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Top 10 Things To Do in Dubai

posted in: Fun  |  posted by: Ian Harrison on April 18, 2008  |  6 Comments

Where in the name of Benjamin Siegel did Dubai come from? The slain gangster known as Bugsy who had a dream to build a city oasis in the middle of the Nevada desert would feel right at home in the United Arab Emirates today. The Las Vegas pioneer would simply marvel at the hubristic ambition of Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai. For better or for worse, and he certainly has his detractors, the Prince has helped engineer a veritable urban playland out of sand and procure billions of dollars in foreign investment.

Dubai skyline

Dubai is now the foremost expat city in the world and daily, thousands apply for countless jobs to aid in the development of this new megalopolis. It boggles the mind to see how far Dubai has come in so short a time. From skyscrapers that smash records, hotels that redefine luxury and manmade islands in the shape of continents, the city is a strange and seductive amusement park. Which is where our countdown comes in. Here are the top 10 things to do in Dubai.

10. Ski

Indoor ski slopes in Mall of the Emirates, Dubai

Only in Dubai can you ski in the middle of the desert. On real snow. Ski Dubai is an indoor ski resort with 22,500 square meters of snow that never melts. There are 5 runs of divergent difficulty levels, equipment rental available and professional instructors, no doubt from Alpine nations, on hand to assist. If parents want to ski or snowboard while the kids play, they can drop them off at the adjacent 3,000 square meter snow park. Of course, this being Dubai, it dwarfs every other snow park on the planet.

9. Go to the Movies

Cinestar theatre in Dubai

The temperature in Dubai can reach a deadly 40 degrees Celsius. So for those who do not ski and want to cool off, perhaps a movie would be in order. At the extraordinary Mall of the Emirates, the Cinestar theatre offers an experience quite unlike any other cinema. While their regular theaters are posh enough, one can rent a Gold Class theater with leather recliners, private tables, adjustable foot rests and dedicated lounges with special food and beverage services.

8. Afternoon Tea at the Burj

Hydropolis hotel project

The vast majority of us will never be able to afford the stratospheric rates at the bazillion-star Burj-al-Arab hotel. It costs a mint to even tour the grandiose facility. But certain special occasions may call for the sophisticated elegance of their afternoon tea service. No regular afternoon tea experience mind you, the Burj offers only the best in cakes and teas from around the world. At a price of course. Couples can indulge in their chocolate fountain for two, if they have the appetite and pocketbook for it.

7. See Hydropolis

Hydropolis hotel project

Ok, so this mega-luxury underwater hotel, built by German engineers and the size of Hyde Park in London will not open until 2009. Still, visitors can gape at the construction site off Jumeira Beach, which was the last piece of free Dubai beachfront property and possession of the Crown Prince. The hotel is a Jules Verne meets Atlantis wet dream, with actual suites at least 20 meters below the surface area of the Arabian Gulf. Anyone with irrational fears of aquariums is advised to stay elsewhere while in Dubai.

6. Watch a Horse Race

Horse race in Dubai

The proverbial Sport of Kings has firm roots in the Middle East. No surprise then that Dubai boasts the most impressive racecourse in the world, as well as a number of world class races for thoroughbreds. Even for newcomers to the sport, the races are quite the spectacle to behold. And we refer not to the horses even, but to the crowds themselves, populated as they are with the cream of world equestrian society. It’s all quite a scene.

5. Desert Safari

Dune adventures outside of Dubai

Despite present appearances, Dubai is amid a desert. With all this sand around, intrepid entrepreneurs have found a way to cash in. Two words: desert safari. While the price is high, the experience may well be worth it. Highlights include a stay with bedouins and a peek into their traditional way of life, replete with desert cookouts, bonfires and belly dancers. So the authenticity may get a little lost in translation but still, good fun awaits. For most, the best part of the safari is the chance to careen among the dunes on open four-wheel vehicles. Without any traffic cops around, you can really go wild.

4. Tour the Grand Mosque

Grand Mosque in Dubai

On a less secular note, the Grand Mosque harkens back to the pre-urban-development-on-steroids days of Dubai. Oh yes, there was a Dubai before there was a Dubai, if you catch our drift. The Mosque, built around the turn of the last century, is the most attractive in the city and reminds us that yes, despite the excess and Western-style influences of late, this is a Muslim land. Reports are that non-Muslims are not permitted entry, although there are some testimonies to the contrary. Come with an open and sincere heart and let the chips fall where they may.

3. Hit the Links

Golfer tees off in Dubai

It may sound odd, but golf and Dubai have become synonymous of late. Typical of the city’s intent to become a capital for all the world’s most popular recreations, clubs and courses in Dubai are first-class. It really is quite an experience to tee it up in this desert oasis. Night golf has become huge here, with floodlights all along the fairways and greens. The city hosts the best golfers in the world, Tiger Woods chief among them, every February at the Dubai Desert Classic. It came as no shock when Woods made the announcement that his inaugural course design would debut in Dubai, with a private residential community built around it.

2. Get a Spa Treatment

Madinat Resort in Dubai

But not just any spa treatment. At the Madinat Jumeirah, Arabian Resort of Dubai, the in-house Talise spa offers one of the most expensive treatments in the world. At six hours long, it may just be one of the longest as well. The spa’s website describes the elaborate treatment in these terms: Pampering foot ritual. Cleansing hammam signature scrub. Awakening aromatic body mask. Talise fingerprint massage. Sodashi Anti Age Indulgence. Energy balancing foot reflexology & mint foot refresher.

No word on whether water or even lunch comes with the experience. Given the length of time, you may want to eat in advance. Oh and the price? AED 2,640. But don’t bother with the currency conversion. It will just hurt too much.

1. Dubailand!

Dubailand sign

It sounds hilarious but Dubailand is serious business. The concept for this family playground is the result of an effort to transform Dubai into the preeminent luxury entertainment destination in the world. To become the international hub of family tourism, you would have to build an ambitious theme park with enough variety and choice for everyone. Well that is pretty much what Dubailand offers or soon will (the project is ambitious in scope and will take some time to complete), with sports complexes – from golf courses to a polo and equestrian club, amusement park rides, hotels, shops, restaurants and of course, residential units. Developers anticipate that between visitors, workers and residents, over 2.5 million people will inhabit this quasi-city within a city. Proof yet again, that Dubai is a mad, mad town.

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Responses to this Article

6 Responses to “Top 10 Things To Do in Dubai”

  1. sory conde says on

    i like dubai and soon i will be there for studies. i heard that student can work and i just hope so.

  2. Annneocy says on

    One of the most memorable trips of my life were when i visited Singapore. One of my stops flying from London was Dubai. I was in Dubai for 2 days and really had alot of fun in their desert safari. Later in Singapore i had the chance to experience the Night Safari, Singapore Zoo, Sentosa Island Tour, Battle field tour…

  3. Sharita Hedeen says on

    Very good article.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on…

  4. Hannah Holly says on

    I live in Dubai, and i study there, i would personally have chosen different aspects of Dubai to publicise!!! Dubai is a very modern city in many ways, but one can not forget its old traditions, if you are coming to Dubai on tour or such, I would suggest that you visit;
    - Dubai Creek
    - Dubai museum ( you can learn a lot about Dubai’s perle and fishing industries from old days, and about the way in which the Bani Yas tribe used to live, i find this thouroughly educational!)
    - Mosques!!!!!
    - Gold Souk
    i really hope that you take note of this advice as it shows Dubai in many different ways!!!

  5. travel safe insurance says on

    This is beneficial. I required photos how to add into my school venture plus the images you might allow posted probably are powerful. gives thanks for them mate! I guess teacher went enjoy my undertaking caused use these design and certainly the data I supplied.

  6. Else says on

    I live in Dubai as well, and I am with Hannah on the more traditional-ish things to do around here.

    I would recommend Bastakiya down by the creek – it’s old style buildings and exhibitions by artist from around the region quite often takes place here.

    If you have the time go to Abu Dhabi and see Zayed Mosque – it is truely amazing and open for visitors all days from i think 9-12 except Friday.

    they write about a spa in Jumeirah Madinat – the place is well worth seeing even without going to the spa – it’s set in a venice sort of way and overlooks the Burj Al Arab.


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