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Top 5 Party Beach Destinations in the World

posted in: Activities  |  posted by: Ian Harrison on March 27, 2008  |  7 Comments

The call of sand and surf is distinct for everyone. Some people crave seclusion and escape from the daily grind. Others want to find the best waves to ride. And then there are those who just want to party until they drop – only to wake up and do it all over again.

These 5 party places represent the foremost spots in the world to do just that. If island retreats and serenity are in your immediate vacation plans, omit these beach destinations from your list. Fast. Make no mistake about it … these 5 are strictly for those in search of depraved fun and debauchery.

Ibiza, Spain

Sunset on Ibiza

Once a quiet jewel off the Mediterranean coast of Spain, Ibiza has become a virtual Mecca on the world club scene. The concept of club culture as the phenomenon that we know it today has firm roots here. The party scene that never sleeps and with mythical status across the globe has become vital to the very economy of the island.

Ibiza party promoters

And it never stops when the season is gear. From early spring to early autumn, clubs with household names like Pacha, Privilege and Space throb with incessant house beats. Thousands upon thousands of ravers from every corner of the globe pay a mint to crash on a couch, sleep on the beach and dance to the frenetic pace of their DJ idols. Legends like Judge Jules, Paul Oakenfold and Carl Cox command top dollar from New York City to London to Tokyo in no small part to their spins on the island. If you plan to go, bring stockpiles of your energy drink of choice and attire suitable for a massive foam party at dawn. And make the profoundly uncool but wise decision to book your accommodations in advance.

Ibiza beach scene

South Beach, Miami

Miami at night

For better or for worse, South Beach is the ultimate scene. This glossy strip off Miami proper is like a club that offers scant hopes of entry and gnaws at your dignity. You face an endless line, a surly unsympathetic bouncer and must suffer in awe as hordes of beautiful hipsters stroll in before you. Yet you stay, in fascination. South Beach has the power to suck you in and cast this hypnotic spell.

Art Deco architecture in South Beach

Hopefully though, the analogy ends there. Your fortunes in South Beach depend largely on two factors: hotel and connections. Both intertwine however, so for a successful sojourn to the area, book a few nights at one of the swank boutique hotels on Collins or Ocean Drive and once there, make very fast friends with the concierge or someone at the front desk. This may be your only chance to secure VIP treatment, not to mention simple entry at hot clubs like Mansion, Nikki Beach and Priv?.

Club Mansion, South Beach

Nikki Beach, South Beach

Hotels are like currency in South Beach, with the Delano, Setai and Shore Club at the top of the food chain. Stay at one of them and your ability to score a great party, meet the right people and hobnob with celebs increases exponentially. These posh, shiny hotels have exclusive nightlife scenes as well, which is all the better for guests. Browse through a slew of hip South Beach hotels through Ratestogo.

Gisele Bundchen poolside at the Setai Hotel, South Beach

Hotel Delano poolside, South Beach

Boracay, Philippines

The coastline of the Philippines, a country of countless islands, is more vast than the United States. With that fact in mind, there are bound to be some killer beaches. But for purposes of our list, which one knows how to party?

Boracay sunset

Idyllic Boracay has a reputation as both a gorgeous beach and a terrific place to engage in nefarious behaviour. The island was so notorious back in the day that regular visitors were sworn to secrecy in order to maintain some semblance of exclusivity. Word has since spread, as it inevitably will with any gem, but the party scene is no less raucous.

Beach on Boracay

With sand that laps the South China Sea and draws comparisons to confectioner’s sugar, Boracay ranks consistently as one of the best beaches in the world. But this picturesque, remote and exotic island – perhaps because of those features more so than in spite of them – has a hedonistic side. The beach bars that dot the 3.5 kilometer coast are awash with revelers. The eastern shore is popular with student backpackers and probably offers the best hope of delicious trouble. Many of the best areas have been subject to development by wealthy Manila expatriates who either own beach houses or timeshare resorts. Either way, a delirious party scene abounds. For ideas on where to stay on the gorgeous island of Boracay, check RatesTogo’s last minute hotels deals.

Boracay at dusk

Goa, India

With a touch of the exotic, Goa is a unique mess of East-meets-West. To some however, this former colony of Portugal has become a mess altogether. But while Goa may have lost some hermetic, pristine beauty over the years, the former hippy enclave has become ground zero for the rave set. A spicy, saucier cousin to Ibiza, Goa is notorious as a haven for people who want to turn on, tune in and drop out.

Beach party in Goa

The beach is where it happens in Goa. Out of the ether, one party blossoms from the sand and then another and another follow. Like beacons, bonfires are lit, music blares from impromptu DJ booths and conventional rules rush into the Indian Ocean with the tide.

Beach festival in Goa

The distinction between old and new is evident in Goa. Young people live it up, in the moment, in search of the best beach party from one night to the next. There is however, a persistent rush of older, middle-class tourists who yearn for some peace and quiet. If you count yourself among them, Goa can be a nightmare. If however, you came to party, there is no better place in the world. The energy is feverish, room and board are dirt cheap and there is an abundance of legal and decidedly illegal fun to be had.

Music festival in Goa

Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia

Surfers Paradise, Australia

Notorious as a hub for international drifters with dreadlocks, migrant student globetrotters on a tight budget and yes, even surfers, Surfers Paradise is just that. While some veterans of the chaotic pace of life here have smugly left for more distant shores, Surfers Paradise is still beach party central.

Sunset on Surfers Paradise

Once you navigate the waves of surfshops and corny souvenir stands and get a firm grasp of your milieu, the place grabs a tight hold. Perhaps it’s the freedom Surfers Paradise gives you to disengage from reality and free your mind from thought altogether. Given the drunken pub crawl revelry that ensues on a nightly basis, that’s not always a positive development. However, for pure fun and atmosphere, Surfers Paradise tops our list.

Gold Coast surfer, Surfers Paradise

With impeccable beaches and the opportunity to party all night with blissful ignorance of convention and decency, it’s easy to see why some visit and never return home. Surf and take in some spectacular excursions if you wish, but save energy for the nightlife. Otherwise, what would be the point really?

Surfers Paradise by night

Check out some great deals on hotels in Surfers Paradise.

Responses to this Article

7 Responses to “Top 5 Party Beach Destinations in the World”

  1. Pune Hotels says on

    Brilliant photographs.I really liked the article , never knew so much of the Philippines.

  2. sebas says on

    How could you forget Koh Phangan, Thailand with their 20,000+ monthly Full Moon Parties?

  3. James says on

    Boracay is Paradise on Earth! You are right!

  4. graysey says on

    Boracay in the Philippines is paradise!

  5. Paul says on

    I’m a big fan of Ibiza… but I prefer to stay in a quieter place, far away from the clubs. I Use to stay at Ses Pitreras Hotel, a smal luxury hotel close to sant Antoni. The beaches of that area are amazing, and there are some beautiful parties.

  6. Hotel Santa Barbara says on

    Wow… these really are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Louisyn says on

    Ibiza is a very good place .. but only for single peoples then I prefer to surfers in Autstralia … it’s the paradise certely… I enjoy oahu too surfers ..


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