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The Hottest Beaches in South America

posted in: Guides  |  posted by: Jennifer Gregory on April 30, 2009  |  1 Comment

Touring the beaches of South America will prove itself to be completely different than anything you’ve experienced anywhere else in the world. The beaches you have access to will all be beautiful and you won’t feel limited based on the hotel you choose to stay at or which island you can afford to fly to.

Hottest Beaches in South America
Image credit: Miriam Poppe

In South America you’ll find yourself surrounded by warm waters, sandy beaches, and incredibly friendly people – some of whom may appear to be more scantily clad than others. The energy and culture on these incredible beaches comes not from the amount of money their visitors have, but from the people and cultures themselves.

Looking for a truly laid back experience? Check out some of these incredibly sexy South American beaches.

Ipanema – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ipanema Beach
Image credit: Smath.

Ipanema is an incredibly beautiful beach on Rio de Janeiro. Off the shores of the beach you’ll have stunning views of “Dois Irmaos,” aka the Two Brothers. The beach is incredibly beautiful – as are the sunbathers themselves.

Punta del Este – Uruguay


The beaches off the shores of Punta del Este are incredibly popular between the months of December and March – the peak summer months in South America. What was once a small sandy beach has grown into a bustling summer town complete with high rise hotels and incredible night clubs. Nearby you’ll find a few small fishing towns where those looking to sunbathe with a bit more privacy tend to flock.

Praia do Rosa – Santa Catarina, Brazil

Praia do Rosa
Image credit: Thiago Floriano

In the south of Brazil you’ll find Praia do Rosa, a bay beach lined with incredible sand dunes. What makes this beach special? Dozens of famous models find their way to NYC from Brazil, so the odds of seeing some beautiful bodies on the beaches here are pretty high.

Pichilemu – Chile

Image credit: J Pod

Head towards Chile and you’ll find Pichilemu. The beach was first made popular by surfers and water sports enthusiasts. It slowly grew into an energetic destination for young travelers and is now incredibly popular both day and night.

Tayrona – Colombia

Image credit: Everyone’s Favourite Fresneda

Most tourists flock towards the beaches of Santa Marta in Columbia, but because of that same tourist traffic those beaches can be incredibly crowded and unpleasant. Those who really appreciate the beauty of a natural beach won’t mind taking a 20 mile ride up the coast to Tayrona National Park. There you’ll find undisturbed beaches with smaller crowds and breathtaking natural landscapes.

Copacabana – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Image credit: Laslo-photo

Copacabana is much more crowded than it was when Orson Welles made it popular in the movies but, even still, just hearing the name brings visions of sexy beach goers, blue waters, and warm sands. The beach is bigger than the one at Ipanema, but it’s also more crowded. Despite the crowds, though, you’ll find the people are friendly, energetic, and fun!

Mancora – Peru


The beaches at Mancora are well known amongst surfers because of their incredible waves. The beach is perhaps one of the most accessible in the entire country and is very popular amongst both locals and tourists from around the globe.

Fernando de NoronhaBrazil

Fernando de Noronha
Image credit: Tadeu Pereira

The beaches at Fernando de Noronha don’t exactly fit the mold when it comes to accessibility but once you see the beaches for yourself you’ll understand why. Most of the beaches in the area have been unspoiled by pollution and tourism, mainly because Noronha limits the number of visitors. If you’re lucky enough to make it to one of these islands you’ll have a beach experience you’ll always remember.

Choroni/Puerto ColombiaVenezuela

Image credit: Efigenia

Choroni and Puerto Colombia are the best access points to some of the best beaches in all of Venezuela. The beaches are hidden behind Henry Pittier Park where visitors can spend their days sunbathing before heading into town for an evening in the plaza.

Exploring the beaches of South America will give you the opportunity to see parts of the world you might not have ever considered while at the same time soaking in the sun and meeting new people. Work at least one or two of these beaches into your upcoming itineraries. You won’t regret the experience or the scenery!

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