Park – San Francisco, California

Japanese Tea Garden at the Golden Gate Park

The Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California spans over 1,017 acres of ground. While it’s not the largest of all of the urban parks, it is one of the most visited, with almost 15 million people stopping by each year on their way to other San Francisco tourist sites. The park features the Japanese Tea Garden, AIDS Memorial Grove, and a Conservatory of Flowers, amongst many other attractions.

Golden Gate Park

Lincoln Park – Chicago, Illinois

No, we’re not talking about the rock band! Lincoln Park in Chicago, Illinois is the largest urban public park in the city of Chicago. The 1,200 acre park faces Lake Michigan and houses dozens of baseball fields, basketball courts, and volleyball courts. Lincoln Park is also home to a large conservatory, a nature museum, and even a fitness center!

Lincoln Park Zoo

Parks are an incredible place to relax, enjoy nature, or simply get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We’ve seen concerts in Central Park and had picnic lunches at Fairmont Park. Each and every one of these incredible parks provides dozens of entertainment options as well as opportunities to get together with your family and friends for a picnic or sports day.

Lincoln Park

You don’t have to travel far from the city to discover the true beauty of a park. While it may seem like major cities completely overwhelmed our landscapes, a few true gems managed to survive. We hope you enjoy visiting these urban parks as much as we did!

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Responses to this Article

23 Responses to “The Largest Urban Parks in the World”

  1. Dave@irish gift shop says on

    For sure having more parks is a great idea. I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and fortunately the Victorian inhabitants of this city were great philanthropists and as such endowed the city with ample park area.

    Botanic Gardens in the centre of the city is a great oasis. unfortunetly though since we have only got a small city, it’s not exactly huge. But it is very pretty.

  2. ojoqtv says on

    You should give proper credits to the images that you pick up from flickr…. ohoh just found your credits. Quite hidden. :)

  3. njenkins says on

    What about Rouge Park, Toronto!!!

  4. Andrea Mikulan says on

    You missed Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC. At 1000 acres set on a peninsula in the heart of the city, it seems worthy of mention in your list of the 10 largest urban parks. Central Park, NYC, is only 843 acres.

  5. janet says on

    Wascana Park in Regina Saskatchewan, Canada – 2300 acres, should be almost at the top of this list!

  6. David Scott says on

    You also forgot Nose Hill Park in Calgary which is a all natural park next to the paths of course

  7. DPC says on

    You have forgotten “Casa de Campo” in Madrid with an area over 4.300 acres…

  8. M says on

    Sutton Park in Birmingham UK is 2,400 acres, bigger than all the parks mentioned apart from the first!

  9. Pille says on

    Jo, what about the biggest:

    Englischer Garten in munich, bavaria, germany!?

  10. Juan Gabriel Urrego says on

    Good morning: Simón Bolívar Park in Bogotá Colombia is about 1000 acres, and It seems more beutiful than others above. It should appear!!

  11. subir nag, india says on

    what about richmond park, london, which is thrice as large as NY central park?

  12. JaYcEe sKy~ says on

    LoVe It.!(:

  13. Andre says on

    what about Richmond park in London over 2200 acres.Its probably one one of largest.

  14. ...? says on

    You also forgot South Mountain Park in Phoenix, AZ, which is about 16,500 acres. That makes it the largest city park in the world.

  15. Kelsey says on

    Wascana Centre in Regina Saskatchewan Canada, is one of the largest in the world with the urban park over 2300 acres!!

  16. Matt says on

    Fish Creek Park is Calgary, Alberta, Canada is apparently 3261 acres.

  17. peter says on

    As long as we’re getting picky, Philly’s park “system” is 9,200 acres. The original park for which the system is named—Fairmount Park—clocks in at somewhere around (just realized I’m bored of researching this) 4,500 acres…

  18. Cucunuba says on

    Please take under consideration the Simón Bolívar Metropolitan Park in Bogotá, which has an extension of 988 acres (400 hectares), including a lake of 27 acres, public Library (360,000sq feet), open sky concerts square for up to 80,000 people, lots of specialized facilities for sports (passive and active), museum, botanical garden, etc. Please also remember that Bogotá is an 8 million inhabitants city. I don’t see why not to include this park in your list.

  19. André says on

    Sarah Kubitschek Park, in Brasília, is the largest Urban Park in Brazil with an area of 1,037.84 acres.

  20. maria matos says on

    I would like to add the Monsanto park, in Lisbon, Portugal, with approximately 1000 ha

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