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10 of the Strangest Roadside Attractions in the US

posted in: Strange  |  posted by: Jennifer Gregory on January 29, 2009  |  3 Comments

They’re large, they’re gaudy, and they’re hard to miss as you pass them on the road. We’re talking about some of the largest roadside attractions in the United States, most of which are situated proudly on some of our busiest roads.

Hoping to draw attention to the stores or sites they mark, these huge monstrosities are more likely than not to make the average passer-by stop and go, “Huh?” Keep your eyes peeled for some of these famous icons.

10. Werbany Tire Town Gal

Werbany Tire Town Girl

In Hilltop, New Jersey you’ll some across the Werbany Tire Town Gal. Werbany Tire Town is a local hot spot for – well – tires. She hovers proudly over the store and approaching traffic can easily spot her from a half mile up the road.

9. Trio Tire Guy

Trio Tire Guy

Of course, as a child I always had visions of the Werbany Tire Town Gal and the Trio Tire Guy getting together and having a huge family of giant tire-store guarding babies. The Trio Tire Store is in Clementon, NJ and is just as tall as his counterpart.

8. Superman


I know quite a few Superman fans who are more than willing to detour through Metropolis, Illinois just to catch a glimpse of the looming statue representing one of their favorite super heroes. Superman is a local hero in this small town, standing proudly in the town square, directly across from the Super Museum where you can explore a stunning collection of Superman artifacts.

7. Packer Hall of Fame

Packer Hall of Fame

Outside the Packer Hall of Fame in Green Bay, Wisconsin stands a gigantic fiberglass creation representing what Green Bay fans know best – football. The statue carefully stands guard over several years worth of football history.

6. Father Junipero Serra

Father Junipero Serra

The looming statue of Father Junipero Serra stands proudly at the entrance to the rest station off of Interstate 280 in Hillsborough, California. The Franciscan father lived from 1713 until 1784 and if you visit before Halloween or Christmas you may find the statue dressed up for the holidays. Otherwise, this is just your average everyday rest stop.

5. Jolly Green Giant

Jolly Green Giant

If you ate your veggies as a child you should be familiar with the Jolly Green Giant. He’s been bringing vitamins and minerals to dinner tables around the country for years and years. This strong, healthy guy stands well over 55 feet tall – the average visitor to Minnesota climbing the platform stands not much taller than the top of this guy’s sneakers!

4. Haiwatha


In Ironwood, Michigan you’ll come across the famous Hiawatha statue. He’s officially the tallest Indian statue in the country, standing at a proud height of 52 feet. The statue was strategically placed to entice visitors off of the busy interstate and into town where they might stop, shop, grab a bite to eat, and relax before hitting the roads again.

3. Mammy’s Cupboard

Mammy's Cupboard

Natchez, Mississippi is the home of Mammy’s Cupboard – a scarily designed restaurant shaped like a 28-foot tall black woman in a gigantic skirt. At least, she appears to be a woman, but we’re hard pressed to find a more frightening face on a roadside attraction. The restaurant itself is open for lunch Tuesdays through Saturdays and really is a cute stop. The building was severely decayed, but rumors say the statue has been repaired. You’ll just have to find out for yourself.

2. Oregon Caveman

Oregon Caveman

Grants Pass, Oregon is the home to the Oregon Caveman, a stunning 17-foot replica of early man constructed by the “Caveman Club” back in 1971. He proudly stands on his rock pedestal and guards the entrance to the town. After more than 30 years on guard, the Caveman finally got a much needed fiberglass makeover in 2004 and resumed his post overlooking the town in 2005.

1. Travelers


Our favorite sculpture stands proudly in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The Traveler represents a collection of men and women going who-knows-where, but with a sense of determination and adventure. Looks like something we could all take a lesson from.

Adding a few short detours to your itinerary will ensure you’re able to catch a glimpse of at least a few of these incredible monuments on your next cross-country road trip. Keep your eyes peeled as you travel – you never know what strange sights you might stumble upon!

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3 Responses to “10 of the Strangest Roadside Attractions in the US”

  1. Rick Jaymz says on

    Thanks for the tips…I have already seen The Green Giant, Superman, and Mammys Cupboard….but the others look interesting as well…

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