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5 Popular Nudist Cruises

posted in: Activities  |  posted by: Jennifer Gregory on August 2, 2008  |  5 Comments

Nudism, also known as naturism, has been a popular movement since the early 20th century, during which time certain groups of people were inspired to get as close to nature as possible. That closeness involves the absence of clothing, but nudism is more than a fad. For those who embrace the culture, it’s a way of life.

While nudist beaches have popped up all over the world, there are few other options for a naturist and his family. Thankfully, a variety of travel agencies and cruise lines are now offering nudist cruises, often to clothing-optional destinations that are exciting and entertaining – some are even family friendly. If you’re looking for a nude cruise, you’re going to want to check out at least one of these groups!

Nude Cruise

1. No Pockets Yacht Charters

If you’re shy, No Pockets Yacht Charters are the perfect way to get started and test the waters. The company doesn’t run a cruise line, per say, but will book single cabins on one of their yachts for you and a few of your family members or friends.

No Pockets Yacht Charters specializes in mostly adult clothing-optional vacations. Each boat the company owns holds only one or two couples, giving you the opportunity to experience nudism without an audience. They believe that once you’ve tried a nude cruising experience, you’ll be dying for another!

2. Tiko Tiko Nude Cruise

Nude Catamaran

The Tiko Tiko Nude Cruise is proudly presented by the Caribbean Hideaways tour group. Tiko Tiko is a day-cruise where you’ll sail the Caribbean in a small catamaran. The boat sails every day except Sunday as long as there are at least six people on the boat. The short day-trips are an excellent option for those who are just beginning to embrace nudism.

You’ll enjoy clothing-optional sunbathing, snorkeling, and a delicious lunch. Sailing out of Palm Harbor, Florida, this is the perfect cruise for those who don’t have time for a full nude vacation or for those who wish to embrace their naturist lifestyle in a less crowded atmosphere.

3. Boat in the Buff

Caribbean Nude Cruise

Boat in the Buff is a small, nude sailing charter company specializing in Caribbean adventures. You’ll leave out of St. Thomas and sail the Virgin Islands during a full week of sunshine, swimming, exploring, and private nudity. These voyages are reserved for up to four nudist couples at any given time.

Cruises on the Flamboyance (that’s the name of the ship) feature the husband-and-wife crew team, Dawn and Jim. Jim is the captain and is also a certified SCUBA instructor, while Dawn is known as the “naked chef.” You are sure to enjoy a relaxing and luxurious nudist cruise experience aboard the 60 foot ocean schooner!

4. Nude Cruises with Castaway Travel

Castaway Travel is another travel company specializing in vacations and larger cruises for nudists. They usually charter nude cruises with the Windjammer’s tall ship, which can hold up to 32 couples, or with ships owned by Star Clipper, which can hold up to 120 couples.

Most of these cruises tour the islands of the Caribbean and eastern Mediterranean. These clothing-optional cruises are usually all-inclusive, with the exception of off-ship excursions and some of the recreational water sports. These nudist ships may not be quite as large as formal cruise ships, but they’re just as much fun!

5. Nudist Cruises with Bare Necessities Tours

Bare Necessities Tour and Travel is based out of Austin, Texas and specializes in finding clothing-optional cruises and vacations. The owner, a naturist herself, embraced the opportunity to bring other naturists together in social settings as she believes that those who are willing to leave their clothes behind are more likely to leave their egos behind, make more friends, and have a better time! The company only charters two or three nude cruises each year, some geared towards adults, and others that are family friendly!

Nudist Cruise

The FantaSEAFest Tour will sail the seas for eight days in October of 2009. This incredibly fun cruise will combine the naturist lifestyle with a 2-day stay at the festival in Key West, a Halloween costume ball, non-stop entertainment, and a stop in Cancun to celebrate the Day of the Dead on November 2nd! This themed nude cruise will be the experience of a lifetime for everyone who attends!

Regardless of which cruise line you choose to work with, you’re guaranteed a unique vacation experience. Just remember, the larger cruise companies are more likely to cater to families with children than the smaller companies with smaller charter vessels. While it seems like there are literally hundreds of cruise lines, very few specialize in tours for naturists. Even those who do book nude cruises schedule them few and far between, so keep your eyes peeled for nudist cruises leaving from an area near you!

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  1. Julie Martin says on

    We promote the practice of the nudist experience generally, and boating in particular. The evidence of mounting enthusiasm for nudist cruises in growing daily as more people adjust to the sensibility of being nude when the elements cooperate.

  2. mian nadeem says on

    can you give mi same more info

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    I am anudist from USA looking for nudist friends

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