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The 10 Best Party Cities in Europe

posted in: Fun  |  posted by: Admin on February 21, 2008  |  71 Comments

Are you addicted to partying on the weekends like most youngsters who enjoy a good nights drink? If you’re one of those who have a regular routine going to different clubs and pubs in your are, don’t restrict yourself to your local environment. We’ve done all the research for you and found the best cities to go crazy all night till dawn. Let your hair loose and experience some real parties across the globe.

Ibiza1. Ibiza, Spain
Ibiza’s proudly claims itself to be the biggest party spot on the planet. Located off the coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea, the island draws hedonists from across the European continent.

The pre-partying starts at about 11 each night where the partygoers gather at bars to have drinks before heading out to the real party later on in the night. The big party doesn’t start until 2AM and last until 8. The main parties focus on techno music and dancing. At some of the world-famous clubs, like Espuma (Spanish for foam), foam is pumped out to the dance floor and can pile above sight level. Be sure to be dressed for the occasion. A lot of Ibiza veterans comment that the best aspect of the party atmosphere there is that partygoers aren’t so caught up in their outward appearance, but their “inner” beauty.

After the night parties are the after-hours clubs which open at 8am and last until noon. After that, partygoers can return to their hotels and sleep it off or just head to the beach and get ready for another night of partying. Honestly, not a lot of sleep happens here. Check hotels in Ibiza through Ratestogo.

Sinners in Amsterdam2. Amsterdam, Holland
Amsterdam is Europe’s party headquarters. It doesn’t matter what time of the year, in Amsterdam the party never stops. In Amsterdam party activities that are traditionally taboo in other countries are completely legal. Within the world-famous Red Light District, scantily clad women of all shapes, sizes, and colors openly display their wares. If participation isn’t your thing there are a huge variety of sex shows.

Escape - AmsterdamAmsterdam is also famous for its coffee shops. They don’t just serve coffee in these joints, they actually serve joints of the marijuana type. The good coffee shops will have a menu describing all the various types of marijuana available, and the effects of each type. Consuming marijuana is legal in the coffee shops and other designated areas, but don’t try doing this in undesignated parts of town where it is strictly forbidden.

The nightlife in Amsterdam is also excellent. It’s not uncommon for after-hours parties to last until noon here. There are numerous pubs and clubs. The most lively times of the week are Wednesday through Sunday while on Mondays and Tuesdays everyone tries to catch up on their sleep.

Pamplona3. Pamplona, Spain
Overall, Spain takes the title as Europe’s best country for a party with 3 locations featured in this top-10 list and the Spanish city of Pamplona, made famous by Ernest Hemingway for the running of the bulls during the Festival of San Fermin, deserves mentioning.

The historic district is filled with relaxed bars sure to fit anyone’s fancy. Many of them won’t even have a sign advertising them as such, but feel free to wander from place to place, just as the locals do. Of course, Pamplona has its share of thumping night clubs also, as has become tradition in Spain. These clubs have strict dress codes and desire their partygoers to be of the beautiful type, so make sure a female is in your crew and dress to the nines to gain admittance. These clubs stay open until 6am. Check Pamplona hotels for more information.

Barcelona beach parties4. Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona is another Spanish party headquarters. A breathtakingly beautiful city located in the North-East of Spain, Barcelona is home to great shopping, Gaudi architecture, beaches, and is a great place to party. Every kind of music is featured in the clubs here and the styles differ with the neighborhoods.

Clubs are located throughout the city, but one must be particularly careful of pickpockets in the Barri Gotic. Never leave your purse or bag unattended here. However, the bars here are worth checking out for the local flavor Barcelona has to offer. The best clubs are located along the waterfront area where music from techno to salsa can be heard well into the night. These clubs don’t open until midnight and the party doesn’t stop until morning.

Athens party5. Athens, Greece
The Greeks have always known how to party. After all, the term “hedonism” does find its roots in the Greek word for pleasure. In Athens, many will notice that the working people go home for naps in the middle of the day. This is because the parties last until 4 o’clock the following morning. Along the beach in Glyfada are indoor/outdoor dance clubs that attract the top DJs from around the world.

Typically, Athens clubs are a little dressy (for men, anyway) where men may be required to wear slacks. More casual bars are located around the harbor area if strutting your stuff isn?t on the agenda.

However, while in Athens it is important to be wary of the “tourist trap” bars located around the Plaka area. Preying particularly on men, women approach asking to buy drinks where the drink ends up being something quite expensive, like an entire bottle of Dom Perignon.

Stockholm6. Stockholm, Sweden
For the citizens of Stockholm, partying on the weekends is just not enough. Here, the Wednesday night party has become very common. The long sun-filled summer evenings and, conversely, the long winter nights in Scandanavia give the Swedes a strong commitment to a thriving nightlife.

Admission prices to the hippest clubs in the Stureplan area of Stockholm can be somewhat expensive, upwards of 70 Kronor ($11.07 US), but that is a small price to pay for a wonderful, memorable evening. Some of the most popular night spots include Kungstr?dgarden and Skansen. Many clubs stay open until 4 or even 5am. After a hectic nigh, you can crash at a last minute hotel in Stockholm.

Saint Tropez 7. St. Tropez, France
St. Tropez, widely known as the playground for the rich and famous and for its unmatched party scene, is located along the French Riviera on the Mediterranean Sea. Here it is quite probably to hobnob with the rich and famous in clubs like Les Caves du Roy in the Hotel Byblos and Bodega de Papagayo, which attracts a younger crowd. There is also an Irish club with plenty of Guinness and live music. For men, be sure to bring a lady with you so you may gain entrance to the clubs.

Obviously, travel to St. Tropez is quite expensive so those on tighter budgets may wish to lodge in Nice or Cannes and make an evening trip to St. Tropez with perhaps a single night?s stay (for recovery) in Lou Cagnard or Le Baron. Be sure to bring plenty of drinking money. You may even be able to find some alcohol at a hotel in St. Tropez.

Munich party8. Munich, Germany
If Spain has a runner-up in the party country category, Germany is the runner-up. All German cities are populated with great bars and clubs. However, Munich is the best place to party in Germany. Home to a large college-age population, and world-famous for its beer-fueled Oktoberfest, Munich has the perfect mix for a good party.

Like other locations in Europe, evening gatherings start at bars before venturing to the late-night dance clubs where party-seekers meet up with others seeking the same. Then, it?s off to the clubs that stay open until 4am. Some of the more famous include Prinzregentenstrabe 1 (P1 for short), a stylish club for the beautiful people that at one time was a USO during WWII and 4004, aptly named for the 4004 square meters this club covers. Here a few hotels nearby in Munich.

Florence9. Florence, Italy
Forget the boring old Eternal City, Florence is where it?s at if you are looking to party. Home to a large population of students, the prime partying age, Florence is full of young people venturing out for their taste of freedom. The drinking age is 18 here, so the scene is definitely young.

Wine flows freely at bars and clubs that stay open until 3am ? quite late by Italian standards. The best night spots are located in the Oltrarno, south of the Arno River and in the Piazza della Signoria. Dress style at the bars and clubs here is quite stylish and leaning towards the conservative. Freshen up at your Florence hotel before going out for a long party.

Budapest nightclubs10. Budapest, Hungary
Budapest is definitely an up and comer and is not usually thought of in lists of the best places to party in Europe. Budapest has come a long way since the oppressive Communist regime was deposed in 1989. During advertised ?club nights? dance clubs stay open until 4am and feature DJs from around the world. Some of the more interesting clubs include A38, an old Ukrainian stone-carrying ship refurbished and permanently moored in the Danube and the Bahnhof Music Club featuring talented local DJs and a dance floor packed with the beautiful people.

Budapest also has quite a few casinos along the Danube river; the area is known locally as the Dunakorz?. These are usually of the high brow type, are located in luxury hotels, and require formal dress.

Responses to this Article

71 Responses to “The 10 Best Party Cities in Europe”

  1. harry says on

    Barcelona is in the SOUTH of Spain….that will be a bit of a shock to all the Catalans who live there

  2. tommy says on

    This article is totally ridiculous, since Berlin is not only not on place 1, but is not even featured at all. Ibiza might be nice, but go to Berlin and destroy your brain on a 74 hour rave!

  3. jay says on

    You’ve missed the most obvious city out…..


  4. volker says on

    forget about munich… really boring and very uncool..
    go for berlin or hamburg

  5. gregsy says on

    I have been to many different countries for New Years.. and Amsterdam came very close, but i have to say that adelaide in south australia was mindblowingly AWESOME!

    p.s.polky is gay

  6. ....Lol says on

    Berlin is NOT #1…I’d place it at about 4, given some rearrangement of this list, keeping Ibiza and Amsterdam where they are, perhaps adding Mikonos, Greece

  7. srgio_asturias says on

    You forgot Madrid, for my the second after Ibiza.

    Spanish fiesta.. the best!

  8. kyle says on

    UM, Barcelona is actually on the upper NE corner of Spain to be exact, not S, like someone else mentioned. I also didn’t think Berlin was all that awesome. Amsterdam would probably be my #1 followed by anywhere in Spain, they just straight up know how to party!

  9. Jamie says on

    Athens, Munich, St. Tropez and Stockholm ??? haha, you gotta be kidding. have you ever visited a real rave?

  10. Jack says on

    What about Istanbul? It’s the craziest city i have ever seen in Europe. Istanbul’s top quality night clubs, the alcoholism, the crazy dancers were all crazy. The city was 24 hours alive, the clubs like Reina,Sortie,Blackk were all the best, but very expensive. You should pay at least 1.500 us dollars to rent a loca in the clubs, but Istanbul’s great Bosphorus view, the fireworks, the RAKI which is %45 alcohol – the traditional alcohol drink of Turkey, are all great..

  11. JD says on

    I agree Mikonos should be on the list. Oh, and Raki is more greek than turkish, and if you haven’t had it, it’s similar to Grappa.

  12. Leo says on

    @JD: What do you mean Raki is more greek than turkish? What crack are you on?

  13. Chips says on

    Ye gods, that is possibly the worst list I’ve ever seen. Do you not know what a party is? How about Malia, Faliraki etc. ???? Ibiza stopped being a party capital when they decided to charge ?50 entry to the clubs.
    This entire list bears no semblance to any list that a young person would write. It’s a list of places for middle-aged nothings to goto if they want to try and recapture their lost youth.
    And I know. I’m a travel agent. And young.

  14. Steph says on

    I don’t think florence should be up there at ALL. Its not classy at night, when i was there in the summer everyone was drunk out of their minds roaming the streets half passing out, if you’re more into the party atmosphere where people actually know how to handle their alcohol visit la costa romagnola i.e. Rimini – Riccione the best part of this location is that is the biggest party place for young people, huge clubs and the best part of all… north americans don’t know about it, it yet has not been tainted like Ibiza and maintains its own vibes, which used to be Ibiza now it very much caters to the north american crowd which is sad, if you, like i am are trying to escape the whole party attitude in the States and Canada. Also Rimini-Riccione is a big hotspot for itailian soccer players! Enjoy

  15. toxic riot says on

    i’ve never been 2 Europe b4 but me nd my mates are planin a trip round there.
    thanx 2 all u lads down ere commentin , givin me sum good ideas on were 2 go,
    also to gregsy, cheers mate, Australia does rock. YEEEWWW!!

  16. mike says on

    Man- you forgot London. It is the most craziest place and is well within bduget covers all kinds of music and people. I would say london would come number 3 as it also has sexy people and not just crack heads..

  17. girlsguard says on

    Just got back from mykonos, no1

  18. Sandra says on

    Barcelona is the best city in Europe, yes, but it’s located in the north-east of Spain!

    BTW, the clubs located along the waterfront area are the worst of the city (full of drunk germans) and the pickpockets are not worst than in other cities…

  19. david says on

    it?s hard to make a concrete list. i am mid 30s and have traveled quite a bit around europe as a single guy. a lot of it is being lucky and meeting up with great people along the way. that being said, i live in spain. i think its ok…spanish people in general can be quite closed-minded. this is probably less so if you go to larger cities like madrid or barcelona where of course you can find parties. the south of spain is very traditional and conservative and although you have ridiculous hot women, its boring to be honest.
    places i have been and can comment on:
    berlin-a city which oozes coolness at every corner but people are very weird. you just have to see some of the stuff they wear in the clubs. its a very hippy vibe in east berlin. if you like electronic music and a more happy go lucky crowd, go to berlin.
    belgrade-did not see this city on the list. it?s awesome for partying! great “splavs” on the river in the summer and great atmosphere for dancing and drinking.
    poland-sopot in the north is awesome. krakow in the south is awesome. warsaw is ok…there are def some good spots as well.
    bucharest-i expected a lot more…girls were insane hot, but is was ok at best.
    tel aviv-one of my favorite cities of all time. just great people and great atmosphere all year round!
    riga-used to be good…stags have ruined it. would say the same for places like budapest and prague unfortunately.
    the greek isles of course are fun when you are young, did that and liked it. would say the same for much of croatia, islands like hvar and brac…or even the coast in montenegro and albania…
    stockholm and copenhagen-dont think i saw the best of this. people were a little more snobby especially stockholm, but maybe it was not the best time to go. though, i expected much better…
    another city not on the list which is quite good is zurich. its expensive but the city is beautiful, international crowd and some good places, especially during the summer months
    istanbul-did NOT like it. somebody mentions reina, etc. been to those places. if you want to meet snobby snobby snobby wanna-be people, please go. you wont be disappointed. what a waste of a beautiful club…one of the most BEAUTIFUL BREATHTAKING clubs i have ever seen on the river bosphorous, but the people were absolutely horrible…
    ok this is getting long, good luck guys and girls! again, meeting the right people even in the worst place makes all the difference

  20. Aaron Hayward@South Australia SEO says on

    Its exactly a year since i was in Amsterdam and that place was insane. Iv been a solid socializer for the past 7 years and im from Adelaide in South Australia. Adelaides social scene is pretty big but Amsterdam is just so different and awesome.

  21. Juan says on

    Pamplona?? haha all year running with bulls, 4 places: Huertas, Sol, Malasa?a and Plaza Santa Ana one city Madrid 365 days of party

  22. tom says on

    PRAGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE PLACE 2 BE!!!

  23. Alex says on

    Pamplona??!! Only for a week (San Fermin)

    I?m spaniard and I think the best place in Spain, maybe in Europe, is Madrid.

    I know Amsterdam and …bufff!! the same party that little town in Spain…like Pamplona the rest of year.

  24. Dr-K says on

    First except Budapest…..where are the Central/East european & Russian cities??
    Second the best cities are not the biggest cities… but student cities that sometimes are partying from monday to sunday! Big cities are for old people with lot of money and for snobby parties…some good some not…

  25. Sergio says on

    Belgrade can compare to these too…God for pop and electro music..It is very similar to Athens maybe better.

  26. Sergio says on

    And I agree with Dr-K..

  27. Muscular Matt says on

    What about prague? That’s the shizzle babay

  28. Anna says on

    This is a decent list but there are some cities that defiantly wouldn’t make my top ten. I lived in Pamplona for 8 months, and its defiantly worth seeing especially if you can make it oh some time in early July :). However I wouldn’t say its top ten in all of Europe. That being said if your looking for a party, eastern europe is the place to be. Prague is the biggest one missing from this list. Berlin is also a must for anyone interested in the club scene. I loved Amsterdam. It was wild. And after living 3 months in Holland, let me recommend a side trip to Rotterdam (about 45mins by train) for some crazy partying, especially in the summer months.

  29. abs from london uk says on

    let me recommend the best part city in the world i know you heard many different places and a lot of party spots. i have travel led around the world twice because that is what i do, I’m lucky because its my job and i get paid for it. i don’t want to go on about how lucky i am etc but anyway let me get to the point these people who left these messages are all into different scenes and travel for different agendas.

    I’m a 25 yr old guy and I’ve been traveling for 3 years now my main reason for going to these cities is to party and take girls back to our hotels. before i go on all day let me tell you the city in the world to party is Mogadishu Somalia i know you all heard the news its dangerous, there is a war going on and people and starving or dying for bullets but all of that is rubbish and if your into partying Mogadishu is the city specially city center a place called (suuqa bakaaraha) where all the clubs are.

  30. David says on

    I really enjoy the content of your blog, since I am a blog addict I shall return, lol

  31. Robert says on

    @ abs from london uk:

    you sound like a pirate trying to lure us in… arggh!

  32. The Slag says on

    What Abs from London UK fails to mention is that he is the son of a Somali warlord. Short of that status, I’d steer clear of Mogadishu.

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned Kiev…and is Budapest really ruined? I agree about Riga; the UK stag parties totally screwed that place up. The women are gorgeous but the rudest b*tches I have ever witnessed…and being from California, that says a lot.

  33. Karlkox says on

    quite an intersesting blog, but a little wrong, pamplona is quite great but considering the amount of cities anaylized, it´s not NO3 at all, plus you forgot london and berlin, and greek isles.

    good blog to have on account of setting up a trip.
    MADRID also have great parties (im from there)

  34. Funkerboy says on

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    ****** **** **** **** ****
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    ****** ****** **** ***********
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    ***** **** **** **** ****
    *********** **** ***** ************ ***********
    *********** **** ***** ************ ***********
    C R O A T I A

    N O V A LJ A

  35. Funkerboy says on

    Novalja Zrce!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Funkerboy says on


  37. Alex says on

    Madrid is for sure a better party city than Barcelona. Full of people everywhere at every time, u have to try it, and Salamanca is also incredible.

  38. john says on

    ok ive pretty much been in every place in europe. i’m also dutch so i have high expectations.<
    places that are not on the list that i think shud be mentioned are london, newcastle, berlin, ayia napa, prague and alot of greek cities and rekjavik (depends on the time of year)
    but to all people planning trips to europe, i HIGHLY reccommend the scandianvain citis, stockholm, copenhagen and oslo. the paryies are amaxing and wild and i have never meet such hot girls in my life before.

  39. holo says on

    this ranking is lame! im scandinavian and that one of our cities is on the list is a big shame!! our parties are not good! and that they mention A38 in budapest???? it sux!! the best places in budapest are on the island where you can find some of the biggest clubs in europe! And why is not bucharest on the list??

  40. Catarina says on

    Lisboa!!! ;D

  41. srecko says on

    belgrade the best

  42. youfkinmom says on

    dear this top 10 list,

    Belgrade is this city in eastern Europe. It has the best nightlife in all of Europe. Feel free to include it. By the way, Moscow is amazing too.


  43. John phillips says on

    Dublin Ireland is the worst city in Europe the bars close at 12pm and the clubs close at 2am they are so seriouse and strick . Dont visit Dublin for the nightlife you will be very dissapointed.

  44. Hasan says on

    There is only just one place in Europe where people know how to party in the most amazing clubs is ISTANBUL.Even california can’t not even Los angeles.And if the turks would be as rich as the averege european or american we would give you lessons in how to party!!! So don’t think your top 10 list is something.It’s just nothing at all!!! Istanbul for ever!!!!!!

  45. Vida says on

    Munich is the shit
    Lloret the Mar is craaazy

  46. fred says on

    i think it is not good list:
    here is my list,Eastern Europe Rulezzzzz!
    3-Bodrum & Marmaris

  47. Esme says on

    it’s obviously that there are different opinions for best cities to party.i would highly recommend Greece and Spain about this,cities like Thessaloniki, Athens,Barcelona, Madrid or Mykonos island and Crete,Ibiza nice but very expensive, people are getting crazy and they are still cool, London is a great place to party but extremely expensive if you want to go to really nice clubs, and people at the end of the night are really out of control.Berlin I could say that is the best for electronic music. Amsterdam is full of small clubs which are playing the same music,but there are some good clubs.Newcastle in UK is crazy too but clubs are closing at 4 while in Greece there are clubs which are open till 10.00in the morning especially in the summer.I wouldn’t recommend France and Italy for clubbing. the best clubs are in the capitals but have strict dressing code.

  48. nikola94 says on

    BELGRADE,LONDON,ISTAMBUL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. john says on

    but in that cities what were the names of the best places to go?

  50. Tyr says on

    This list is stupid.
    1: Amsterdam. Its quite a boring city party wise actually. Sure, it has hookers and drugs but this doesn’t make for good clubs. It has only half a dozen clubs max with not great opening times.
    2: Stockholm. Firstly 70 sek is not expensive. Thats standard worldwide price. Secondly good clubs in Stockholm cost a hell of a lot more than that. Thirdly…Stockholm just isn’t so fun. Also- 70 sek is more the price of a beer than entry.

  51. Narly says on

    The thing about most countries is that the most excellent parties usually require you to buy an expensive ticket at least a month in advance.
    Being from Holland and partied most of my time in Amsterdam,Rotterdam,Utrecht and Eindhoven and i must say that there arent that many clubs and you’ll have to select carefully so you dont end up in cheesy house/clubnights.
    In our country its all about big indoor and outdoor festivals/parties (ranging from 5k to 70k visitors) and i have the feeling this goes for alot of other countries as well. With the exeption of Spain then with the nice weather there they still seem to have alot of clubs left.
    Anyway if one of you bastard decides to go to Amsterdam dont forget to check out Awakenings/Awakefest, ADE (amsterdam dance event), 5 days off, Solar and if you realy want to go all out try to get a ticket to Mysteryland you wont believe your eyes when it gets dark and the fireworks/lasers get out + all the girls seem to dress extra hot/slutty wich is nice.
    Or simply look here It goes: name of party | location | city

  52. daniel says on


  53. Simon says on

    Berlin is top 2 with Ibiza and nothing else comes close. And I’m from Amsterdam the #2 city on your list.

  54. incredible dancer says on

    You have absolutely no idea what’s it all about partying … or if you might have, you should know way more about scenes … I lived in Berlin, Dresden & Nuremberg (all Germany) and know quite a lot about Germany .. Munich is a fucking bad city for parties, police is super pushing, while in Hamburg, Bremen, Cologne and especially BERLIN, all those northern cities, there u can party until sunrise for sure, in Berlin there are parties lasting more the 48 hours WITHOUT a stop, you’ll never find this in Munich … maybe you thought bout Munich is cool cause of Octoberfest, right?

    Place 2: I visited Amsterdam several times, and sure it has lots of cool coffee shops to hang around, but there are not much correct party places to dance until MIDDAY (as I use to do in Berlin)

    Barcelona: I lived there one year, sure it’s great, but not for place 4 in Europe … damn it, where is London? It is no. 1 or 2 (sharing it with Berlin) …

    I stop now, you have no idea what’s is all about man

  55. Mr Patrick says on

    If you’re in the right crowd you can have a good night wherever.

    However, the best nightlife I’ve seen has been in Koln, Kiev, Bucharest and Prague.

    I’ve never been to Berlin, Amsterdam or Barcelona and beach resorts aren’t really my thing.

  56. lets party!! ;) says on

    MADRID parties the whole yearr!!! Even Barcelona and Ibiza are not that good in winter but Madrid has a most of choice in bar areas and geat clubs in the city all year around ;) Prague is a beautiful city but not one of the best places to party…ad where is my second home in the list LONDON??!!!! even is its expensive its worth the experience!! Also all year around!! best clubs!!

    Fred- you need to travel Spain and Grece before just writting a list then you will know what we mean by PARTY, Esme I Totally agree with you!!

    1.Im Going Budapest soon, recomendations for any nice clubs? Rnb Hip hop and house- no techno music pls.
    2. also where is the best place o party in Italy, ive already been to Florence, Rome, Naples & Milan- apart from these cities?? we got to plan a Hen and we know the bride wants to go Italy.. hmmm..

    Thanks guys Xx

  57. me says on

    Hi guys. I want to make a question to you all…

    I’m a 17 year old student that wants to study something related to engineering in Europe. But i also want to party and have a good time. I’m going all by myself, that means alone. I speak english, spanish, french and german.

    Which city would be the best for me?

  58. tom says on

    im 17 but have been on a leaving cert holiday in spain and had no trouble with id. is id essential in berlin and munich?

  59. REX8 says on

    Have any of you guys been to ST Petersburg in Russia ? Do anyone have idea what that place is like..? I’m going in mid Agust for a week or so.

  60. Daniel says on

    hmmm…interesting list…ok, I would have to put Berlin up near the top for definite, and also Ibiza is technically not a city, its an island!! but dance capital of europe..perhaps.
    Some weird ones in there..I have been to Spain numerous times and would put Madrid ahead of Barcelona..theres a great variety of music and all-night partying to be had here. Pamplona and Florence..? Not so sure…but Spain is defo best country in Europe for partying, by a long shot! Have to make it to Berlin in the future, and heading to Lisbon and Seville soon and I’ve heard they know how to party!

  61. Rob from Manchester says on

    okay, i haven’t been to many party cities because I’m only 18, but I went to Malta this summer, and I have to say. the place is off the chain. The nightlife centre is Paceville, the clubs aren’t big but there are a lot and it’s a very young crowd. If you’re over 23, i’m afraid you’re probably too old. It’s right on the coast, it’s inexpensive and the people are great. Paceville is also a very modern town for european standards. But if you’re a guy, it is definitely the place to go, there are Sooooo many girls and they’re all absolutely gorgeous. This is because during the summer the town is home to language schools where teenagers stay to learn a language. The age of most of the party people range from between 16-20. The older locals come out after about 2AM. Everyone speaks english as well, but not well enough so you can still have a laugh right in front od people (guy thing). You can relax on the beach in the day and party in the night. Perfect.

  62. g.o.g.e.e. says on

    Belgrade has THE BEST nightlife in whole europe

  63. eva says on

    ok,…what kind of list is that? no berlin….which is like THEEEE party, underground club city where u find sceny things 24 hours! and i agree also, istanbul is great great and london and maybe hamburg….but munich?…nonnonoo

  64. riki says on

    It’s true that Spain is the best country to party in europe. I’m agree with Ibiza at n.1. But only in Summer. But Barcelona deserves the number 2. Madrid it’s a cool city to party all the year, maybe not so cool in August. Also Rimini-Riccione it’s cool for young People in Europe, a famous summer place, the “Italian Ibiza” but not really like that, and Milan (you should put Rome too) it’s fool of party and fashion party, maybe not Florence. I am not agree with Stockholm and Budapest, where’s London? Madrid?
    I’m agree with Amsterdam too.

  65. richard says on

    Barcelona in the south? Check a map!

  66. Niraj.C says on

    Which country has the best club scene for dance/electro/trance music ?

  67. sasha says on

    The guy who wrote this is clearly an idiot, probably an ignorant American

  68. Fiorentinodoc says on

    this table doesn’t is just nonense…you missed each one of the best secrets of party towns around europe and some of the well known pary places,too.. with the exception of Ibiza and Barcelona..
    Florence a party town??:) yeah, maybe if you are a 21 year old american student hanging out with american students..
    I am Florence…it’s an amazing town..but forget about the nightlife’s just dead (so think 99% of the florentines)!

  69. Bob-Roger says on

    What about Cologne in Germany?

    Great party city!

  70. Arthur says on

    If you’ve got the cash, go to St. Tropez. It’s unbelievable.

    If not, Amsterdam, Prague and definetly Berlin are the places to be.

  71. Nada says on

    haha, this is what all say before going to BELGRADE! :)


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