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Sex Toys Added to Hotel Room Service Menus

posted in: Fun  |  posted by: Jennifer Gregory on May 30, 2008  |  7 Comments

Do Not DisturbWe have all heard of hotels offering minibars and other special accommodations. With room service, for example, hotel guests can request food and even convenience items to help make their hotel stay more enjoyable. The Vincent Hotel, however, is taking room service to a whole new level that may surprise many travelers in a very pleasant and stimulating way.

The Vincent Hotel, which is a new 60 room boutique hotel that will soon be opening in northwest England, will be putting an interesting twist to the term ?minibar.? Rather than offering just the traditional alcoholic beverages and snacks, the hotel will be offering new treats in the form of sex toys.

?We want to provide our residents with a distinct and highly individual experience in their own private, opulent space,? said owner Paul Adams.

Located in Southport, which is near to Liverpool, the seaside resort plans to offer what it is terming ?intimate seduction kits? in all of its rooms. Items to be featured in these kits include massage oil, lubricating gel, two condoms and a vibrating ring. Guests will also be able to request additional toys for special occasions. Those wanting to get a little more risqu? can request a kit containing a mask, a whip, and bondage tape. For those looking for more romance, on the other hand, a special kit containing alcohol, nuts and alcohol may also be requested.

The Vincent Hotel Room

?As well as giving guests a design conscious venue to stay, we wanted to give them a decadent, inspiring and seductive environment to enjoy,? continued Adams.

This new form of room service isn?t exactly the norm for the Southport area, as it is not known for pushing the envelope of sexuality. Nonetheless, the Vincent Hotel, which is slated to open in May of 2008, will certainly draw lots of attention ? and will likely to have plenty of guests as well.

Still, there is a bit of controversy surrounding the hotel’s special offerings. For some, the new room service offerings seem a bit risque. For others, it seems as if it is about time for a hotel to offer sex toys. After all, it is no secret that many people choose to go to hotels in order to enjoy sexual encounters. Proof of this is the well known love hotels in Japan or the hoteles de paso in Mexico DF Whether or not they will be comfortable with ordering these packages, however, remains to be seen.

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Responses to this Article

7 Responses to “Sex Toys Added to Hotel Room Service Menus”

  1. Troy Pryor says on

    Luv is for everyone and Supports and appriciates the avenue that the Vincent Hotel in Southport has taken to offer not only adults noveltys,but also including privacy away from home to enjoy some private time without the kids. Yes we all know we need that time to time! Sex toys have really become more accepted around the world,and it’s time for change.

  2. Matt Sweet@Compare Hotels says on

    I’m liking this but I’m not confident of hotels keeping rooms clean let alone sex toys! Do they have a dildo washer…?

  3. Polprav says on

    Hello from Russia

  4. sarah says on

    I think its much okay to have that kind of services. I mean if some hotels do give that services for couple specially newly weds who’d love to their honeymoon in a hotel it’s a big help. But the dildo that their giving is clean so it wont be harm for their costumer.

  5. Kathy says on

    Sex toys on a room service menu? I’m there! I’m a 48-year-old newlywed from California and I’m definitely at my sexual peak. My 59-year-old hubby is exhausted. He encourages me to experience any and all devices that “tickle my fancy.” Pardon the expression. The Vincent looks like a beautiful place as well. England has never really been on my list of travel destinations, but it is now. We’re gonna start planning our trip at once. Vincent Hotel, congratulations on a true “stroke of genius!”

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