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When Is The Best Time To Visit Australia?

posted in: Australia & NZ  |  posted by: Ian Harrison on July 18, 2010  |  3 Comments

Australia is a vast country and it can take months of driving just to do a lap around the coastal roads, which is approximately 20,000 km. There is an amazing choice of things to do, destinations to visit and experiences to discover. Here are some suggestions for the best times of year to travel to different parts of Australia.

Northern Australia

Generally the best time to travel north is in the cooler months of May to September. Northern Queensland, the Top End, the Red Centre and most of Western Australia are very popular during this time of year. This is when daytime temperatures are roughly between 19° and 31°C and it rains very occasionally. June, July and August are the busiest months in these regions.

Southern Australia

The southern states of Australia are very popular in the summer months. When travelling during October to April in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia you will find generally warm to hot weather and lots of sunshine, which is good for experiencing the great outdoors. Tasmania is generally cooler than the mainland in all seasons.

If you are travelling and visiting a variety of destinations it would be best go in either Spring or Autumn to escape the extreme heat or cold temperatures.

Here are the best months to go to these regions:

Northern Territory and Kakadu – May to September (dry season)
Central Australia – April to September
Tasmania – November to March – summer months are best
Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef – April to December
Western Australia – August to December
New South Wales – October to April
Victoria – October to April
Australian Alps – June to August (snow season)

Australia’s seasons are:

Summer – from December to February
Autumn – from March to May
Winter – from June to August
Spring – from September to November
In most of the country, the hottest month is January.

When visiting Darwin, The Kimberley, Northern Queensland and anywhere else in the Top End, the Dry season, which is May to September, is the best time to go. The Wet season in the Far North is from October to April, when the heat is unbearable and you can expect torrential rain and extreme humidity. Although this is a very spectacular sight, it is hard to travel around during this time of year as the torrential rain often floods roads.

Central Australia can get temperatures of up to 40 – 45 degrees Celsius in summer. Coober Pedy has been known to get extreme temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius, which is why they have built underground homes. To avoid the extreme heat, the best times to travel in Central Australia is from April to September. June and July, which are the coolest months and when there are school holidays, are very popular with travellers to this region.

If you are planning to visit Uluru (Ayers Rock), it’s best to do so in the cooler months and arrive early in the morning as the days heat up quickly. You should also take plenty to drink. If the weather conditions are extremely windy or hot, Uluru is closed to climbers for your safety. You can still walk around the base of Uluru. Watching the sunrise and sunset over the rock is well worth experiencing as well.

Your Guide to Travelling Australia

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3 Responses to “When Is The Best Time To Visit Australia?”

  1. soham says on

    Best time of traveling to Australia is january to may, in this time period weather stays warm and pleasent

  2. Nj says on

    Hi, I work for the Barmy Army and saw your post! Australian summer season is the best time to go-there’s cricket then!

    The Barmy Army is running several tours to Australia this Winter (their summer) for the Ashes and is offering the most competitive packages on the market. These tours include tickets for the matches to sit with The Barmy Army, accommodation, transfers etc….. for more information please go to

  3. richard says on

    Australia always, i can say a comfortable place for holidays
    yet if you travel to january to april(summer season) then it would be suitable for everyone


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