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Incredible Weekend Train Getaways

posted in: Activities  |  posted by: Jennifer Gregory on August 18, 2008  |  5 Comments

At first, when I thought of a train ride I could only picture a long boring ride designed to get me from point A to point B. While they’re faster than a car and less expensive than a plane, a train ride was something I only considered as an alternative mode of transportation.

It wasn’t until later in life that I realized train rides can be the perfect setting for a romantic weekend getaway. Vintage trains provide quiet and luxurious accommodations and can deliver you to some incredibly breathtaking end destinations. Pack a bag and hop onto one of these railways and you’ll quickly understand exactly what I mean!

Orient Express

Orient Express Dining

Orient Express is a luxury tour group specializing in helping you to find the perfect hotel, train, or cruise. They focus mainly on destinations within Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania.

The Venice-Simplon-Orient-Express will pick you up in Venice, Italy and carry you throughout Switzerland and France. You’ll have the opportunity to relax in a train that has been restored with immaculate vintage detail, enjoying both the elaborate interior and spectacular scenery before retiring to your private cabin for the evening. Your weekend trip will end in Oxford, England, but if you’d like a longer trip, consider staying on board to tour Rome, Istanbul, and Budapest as well!

While a luxurious weekend getaway is romantic, it does not come without a hefty price tag. Prices for a two-day/one-night ride on board the Orient Express range from $2,800 – $4,700, depending on whether or not you want a ride back to your starting point as well.

The Isle of Man Railways

Isle of Man Railway

The Isle of Man Steam Railway is based out of Britain. The railway begins in Douglas and travels 15 miles through a number of quaint, scenic towns before arriving at its final destination at the Port Erin resort. A relaxing ride through the woods, viewing the countryside and newborn lambs or breathing in the fresh sea air, is the perfect way to spend a gorgeous spring day.

The steam railway isn’t the only one you’ll find on the Isle of Man. The Manx Electric Railway will instead carry you to the north into Ramsey. This ride will guide you comfortably along the gorgeous coastline and past the some breathtaking glens, including Ballaglass and Dhoon. This ride follows 17 miles of original rail line and, depending on the weather, features both open and closed carriage cars.

Napa Valley Wine Train

Napa Valley Wine Train

Wine lovers will enjoy a short day trip on the Napa Valley Wine Train. Your reservation will include an elegant train ride complete with an exceptionally prepared lunch or dinner, depending on the time of day you visit. The delightful gastronomic creations will be complemented by the perfect selection of Napa Valley wines coupled with some of the most astounding views of the countryside you’ll ever see!

Your day trip doesn’t have to end with the train. Take a tour of the French-owned Domaine Chandon or the organic Grgich Hills winery, both promise views of authentic artwork, meticulously maintained gardens, and some of the finest grape vines in the region. The Napa Valley Wine Train and accompanying tours are perfect for a couple looking for a romantic getaway without the hassle of an overnight trip.

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Niagra Weekender

Niagara Falls

The Niagra Weekender begins in New York City and takes riders on a four-day tour of the state, stopping for a visit in Niagra Falls before turning around for a relaxing ride back to its starting point. Sit back and relax as your train carries you along the shores of the Hudson River Valley, through Mohawk River Wine Country, past the capital of Albany, and through the Erie Canal.

The railway now includes the Hickory Creek observation car on its trips. Originally added to the line in 1948, it was recently restored so that riders could continue to enjoy the glamorous atmosphere it provides. You’ll get off the train at Niagra Falls in order to enjoy the falls up close on foot or by boat ride.

You’ll have the opportunity to spend your evenings on the train or in local bed and breakfasts, depending on the number of people in your traveling party. Either way, this is a romantic trip you won’t want to miss. Hop on board and make it a long weekend.

Weekend train getaways provide couples, friends, and families with quick and easy travel destinations without the hassle or aggravation of long car rides or expensive hotel stays. Simply pack your bags, find your way to the train station, sit back, and enjoy the ride. You’ll have an incredible time and, if you’re anything like me, find yourself booking your next train getaway without giving it a second thought!

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5 Responses to “Incredible Weekend Train Getaways”

  1. Jeff Paulett says on

    I can vouch for the Orient-Express trains, having travelled on a couple of them. A quick note on the above – the Orient-express journey will end at London Victoria station, not Oxford.

  2. johan@zara clothing says on

    The Niagara Weekender looks wonderful

  3. I need some help finding elegant train rides for Massachusetts area says on

    Need to find elegant train rides in Massachusetts

  4. I need some help finding elegant train rides for Massachusetts area says on

    Need to find elegant train rides I’m Massachusetts area or surrounding areas Thanks in Advance.

  5. Kenneth says on

    Hello, my name is Kenneth and I live in Indianapolis, In. I’m looking for a weekend getaway for my wife and I by train. Do you have any suggestions??? Thanks


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