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7 Romantic Places to Elope in the United States

posted in: North America  |  posted by: Jennifer Gregory on February 14, 2010  |  1 Comment

People elope for dozens of reasons. Some simply don’t want to worry about the stress and hassle of planning a huge wedding while others do it to simply save money.

Beach Elopement - Couple from Katrina

Still others elope to avoid family drama (or to create it). Whatever your reason for eloping, you don’t have to settle for anything less than spectacular. There are dozens of incredible places around the United States for a romantic elopement. Here are a few examples.

7. Eloping Las Vegas, Nevada

img_9800  Kerry & Rick Las Vegas Wedding - Britt Pierson Photography

More than 100,000 couples visit Las Vegas every year to tie the knot. Some have small gatherings in large Las Vegas hotels and resorts, renting the wedding chapel for a few hours at a time, while others opt for many of the city’s hundreds of strange “drive through” wedding chapels. You can choose a theme (hello, Elvis) or get married in private. It’s up to you and only your happiness matters.

6. Weddings in Hawaii

Michael & Stephanie's Wedding in Hawaii 1-27-06-024

The Hawaiian Islands are a favorite elopement location not only for United States citizens but for couples from around the world. The reason? You don’t have to be a United States citizen to get married there. Imagine saying your “I Do’s” on a secluded beach on Oahu, at sunset on Kona, in your Maui hotel wedding chapel, or on a small yacht cruising around Kauai. The sky’s the limit when it comes to planning a small, romantic getaway in Hawaii.

5. Florida Elopements

Boat Elopement

There are tons of incredible places to elope in Florida, whether you want to spend your time away on the beaches or want to tie the knot in front of Mickey Mouse. Florida residents have to wait 3 days to get married after applying for a marriage license but nonresidents have no waiting period at all. There are tons of bed and breakfasts, beach side resorts, and resort spas where you’ll enjoy hiding from the world for a few days.

4. Getting Married in Niagara Falls

AA Niagara Falls Niagara Falls Niagara Falls Niagara Falls Niagara Falls Niagara Falls Niagara F

The stunning Niagara Falls provide a gorgeous backdrop for any wedding, elopement or not. Sadly, you can’t actually get married right next to the falls but if you head towards the Oakes Garden Theatre you’ll find yourself in a beautiful garden atmosphere where the falls are visible in the background. After you elope you’ll enjoy exploring the area nightlife and restaurant scene as well. Make sure you call in advance if you want to get married on the Canadian side because you’ll have to purchase a license in Ontario first.

3. Tying the Knot in Wine Country

Blackstone Winery - Sonoma Valley, CA

For a quiet, secluded, and romantic wedding destination, try visiting either the Sonoma or Napa Wine Valleys in California. You’ll find dozens of comfortable and private bed and breakfasts or larger resorts offering wedding packages designed to make your day special. Some even include a photographer and wedding cake.

Annie, Cici, Janis, Mark and Alyssa

If you want something a little less secluded, drive out of wine country and into Los Angeles. There you’ll find some trendy chapels and hotels willing to cater to your needs as well, including the Los Angeles Hotel, the Beverly Hills Chapel, and many others.

2. Making it Official in Massachusetts

Nauset Light Beach--Eastham, Cape Cod

There are quite a number of incredibly romantic places to elope in Massachusetts. Whether you spend a weekend in Cape Cod or a week in Boston, you’re bound to find a destination that caters to your unique needs. Tie the knot in city hall or in a charming chapel before exploring some of the area’s historic sites or heading off on a white water rafting or whale watching trip. The choice is up to you.

1. Eloping in Arizona

Sabino Canyon - Tuscon Arizona No2

Arizona is a great place for those who prefer a southwest experience, warm weather, sunshine, and a gorgeous natural atmosphere. You can choose to get married in one of the country’s great cities, like Tuscon or Phoenix, or you might opt to head towards Sedona for some time in a famous spa. In between you can hike, tour ghost towns, and visit some of the area’s wine cellars. Elope and enjoy.

You may be tempted to hop in the car, head towards one of these destinations, and simply elope right away but don’t throw caution to the wind just yet. Call in advance to find out what the rules are for obtaining a marriage license in the area of your choice so that you can ensure you have the proper paperwork with you. Enjoy your special day – and the rest of your life!

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