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Location of the Worlds Best Sunsets

posted in: World  |  posted by: Admin on September 11, 2007  |  5 Comments

SantoriniSantorini is a Greek Island composed of a volcanic rim protruding from the Caldera submerged in the sea. Santorini is the site of a cataclysmic volcanic eruption about 1650 BC that brought an immediate end to the thriving Minoan civilization. After the eruption the Kameni Islands formed, allowing for astonishing sunsets viewed from the village of Oia. Within Oia is the Restaurant 1800 where sunset enthusiasts can dine on traditional Greek Aegean dishes while gazing wondrously upon an ultimate sunset.

PyramidsAnother sunset view that must be considered among the world?s best would be among the Great Pyramids at Giza, Egypt. A site that has seen numerous sunsets dating back to a time before the Minoan civilization ceased to exist; the Pyramids have been around since the dawn of civilization. What a sight to behold to watch the Sun (Ra to the ancient Egyptians) at first align with the pyramids, and then dip into the Sahara and bring darkness to this ancient land.

Grand CanyonNext on this tour of stupendous sunsets is the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA. A truly remarkable canyon carved through definitive layers of earth over a period of millions of years, this vista features no manmade constructions and the best sunset can be viewed before the sun dips behind the canyon when the sun is very low. The dimming sunlight has remarkable effects on the definitive rock layers of the canyon with the colors changing minute by minute. The kaleidoscopic images continue until the sun finally disappears on the horizon.

Hawaii sunsetOn the western coast of Kauai, Hawaii is Polihale Beach ? next on our list of the world?s best sunsets. Kauai is a mountainous island and the 17 mile long unspoiled beach makes a perfect setting for the ultimate sunset. Getting there is an adventure ? it is only accessible after reaching the end of a paved road and continuing on to the beach on a dirt road and then a sand trail. But the trip is well worth it. View the sunset from the site the native Hawaiians refer to as heiau, a sacred site from which souls depart from this world into the next ? in the setting sun.

At the most incredible manmade construction devoted to love ? the Taj Mahal, is another spot to appreciate a remarkable sunset. As you stand on the spot that the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan chose to memorialize his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal you can ponder the legends surrounding it. Legend has it that after Jahan was deposed and put under house arrest; he spent the rest of his days gazing out at the Taj Mahal. Jahan joined his wife there upon his death. What an allegorical backdrop to contemplate as the sun sets behind the white marble, setting it afire.

SentosaSingapore is our final stop on this world tour of the best sunsets. The island of Sentosa is accessible by two bridges, but the most memorable way to get there is by taking a glass-walled gondola that departs from a Singapore skyscraper. Smoke from distant refineries in the distance makes for a beautiful sunset, notwithstanding the environmental impact. The sky takes on a deep maroon color as the sun dips into the Indian Ocean.

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5 Responses to “Location of the Worlds Best Sunsets”

  1. CK says on

    Another good compilation for the best sunsets. :)

  2. Mike says on

    this city of Yalova in Turkey has one of the 5 best sunset of the worlds

    it is a must see and city is planing a special platform just for the sunset so tourists can enjoy it.

  3. Giza Pyramid says on

    Giza pyramids is an excellent place to travel to. Sunset in the sands is something you should definitely see live.

  4. nora says on

    Angkor Wat should have a place on that list

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