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Top 20 Things To Do in Mumbai II

posted in: Asia  |  posted by: Ian Harrison on August 31, 2008  |  2 Comments

Our look at Mumbai, the immense, dense, rich and exotic crown jewel city of India, endures with more must-see attractions to make your stay in the city a memorable one.

10. Marine Drive

The 3 km expanse of road in South Mumbai borders a natural bay and provides the city with a wonderful promenade. Ideal for a romantic or reconnaissance stroll, the area known as the Queen’s Necklace snakes around posh real estate, wealthy homes and hosts several major events every year.

Marine Drive view, Mumbai

9. Colaba

With myriad colonial interests over the past half millennium, the architecture in certain districts of Mumbai is reflective of styles from England, Portugal and continental Europe at large. If this arouses your interest, head to the area of Colaba for pristine edifices from a bygone era.

Colaba district colonial architecture, Mumbai

8. Chor Bazaar

Mumbai’s famous outdoor market is not exactly a haven for thievery, as the name chor may suggest. The bazaar is simply a beautiful congregation of people who come to browse, hunt and bargain for second-hand treasures.

Chor Bazaar, Mumbai

7. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Museum

Construction began on the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Museum in the very early 20th century to celebrate the visit of the future King Edward VII. The marvelous structure was indeed fit for royalty and today serves as the preeminent institution of ancient artifacts from India.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Museum, Mumbai

6. Jehangir Art Gallery

In stark contrast to the more academic confines of the previous entry, the Jehangir Art Gallery is a colossal museum that offers a diverse range of art from the best artists in the country. If you want to bolster your appreciation of art from India, spend a day here.

Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

5. Breach Candy

With a name few can forget, Breach Candy, or Bhulabhai Desai Road, is a wealthy district of Mumbai with enough attractions on the way to keep you busy for several hours. The Amarson and Tata gardens, not to mention several schools and consulates, are among the principal landmarks.

Breach Candy fruit vendor, Mumbai

4. The Taj Mahal Palace

Within the Colaba district of Mumbai, the massive Taj Mahal resort complex takes you back to the era when hotels were the place to be, especially for wealthy expats and foreign visitors. The resort, next to the Gateway of India monument, has had a fair share of celebrity guests over the past century and deserves an hour or two of your tourist time.

Taj Mahal Palace complex, Mumbai

3. Banganga Tank

As the ancient structure of record in Mumbai, the Banganga Tank draws hordes of tourists and locals alike. In essence, Banganga is a water tank – a very old one at that – built around 1127 AD as part of the Walkeshwar Temple Complex. The water within the rectangle pool holds a certain mystic allure even today and plays host to many festivals throughout the year.

Banganga Tank, Mumbai

2. Asiatic Society of Bombay

The library par excellence in India, the Asiatic Society in Mumbai is a veritable museum of manuscripts. Incredibly, the library has in possession a copy of Dante’s original Divine Comedy, as well as several precious and rare Sanskrit texts. If you want to evoke your inner scholar and foment some knowledge, check out the Society.

Asiatic Society of Bombay

1. Bollywood

Bollywood culture and films have gone mainstream on the international stage over the past decade. What was once the domain of India has now become a global phenomena, in part because of immigration and the web. If you want a genuine Bollywood experience in Mumbai, the capital of the film industry in India, you can of course, go see a flic. However, a studio tour will probably hit the sweet spot. Too countless to name, consult your hotel concierge or do some research from home to reserve a tour beforehand.

Bollywood shoot on the streets of Mumbai

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2 Responses to “Top 20 Things To Do in Mumbai II”

  1. Sandeep @ Tourism Places in India says on

    I thin Malabar hill should also have been included in the list.Another name that I would suggest is Esselworld as it is the largest and India’s only world class amusement park.

  2. cheri says on

    I have lived in Bandra for a long time and often my friends who have visited from abroad and India are fascinated by the old bungalows,churches and small streets. Instead of destroying one bungalow after another and buliding ugly buildings lets retain the past …


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