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The 10 Best Places in the United States to Eat Cheese

posted in: Guides  |  posted by: Jennifer Gregory on May 22, 2009  |  2 Comments

Yes – you read that correctly – cheese. The increase in tourism and world-travel has given American’s an incredible opportunity. They get to visit foreign lands and sample the different types of cheese produced and eaten in other countries.


Image Credit:cwbuecheler

Sure, we have American cheese, cheddar cheese, and Swiss cheese. Those are staples in the average person’s fridge, but what about a good Brie, Roquefort, or gaperon. The wide variety of international cheeses served in foreign restaurants isn’t as likely to make it to tables in the United States.

Some of the finest restaurants in the country have begun to recognize the importance of serving not only spectacular wines, but cheeses as well. So where must you go in order to sample something a bit different?

10. Picholine – New York, NY


Image Credit:nycnosh

Head chef and proprietor Terence Brennan knows what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to running a stellar restaurant. He also stocks his shelves with scores of international cheeses and his head cheese connoisseur, Max McCalman, can explain everything stored in the “Cheese Cave” behind the wine room. Visitors to Picholine can choose a cheese plate from a number of different countries, including Spain, France, the USA, Switzerland, Italy, and England.


9. La Panetiere – Rye, NY


La Panetire is a spectacular French restaurant located within driving distance of either New York City or the lower parts of Connecticut. The restaurant offers a stunning lunch and dinner menu seven days per week and the owner, Jacques Loupiac, ensures that there is a regular cheese plate with stunning French choices throughout each seating.

8. Cyrus – Healdsburg, CA


Image Credit: star5112

In the heart of California’s wine country the Cyrus restaurant can be found not far from the Les Mars Hotel in the Sonoma Valley town of Healdsburg. The cheese dishes served here are an automatic part of the tasting menu. The restaurant has over 30 cheeses available regularly, with at least 15-20 making it to the menu on any given evening.

7. Artisanal – New York, NY


Image Credit: wEnDaLicious

Also owned by Picholine’s Terence Brennan, Artisanal in New York City is home to an incredible bistro menu utilizing many of the 200 cheeses stored in the cellar. Imagine a gooey fondue, a melted macaroni and cheese dish, or a decadent onion soup with Gruyere cheese and you will only have scratched the surface. This location sells cheeses for you to take home as well.


Image Credit: wEnDaLicious

6. The Herbfarm – Woodinville, WA


Image Credit:Malcolm Surgenor

The Herbfarm in Woodinville, Washington is an elegant dining establishment where every meal served is specifically designed to complement the season or upcoming holiday. The cheese dishes are no exception and each eight-course meal includes a specially designed plate.


Image Credit:Malcolm Surgenor

5. The Inn at Little Washington – Washington, VA


Image Credit:nicola

The Inn at Little Washington in Washington, Virginia is certainly another stunning restaurant in an elegant atmosphere. That’s why most people are surprised when the cow-shaped cheese cart named Faira moos as it is rolled up to their tables. Faira usually carries 25 different cheeses at a time and while the restaurant does serve international cheeses most of those served are American varieties.


Image Credit:nicola

4. Charlie Trotter’s – Chicago, IL

A dining experience at is a must-have for anyone visiting the Chicago area. The family-style “Kitchen Table” menu always features a cheese plate while diners in the regular dining room may receive what is now known as a “spontaneous” course featuring up to 12 different cheeses served with condiments.

Charlie Trotter's Chicago


3. Baricelli Inn – Cleveland, OH


Image Credit:NancyEsq

The cheeses at the Baricelli Inn are special because many of them are hand-crafted within the inn’s on-site cheese company. The owner, Paul Minillo, keeps up to 40 different cheeses at a time in his cooler and lists them on the menu as “Artisanal Cheese Boards.” You can choose boards with samples of three, five, or seven different cheeses.

The cheeses at the Baricelli Inn

Image Credit:NancyEsq

2. The Oak Room at the Seelbach Hotel – Louisville, KY


Image Credit:Southern Foodways Alliance

The Oak Room at the Seelbach Hotel is stunning in d├ęcor and ambiance and you’ll feel right at home even before you see a menu. The cheeses served here are all produced in the south, many made right in Kentucky, and give visitors to the region an idea of just how original southern chefs can really be.


Image Credit:Southern Foodways Alliance

1. Joel Robuchon – Las Vegas, NV

The cheese cart

Image Credit: sunday driver

Hold onto your wallets in Joel Robuchon. The cheese cart here isn’t rolled out until after you’ve finished your six-course ($250) or sixteen course ($385) meal and is not included. The seemingly irresistible cart is filled to the brim with French cheeses that will leave you wondering if you’ve got even the smallest bit of room left in your stomach!


Image Credit:bionicgrrrl

Cheese is a favorite snack, but there’s no reason to stick to the standard cheddar, American, and Swiss with cracker combination. Expand your horizons and, if presented with an opportunity, dare to try something a little different!

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2 Responses to “The 10 Best Places in the United States to Eat Cheese”

  1. Jeff @ Carolina Forest Real Estate says on

    This is my kind of list! I eat cheese on everything.

  2. sinbad says on

    A gplus point of living and travelling in Europe is the huge number, and great range of tastes, of different cheeses.


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