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The Safest Towns in America

posted in: Guides  |  posted by: Jennifer Gregory on February 2, 2009  |  1 Comment

Every year a group known as Morgan Quitno Press publishes a list of cities in the United States, raking them from safest to most dangerous by reviewing their known crime statistics. What could be more encouraging than knowing that your next vacation destination will not only be entertaining, but safe as well?

Your dream vacation shouldn’t end as a nightmare. We’ve all heard stories about travelers visiting exotic destinations and falling victim to unspeakable crimes. Thankfully, it’s possible to take a great vacation in a safe place and not be bored out of your mind. Here are five of the safest places in the country to visit.

5. Amherst, New York

Amherst New York

Amherst, New York is a short drive from Buffalo and the official home of the famed University of Buffalo. Amherst is more than just a college town, though, with tons of historic buildings and parks to browse.

Amherst New York

The college campus itself regularly hosts sporting events, art exhibits, and educational lectures – many of which are open to the public. The Amherst museum and other local buildings give visitors a glimpse into what life was like in the 19th century, while the Antique World and Marketplace is the largest antique market in the state of New York. Niagara Falls is just a short car ride away as well.

Hungry visitors will enjoy buffalo wings at Rooties and everyone will find comfortable accommodations. The only exception is the “back to school” period in which it is highly recommended you make hotel reservations in advance. There isn’t a room to be found when students are flocking back to the dorms.

4. Thousand Oaks, California

Thousand Oaks, California

Thousand Oaks, California is another quiet and safe vacation destination and is perfect for nature lovers. The town is located about half way between Los Angeles and Santa Barabara, either of which can be reached for a day-trip in under an hour’s drive.

Thousand Oaks, California

Within Thousand Oaks you’ll find the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, in which there is a never ending supply of hiking trails and activities. The Conejo Valley Botanical Park houses thousands of plant life species and admission is free to the public. History lovers will enjoy a stop at the Chumash Interpretative Center or the Stagecoach Inn Museum to learn about the area’s first inhabitants.

3. Mission Viejo, California

MIssion Viejo

Mission Viejo is a small city but it’s located close to dozens of major attractions. It’s far enough away to maintain its quiet atmosphere and close enough to still be a convenient destination for vacationers. Mission Viejo puts visitors within driving range of both San Diego and Orange County and makes it easy to take day trips to the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, or even Disneyland.

Mission Viejo

The beaches at Laguna are a very short drive away, and golf lovers will enjoy the Casta Del Sol Golf Course. You’ll enjoy strolling through the city’s beautiful parks and those who visit during early July will be able to take part in the city’s incredible 4th of July street fair.

2. Newton, Massachusetts

Newton Massachusetts

Newton, Massachusetts is so close to Boston you could touch it, but it has its own set of historical and educational activities to offer. We highly recommend visiting the Jackson Homestead Museum and Historical Society. It’s here that you’ll learn all about the Underground Railroad in the area.

The Mall at Chestnut Hill

The Mall at Chestnut Hill is an incredible weekend destination. Shoppers will find an endless array of opportunities while jazz-lovers will enjoy the never ending stream of live music. The New Repertory Theatre’s performance company produces 5 shows each season, so if you’re in the area you won’t want to miss an opportunity to take in one of their performances.

1. Greece, New York

Braddock Bay

Our favorite safe haven can be found in Greece, New York. Not far from Rochester, Greece can be found on the border of Lake Ontario and along parts of the Erie Canal. This distinct location is home to beautiful hiking trails and views of the lake and surrounding waters.

Charlotte Beach

Birdwatchers will enjoy watching the migratory route of our winged friends as they cross Braddock Bay while others may enjoy simply strolling along the sandy shores of Charlotte Beach. Greece is far enough from Rochester to seem secluded and close enough to offer dozens of other shopping, restaurant, and educational opportunities.

No matter which location you choose you can travel with a mind that is at peace. While there are certainly other safe travel destinations, these five top the list. You’re headed to one of the safest destinations in the United States, a reputation that’s certainly difficult to come by. Pack your bags, hit the roads, and relax – you’re sure to have a wonderful time!

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