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The 7 Scariest Halloween Haunted Houses in America

posted in: Fun  |  posted by: Jennifer Gregory on October 26, 2008  |  6 Comments

The end of September brings with it the beginning of the fall season. The leaves change colors, the weather gets cooler, and children go back to school. The most exciting change, however, is the approach of Halloween.

Every year haunted houses pop up across the country, aiming to entertain and frighten the masses. It’s no surprise to find they’re all in competition – to be the best and the scariest. Here are some of our favorite creepy Halloween haunts.

Haunted Overload

Haunted Overload

Located in New Hampshire, Haunted Overload returns year after year with enough gore to make even the strongest question his tolerance for fear. Legend has it that the town once had a name, but that doesn’t matter anymore. The night a demon came to visit changed everyone for good and now the town is full of – the undead. The town rests in a constant fog and, if you’re not careful, you may bump into a chainsaw or two.

Terror on the Fox

Terror on the Fox Haunted House

In Green Bay, Wisconsin you’ll find the Terror on the Fox Haunted House in the National Railroad Museum. This haunted house is one of the most popular in all of Wisconsin and promises a litany of new fearful features for the 2008 season. Watch your step as you go through. A wrong turn may find you lost in the forest maze where their Impailer lurks. Can you conquer your fears long enough to make it through?

The 13th Gate

The 13th Gate

Presented by Midnight Productions each year, the 13th Gate is an incredible haunted house journey carrying visitors through 13 individual and completely freaky “gates”. The haunted house is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and is open from the end of September through the end of October. The 13th Gate was closed for the 2007 season for renovations, but should be open in time for 2008. That is, if you’re not chicken; around 30-50 people per night end up leaving early because they can’t handle the terror!

Reign of Terror

Reign of Terror

The Reign of Terror is only open for 4 nights, but who really needs to be scared longer than that? The Reign of Terror differs from most haunted houses because it’s actually in a house – not a prison, tent, or warehouse. Each year the folks at Reign of Terror build the replica of a house supported by creepy music, strobe lights, candles, and fog. Located in Thousand Oaks, California, each scene within the house is guaranteed to send chills up your spine.

The Bates Motel

Bates Motel

The Bate Motel was created by Alfred Hitchcock and introduced in the chilling film Psycho. Located in Glenn Mills, Pennsylvania, the Bates Motel features both an indoor haunted house and a chilling haunted hayride.

Bates Motel Hayride entrance

The people who create the Bates Motel each year have access to more special effects than you can imagine, bringing the level of detail you observe to whole new levels. Check before you visit, as this is not appropriate for families with children. A strict age limit is set, and children under 8 years old are not allowed.

The Darkness

The Darkness Haunted House

Located in St. Louis, Missouri, The Darkness is one of the most popular haunted houses in the entire country. Entering its 15th year, we’re not afraid to say that this haunted house makes even us nervous. The Darkness is renovated every single year with sets that put some horror movies to shame; sometimes at costs up to $150,000. Suffice to say, there are surprises around every corner and this is not the best place for anyone who is afraid of the dark.

Terror Behind the Walls

The Terror Behind the Walls tour conducted each Halloween at Eastern State Penitentiary is one of the busiest Halloween attractions in the Philadelphia area. Your tour will take you through what was once one of the worst prisons in the Pennsylvania prison system. Say a silent prayer as the prison bus takes you from the gates to the intake center, where you’ll have to answer to the warden before being sent to lockdown. If you’re lucky, you won’t end up a part of the prison doctor’s mad experiments. Don’t worry, though – the ghosts of previous prisoners will make sure you’re never left alone! The tours presented by Terror Behind the Walls are unique in that you can purchase tickets alone or through local restaurants as part of their special Halloween dinner package program throughout the city.

Please be safe and responsible when visiting haunted houses this season. Most are not recommended for young children, pregnant women, those with heart conditions, or anyone who simply frighten easily. No matter where you go this Halloween, you’re guaranteed to be scared out of your wits!

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6 Responses to “The 7 Scariest Halloween Haunted Houses in America”

  1. Debbie says on

    Wow, that 13th gate looks amazing…I wish we had something like that here in Spain!

  2. Elaine says on

    Wow. These are really neat! There are several smaller Halloween haunted house where I live in Northern California – but none like these. Maybe it is time for a road trip!

  3. Ruby Orozco says on

    WWWWOOOOOOOWWWWW!!!! the 13 gates look amaizing. I wish we had something like that here in phoenix… that would be so kool!!! Im still gunna try and go see it at lousiana

  4. katie Palmer says on

    I have been the Bates Motel and i really enjoyed it. The place that really interests me is the Darkness. oohh scarey :]

  5. Lily says on

    Claps Claps i loved it it was so neat i loved it

  6. Elizabeth says on

    Me and my brothers and my dad are supposed to go to a haunted house and now i think i know which one


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