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Three Most Futuristic Cities

posted in: World  |  posted by: Admin on August 15, 2007  |  17 Comments

There are only two ways of looking at the future; bright and spectacular or gloomy and horrible. Most of us would prefer a spectacular image, straight out of a sci-fi movie. Thankfully, even today some cities are working hard towards that great future and definitely deserve our commendations. The top three cities that make the cut as the most futuristic cities of today are Tokyo, Hong Kong and Dubai.


Ultra modern, with busy streets 24/7 and skyscrapers that puncture the sky, Tokyo is one of the most futuristic cities on earth. They make extensive use of technological advances, from internet, to electric toilets. They boast the fastest railway system in the world; their Bullet train can move up to 300 mph. Even anime has used this city to depict the future. Check out some of the Tokyo hotel deals for a wild time in Japan’s most modern city.

Night Tokyo

Tokyo from above

Tokyo Tower

Hong Kong

With skyscrapers that defy description, and neon lights flashing everywhere, Hong Kong is the next on our futuristic destinations list. The city makes use of a tram network with a smart card system to make travel from points in the city faster and more efficient, whether public or private. The beauty of the city and the unique skyline are hard to match, even the roads network looks out of this world. With one of the worlds best airports, built 16 miles out to sea and buildings which will definitely make you wonder which century you are in, Hong Kong is an amazing place to be.

Hong Kong City

Hong Kong night

World Trade Center Hong Kong


Dubai Burj Al Arab

Lastly, Dubai is the one that definitely looks nothing like any city anyone has seen before. The city doesn?t do anything on a small scale. They are currently in the process of building the first underwater hotel, and the houses at their marina are not only modern, but the design used to build looks like something straight out of the Waterworld. Add the unusually shaped buildings and busy city life, and you could definitely be looking at our future.

They have one of the world’s first ever built 7 star hotels called Burj Al Arab Hotel.

beach hotel Dubai

Responses to this Article

17 Responses to “Three Most Futuristic Cities”

  1. joseph says on

    It is crazy wiht mostly the Dubai buliding scale or the cities of Hongkong or Tokyo. They look realistic and busy to talk about most especially in the 21st century.

  2. Dubai Travel says on

    A “few” years ago Dubai was a desert village, and now its one of the top destination for travel with skyscrapers, and world class attractions.

  3. Trev says on

    I just got back from Hong Kong for the first time. Definitely a high tech, futuristic city. The skyline is utterly amazing and can only really be appreciated live, the nightly Symphony of Light, as depicted in the first pic, is an awe inspiring experience. Buildings are covered in extravagant lighting, LCD advertising everywhere (even on stairs!) and the subway system wouldn’t look out of place in a scifi movie. Definitely a recommended destination for those into high tech, sci tech etc

  4. Ralph says on

    These are fascinating looking places. Will all cities look like this in the future?

    Dubai has to be one of the most ambitious civil engineering projects ever (bar the Great Wall of China), especially “The World”, which looks well worth a visit.

  5. lol says on

    dubai deserves to be the best city in the world very rich and high quality of living its just gorgeous and it has the tallest tower in the world

  6. Hemant says on

    I wanna start a business in HK.It is the most vertical city in the world and the skyline of Victoria Harbour with its flashing neon is the best in the world.If H forms a megapolis with Shenzhen,then,its economy will be 3rd by 2020.Get going HONG KONG!!!!!

  7. Bill says on

    You may want to consider Shanghai. Its skyline is more futuristic than Tokyo.

  8. Tony says on

    No way… Shanghai is only good from far but far from good, can not even compare a bit with Tokyo & Hong Kong.

  9. Leo says on

    those city are very nice tall buildings , fantastic lighting , i say nice to visit , but after a week i like to come back to my 3 acres in California where i dont have wall to wall people , noise and everything that goes with big city

  10. Johnson Okunnuga says on

    Its very interesting to see a very beautiful cities like
    Dubai, Hong Kong and Tokyo, very amazing cities.Iam planing to visit one of this amazing city especially Dubai

  11. messup says on

    Went to Guangzhou a few years back. Airport was under construction (now completed) infrastructure was underway. Went to Shenzhen, stayed in a so-called five star hotel…was a dump. Restaurant akin to a sidewalk vendors offerings.

    Will agree on one thing tho’, the three: Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou will be the future of China. Coupled with Shanghai (a little further to the north)…katie bar the door.

    The populace seems to be in a hurry. Catch a bus, get on the metro, catch a cab, eat at a restaurant…24/7 buzzing.

    Amazing place and people.

  12. Thomas Jefferson says on

    Give me a break!! Dubai? Its a hotel with a ski slope running thru it!!. Those cities are beehives. What about cities that can actually plan growth for the next 1000 years?? Houston is my choice. I can see HongKong and Toyko in the next Godzilla movie!

  13. ocbabe says on

    I was in Shanghai and Hong Kong last year. It was amazing. Very tall buildings and in Shanghai constructions every where. It’s nice to visit, but I don’t think I can live there.
    Too many people and people are not considerate of each other. They do not know how to form a line when waiting for something. The people are so aggressive and they will push you and go in front of you if you let them. I like the good old American Way.

  14. kyle says on

    I live in Hong Kong, it’s pretty amazing. I’ve travelled extensively around the world, New York, London, Tokyo, Singapore, Paris, San Fransisco, Venice, D.C., Johannesburg, Melbourne etc. And I haven’t come across a greater city – the public transport is fantastic, completely unrivalled – Tokyo’s doesn’t quite compare. The skyline is equally as fantastic, it’s almost as if it were a piece of artwork on a scale not seen in the world – planned to every detail. New York’s is iconic, but it sprawls, is patchy and the towers aren’t quite as tall.
    In Hong Kong you can walk across the downtown city without even leaving the comfort of air conditioning, through a network of chic marble floored skywalks and overhead passovers. The MTR (underground) is spotless, particularly on the newer lines – and the city is very safe. And there is always green space nearby – country parks everywhere, walk along historic lugard road along the mountain and the view is just spectacular.
    Everyone has an iPhone and the buses have wifi, pretty cool no?

  15. Pasha says on

    Rubbish… I think Honk Kong and specially Dubai are fake place to be nice and modern. You just considered shiny glare of the building? I don’t think these are the most sophisticated and modern city of the world.

  16. Bob Bobberson says on


  17. manuel de lima says on

    são realmente muito bonitas.mas com certeza vai ter cidades mais lindas no futuro,mas não tão bonitas como o rio de janeiro no brazil


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