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The Most Breathtaking Waterfalls in the World

posted in: World  |  posted by: Jennifer Gregory on August 26, 2008  |  22 Comments

Waterfalls are incredible products of Mother Nature. They stand tall and proud amongst hills, valleys, and canyons all over the world. While we are likely most familiar with some of the most famous in our own areas, most people do not realize that there are hundreds upon thousands of stunning waterfalls across the globe.

A waterfall doesn’t have to be the tallest, loudest, or fastest on earth to be astounding. We’ve searched high and low for gorgeous scenery and magnificent falls. We’re happy to share some of our favorites, and hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

10. Triberg Waterfalls – Germany

Triberg Waterfalls

The beautiful Triberg Waterfalls can be found in the Gutach River just outside of Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. Nestled within the Black Forrest, the Triberg Waterfalls are the second tallest set of falls in the country, dropping 496 feet. While they’re not the tallest waterfalls in Germany, they’re the most accessible, making them a great destination if you’re ever in the area!

9. Niagra Falls – USA

Niagara Falls

Perhaps some of the most famous waterfalls in North America, Niagra Falls actually lie on the border between Ontario in Canada and New York in the United States. The falls are separated in the middle by Goat Island. The falls on the Canadian side, in Niagra Falls, Ontario, are known as Horseshoe Falls, while the falls in Niagra Falls, New York are simply know as the American Falls. You’ll also find a smaller set, known as Bridal Veil Falls, which are separated from the main sets by Luna Island.

8. Choshi Ohtaki Waterfall – Japan

Choshi Waterfall

In Oirase, Japan you’ll start at Towada Lake and then follow the mountain stream, Oirase Keiruy. Scattered along the stream you’ll find incredibly misty waterfalls. The Choshi Ohtaki waterfall looks like a thick veil, flowing from 7 meters above to the waters below. Oiraise has been highly recommended for travelers looking for new and intriguing places to stay in Japan.

7. Skoga River Waterfalls – Iceland

Skoga Waterfall

There are more than two dozen waterfalls along the Skoga River in Iceland, some over 30 meters tall. Very few of the waterfalls along this river, with the exception of one or two, have names, but they don’t need names to make their presence known as they clamor together in harmony. Simply follow the beaten path along the river and you’ll see more waterfalls than you ever dared anticipate in one place.

6. Plitvice Waterfalls – Croatia

Plitvice Waterfalls

In Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia you’ll stumble upon a group of waterfalls like no other. The park is comprised of at least 16 lakes at various levels of elevation, each formed by runoff from the lakes above it. The results include some of the most beautiful blue lakes on earth separated by shimmering falls flowing through both rocks and outlined by brilliant green flora!

5. Kouang Si Waterfalls – Laos

Kouang Si Waterfalls

About 30 miles outside of the city of Laong Prabang you’ll come across the Kouang Si Waterfalls. The tranquil falls aren’t too demanding as they glide over the rocky embankment into the wading pools below. This is an amazing destination for day-trippers wanting to relax before heading back to the hustle and bustle of city life.

4. Seljalandsfoss Waterfall – Iceland


The Seljalandsfoss Waterfall is considered to be one of the most famous waterfalls in the country. It drops a full 60 meters to what was once the coastline. You’ll be intrigued by the possibility of going behind the waterfall itself – something that isn’t always possible in other places due to dangerous or inaccessible terrain.

3. Erawan Waterfalls – Thailand

Erawan Waterfalls

The Erawan Waterfalls, found just outside of Kanchanburi, Thailand aren’t the most dangerous or lively waterfalls on earth, but the seven layers of falls costing gently down slopes ranging from as high as 70 feet to as few as 10 feet in height creating a calming atmosphere like no other. The natural limestone deposits give the waters in the relaxing pools their sparkling blue colors, but watch out for the fish in some of them – they’ll try to nibble at your toes!

2. Shoshone Falls – Idaho

Shoshone Falls

Believe it or not, the Shoshone Falls found along the Snake River in Idaho are actually taller than Niagra Falls! The 212 foot tall waterfalls tend to be most active in the spring and summer months after the winter snows have melted into runoff, though they’re truly astounding any time of year. If you’re looking for a place to stay, there are plenty of hotels in the City of Twin Falls, which owns and operates the recreational complex.

1. Ribaneng Waterfall – Lesotho

Ribaneng Waterfall

After trekking in the landlocked Kingdom of Lesotho in South Africa, you’ll find yourself facing one of the most astounding waterfalls we’ve seen in quite some time. Standing 328 feet, or 100 meters tall, the icy blue waters certainly demand the attention of those who pass by. You’ll want to watch the waters coast over these cliffs for hours!

These astounding waterfalls represent only a small handful of the falls you’ll find as you journey the globe. Be sure to make time to enjoy the breathtaking natural wonders we’ve been given!

Image credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Responses to this Article

22 Responses to “The Most Breathtaking Waterfalls in the World”

  1. Michael says on

    Niagara Falls are really stunning. Standing by the falls takes your breath away with the thunder of water. There is a lot of development around it though making it seem a bit too commercial.

  2. AJ says on

    Niagara Falls is actually in Canada , while Horseshoe Falls is in America.

  3. Tyler says on

    Lesotho is not a city. It is a country in southern Africa, entirely surrounded by the country of South Africa. I don’t have my Lesotho map handy, but I believe Ribaneng is in Maseru District. Maseru is the capital of Lesotho and Maseru District is the province or state Maseru is in. Also, be careful not to refer to Africa as though it is one homogenous country. There are 50-something different countries and hundreds of distinct cultures within the continent of Africa.

  4. canada says on

    i live in ontario and horseshoe falls is american, and niagara falls is canadian

  5. appleraffle says on

    More than breathtaking!

  6. Greg says on

    Those are some gorgeous photos. Choshi Ohtaki Waterfall looks so perfectly Japanese and Plitvice Waterfalls is just unreal.

    We live not too far from Shoshone Falls, so I think we may take a trip there. Thanks for pointing it out.

  7. Dr. says on

    Beautiful photos, thanks.

    Best view of American Falls Is from Canadian side. The horseshoe falls (which is in Canada), can be viewed well from both sides.

  8. Larry says on

    Breathtaking falls! I want to be in that photo of the falls in Croatia!

  9. Teng says on

    Well, Kouangsi Waterfall in Luangprabang, laos. It is really wonderful and amazing fall that you should go to visit once in your life time…



  10. Geoff Wells says on

    Another one you might like is the Aguasabon Gorge on the north shore of Lake Superior near Schreiber, Ontario. It is small compared to Niagara but quite spectacular.

  11. rogiro says on

    About Ribaneng Waterfall: Tyler is right about Lesotho. The waterfall is close to the little village of Ribaneng, which is a day walk from Malealea in the south-west of Lesotho. I made the picture of Ribaneng Waterfall.

  12. KFoss says on

    Thank you Rogiro for such a beautiful photo! We have credited your photo at the bottom of the post :) If anyone would like to check it out you can view it on Rogerio’s Flickr page here

  13. Lorraine Mclarnon says on

    Erawen Falls , Thailand.
    What can i say, my friends and i visited this waterfall in Jan 2009. It truly is a stunner , the walk/climb up to each level was fantastic and as it goes we only managed to get up to level 5 out of 7.
    This was partly due to the fact that we were all wearing sandals and the last two level climbs become steeper and more rockier as well as the blazing heat.
    The water is quite cold, so brace yourselves for a dip.
    As far as the little fishy go, they are great for taking the hard skin of your feet, something you pay good money for.
    No drinks or food is allowed up the waterfall, this is due to the monkeys who are little thieves.
    We intend to return to Erawen, to complete the waterfall but will start in the morning and take it nice and leisurely.
    If you near Kanchanburi whilst on vacation it is well worth the visit.
    Cost 200bht (?4) per person plus 100bht (?2) for your vehicle this gets you into the National Park

  14. mysterious(ngima) says on

    nice pic of niagara falls i like it..

  15. ellaf says on


  16. Nancy says on

    Plitvice Waterfalls – Croatia –>> It’s so impressive. Wish I were be there. Wonderful. Thank for a nice landscape. :)

  17. falls says on

    yep. amazing. I have been to Krka falls in Croatia, a bit south of Plitvice. They are also very similar in appearance and absolutely mind boggling. HOwever, this pic of plitvice is unlike anything i have EVER seen.
    Shoshone falls looks great and is on the list. For those who haven’t been there, don’t listen to the detractors about Niagara – the provincials about whether it is in US or Canada, whether it is commercial or not, blah blah blah – it is astounding and well worth the trip.
    Also, little known, but very attractive falls are Sabbaday Falls in New Hampshire, perhaps as beautiful a small cascade as you can imagine, and Arethusa, which is nearly 200 feet high, i think, also in the White Mountains.

  18. Suhasini says on

    Lesotho is not a city. It is a country in southern Africa, entirely surrounded by the country of South Africa. I don’t have my Lesotho map handy, but I believe Ribaneng is in Maseru District. Maseru is the capital of Lesotho and Maseru District is the province or state Maseru is in. Also, be careful not to refer to Africa as though it is one homogenous country. There are 50-something different countries and hundreds of distinct cultures within the continent of Africa.

  19. ajay sharma says on

    awesome,fantastic,beautiful,amazing!every word is short for the beauty of nature.photographer done very good work.photographer shoot very good shots of the waterfall acrooss the world.i like the image of skoga river waterfall.again i say it is amazing.

  20. martha says on

    How pretty

  21. Israel Mwanri says on

    wanderfull pictures

    Those are the best waterfall

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