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The Top 5 Travel Tour Groups for Seniors

posted in: World  |  posted by: Jennifer Gregory on September 12, 2008  |  3 Comments

You’ve put in 30+ years at the office, and your children are grown and off on their own. You may have already reached retirement, or you can see it peaking from around the corner. Life, as you know it, is good.

There’s just one problem. Travel seems to be a little more difficult than it was before. The tours and cruises that suited your previously active lifestyle might be just a little too jam-packed for your tastes now. The best solution is to find a travel tour specifically designed for mature adults more interested in enjoying an experience instead of adding as many stops to the itinerary as possible.

Where are you going to find a travel tour like that? We’ll show you!

5. Eldertreks


Eldertreks is a unique travel company that caters only to the 50+ community of travelers. The trips they plan include those for active individuals, small groups, and destinations that are off the beaten path. Some trips are land excursions, while others involve relaxing cruises. While the group specializes in catering their itineraries on the 50 and over crowd, they will allow traveling companions as long as they are over the age of 18.

Eldertreks is currently featuring the Grand Southeast Asia tour, including stops in Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Burma. You’ll have the opportunity to tour Bangkok, visit the Shwedagon Pagoda in Burma, and cruise down the Mekong River!

Other amazing adventures include the Cultural West Africa excursion or the From Sea to Sahara tour of Morocco. Eldertreks has destination locations throughout North America, Central America, South America, Africa, Europe, South East Asia, Asia, and Oceania.

4. Walking the World

Walking the World is a tour group designed for seniors who are more active than not. The group focuses on encouraging people of all ages to enjoy life to the fullest extent, regardless of age, while testing their physical limits in a safe and encouraging atmosphere.

Ward Luthi, your guide, will lead you on adventure tours across the globe. He founded Walking the World in 1987 and has been personally leading adventure tours ever since.

There’s still time to book an 11-day trip to Costa Rica or a 7-day excursion through the Utah-Arches & Capitol Reef in 2008. The group has a trip to New Zealand planned for February of 2009, and will be posting details on an incredible trip to Corsica soon as well!

3. 50plus Expeditions

Brunei Mosque

50plus Expeditions is another travel agency specializing in adventure travel for the 50+ community. They also claim to be able to eradicate single supplement charges normally included for single travelers on cruises and guided tours, a money-saving perk for the frugal traveler.

Trips are split into three categories depending on the level of activity each day. For example, and easy trip will involve 2-3 hours of walking or hiking each day; a moderate trip will include anywhere from 4-6 hours of activity; and a demanding trip is more strenuous and limited to those in great physical condition. Trips with 50plus Expeditions include destinations in the Arctic, Antarctica, Asia, East Africa, Europe, Latin America, and North America.

2. Senior Women’s Travel Tours


Senior Women’s Travel (SWT) is a group dedicated to providing travel opportunities to single senior women. The goal is to let women know that they can still travel, despite their ages, and even if they don’t have a traveling companion.

An upcoming trip to Buenos Aires, for example, will feature opportunities to explore the history and diverse culture of the area. The trip will include tango lessons, historic tours, shopping, and more!

Even more unique is the opportunity for senior women to take their granddaughters on vacation with them. SWT plans unique adventures so that grandmother and granddaughter can experience the joys of traveling together. A trip to Paris, for example, includes a Paris Chocolate Trour, a bus tour of the famous Parisian monuments, and a fashion show, amongst many others.

1. Smithsonian Journeys

Egyptian Pyramids

Smithsonian Journeys is a travel agency specializing in educational travel opportunities for families, individuals, and seniors alike. With destinations around the globe, each tour features a study leader who does more than simply guide you from place to place. The study leaders have spent years studying the areas within which they work, and offer an in-depth perspective, guidance that will surely turn your trip into a unique educational experience, regardless of whether or not you end up in Egypt or the Caribbean.

Tours range from land-only to cruises, train rides, and more. They offer value-priced opportunities, perfect for a retiree on a budget and a variety of tours from incredibly active adventures to the more relaxed exploration. Smithsonian Journeys has something for everyone!

There are dozens of travel groups dedicated to focusing on affordable and accommodating adventures for senior citizens. These are just a few of our favorites. Regardless of the trip you choose, you can be assured you’ll travel comfortably with knowledgeable guides and friendly hosts! Enjoy your trip!

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  1. Donna M. Petersen says on

    I am looking for a trip to Prague, Czechoslovakia and a few other stops in Europe. Any coming up? dmp

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